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Top 5 Things To Do In Pasikuda – Check Out The Best Of The East Coast

The Pasikudah stretch is best known for its beautiful beaches and amazing waters, but there's plenty of other attractions that make for a memorable trip.


Explore the Pasikudah Bay

The Pasikudah Bay is a stunning crescent-shaped bay that is actually made up of two beaches; the main part is the famous Passikudah beach, a long stretch of powder white sands that are sheltered by a shallow reef off the coast, and the lesser known Kalkudah beach, a long stretch of untouched natural beauty located 4km south. The water along the bay is crystal clear and calm, the gentle waves lapping along the beach adding to the serene atmosphere. Between the months of October to May is the peak season to visit, during this time, the currently are very weak, and you can easily wade up to a 1k out into the open sea because the water is so shallow and calm. Most of the big hotel chains have properties adjacent to the beachfront, like Amaya Beach Resort & Spa, for example, so you will have plenty of time to explore this beautiful bay.


Snorkel and Diving

The waters off the shore are shallow enough to swim among the coral reefs that are scattered around the bay; whilst they may not be as extensive as those found in other areas of the island, the reefs are still wonderful to look at and are home to a few species of fish. Further out at sea are a few shipwrecks from World War 2 like the HMS Hermes that make for a great diving excursion. You can find plenty of diving operators in Pasikudah that can take you to the locations and guide you among the wrecks whilst filling you in on each of their histories. Do note, due to the depth of the shipwrecks, this should only be attempted by someone with prior diving experience.


The Batticaloa Lagoon

Situated roughly 30-minutes away from town is another location you should add to your list of Pasikuda things to do – near the quiet town of Batticaloa is a massive and beautiful lagoon worth seeing. The lagoon is home to several lone islands with some pretty interesting names, like Bone Island for instance. Most of the islands are accessible by connecting suspension bridges or boats. The biggest of which is Kallandy and it's here where you'll hear the famous singing fish. Between April and September, you can clearly hear a musical tremor emanating from the lagoon waters. According to knowledgeable locals, the best way to experience the 'singing' is by placing your ear against a thick wooden stick that's half submerged in the water.


Minneriya National Park

If seeing elephants is high on your list of things to do then head over to Minneriya National Park, a 2-hour drive west of Pasikudha, to witnesses a magical gathering of wild elephants. The largest recorded gathering of Asian elephants takes place here, with up to 300 elephants meeting near the banks of the Minneriya Reservoir. The best time to visit is from April to October when the dry season forces elephants from neighbouring national parks to migrate to Minneriya in search of water.


Thaanthonreeswarar Temple

Located in Batticaloa, the Thaanthonreeswarar temple is one of 5 significant temples dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. The original temple was built in the 11th century and has since been destroyed, reconstructed, and renovated several times over. According to local beliefs, dozens of miracles have taken place at the temple several times since its construction.

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