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Updated by Fernando Camacho on Mar 18, 2013
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Top 5 Interactive Dog Toys

Here are my top favorite ways to keep your dog busy while you\'re busy.


Kong (original)

This should be a staple for every dog owner with a high energy dog. Instead of stuffing it with a hard biscuit treat, use your dog\'s dry food moistened with water (or chick broth), peanut butter or wet food. Then put it in the freezer overnight. That should take your poochy pal some time to get through.

Squirrel Dude

In addition to being cute, this little guy is a great find to rescue most dogs from boredom. You cut the \"treat meter\" prongs to the level that\'s right for you dog (caution: do a little at a time - once you cut, they\'re gone).


Basically a Weeble Wobble (come on, who remembers those?) that spits out treats every so often. Your dog bats this toy around and when he moves it enough, or in just the right way, treats drop out. It\'s very motivating and fun and should keep your pooch busy for a while.


This funky looking contraption will hold a bunch of treats that your dog can see, hear and smell - talk about motivation! You can even put his meals in here and let him work for his breakfast while you\'re at work.

Buster Cube

Dump treats or food into this big cube and set how easy or difficult you want it to be and let Rover at it. It\'s made of hard plastic so be careful if you hare hardwood floors - it will make some noise as your dog throws it around.