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Characteristics of Boutique Hotels - Uniqueness Their Hallmark

Boutique Hotels are really upscale in the leisure trade and they have certain characteristics that distinguish them from other hotels and entitle them to be categorised as boutique hotels.



Size is a major defining feature in boutique hotels. They are small and usually, the number of rooms varies from 10 to 100. The number of rooms should not be less than 10 and should not exceed much beyond 100. An ambience of intimacy is created giving guests the feeling of being house guests. Communal living spaces are used to enhance this ambience.



An upscale design perhaps, a combination of historic details and trendy designs are another feature of many great and famous boutique hotels. Each and every guest room will have its own individual décor. Exclusive, high-end linen will be used to furnish the rooms. Sleek materials, stark colours and vibrant colour splashes will be used to achieve what is essentially a modern, cutting-edge décor.



Boutique Hotels are generally located in upmarket, trendy locations or highly residential areas but they will be sited from crowds and the daily hustle and bustle of life. Resort areas can house boutique hotels and many of them are award winning hotels and if you are looking for exclusivity in a hotel Minor Hotels would be a good option.


Local Flavour

A strong local flavour is usually incorporated into a boutique hotel by using local materials, or themes pertaining to the locality and a theme could be woven around such a subject enabling the guests to experience the subject and imbibe local flavour.



Boutique hotels build up their own quirky personalities which will distinguish them from others. This will be seen for instance in the greeting or treatment of guests. Special touches like exclusive, customized chocolates or soap will be given to customers at times.



Boutique hotels are operated independently or can be the boutique brand of a bigger chain. Individually owned boutique hotels can belong to an exclusive hotel association. Boutique hotels strive hard to maintain their independence and individuality and not become like corporate entities.


Personalised Services

Boutique hotel services are usually very personalized with the staff picking up guests names quickly when compared to the bigger hotels.



All Boutique Hotels serve gourmet fare and generally have top class chefs and mixologists.


Types of hotels

A boutique hotel can be a 'hotel within a hotel'-it can be located in a wing of a hotel as its boutique arm. However, it will be a separate hotel with its own reception desk, lobby more advanced or newer technology and connectivity than the hotel and, décor. Guests will soon realize the boutique hotel's ambience more distinctively different than that of the hotel.


Unique clientele

The clientele of a boutique hotel will be individualistic too.



A boutique hotel can be also a Designer Country Villa or a Country Inn but the all the essential features needed for a boutique hotel will always be there.

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