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Updated by Hemendra Singh on May 26, 2021
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Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

Gone are the days when you used to stand in a long queue to book the tickets of your favorite movie show or to wait for your turn to pay the electricity bill or to physically present in a shop to purchase anything.
With the enhancement of mobile apps development services all these things have now become convenient and can be done within a few clicks.
According to stats numbers of smartphones users worldwide in 2017 are 2.3 bn. whereas the worldwide revenue generated through mobile apps by 2020 will be $188.9 bn.
The huge potential in mobile application development services has created novel opportunities for a mobile app development company to expand its dimensions.


Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices

Have you ever imagined that the technology which was once limited to desktop and mobile would one day comes as** wearable? Yes! This is true, the wearable devices have brought revolution in **mobile app development services.
You all must have heard about Apple watches, Hololens and Google Glass. All these are the finest example of wearable devices. It synchronizes with mobile phones for easier access to data.
The trend of wearable devices is highly reflected in various fields that include healthcare sensors, smart clothing, smart jewelry and many more.


Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is quite popular these days in the eco-system of app development. It is one of the most used technologies in the present era.
According to a survey:

  • Numbers of IoT connected devices till 2020 will be 30.73 bn.
  • It will reach 75.44 bn. till 2025. IoT devices mainly rely on mobile devices thus mobile app developers have great opportunity to create more IoT compact applications in future.

AI in mobile Apps

AI in mobile Apps

AI is a revolutionary technology that has changed the way we see the applications. *Artificial Intelligence *has seen tremendous growth in past few years.
The technology has enabled features such as personalized experience behavioral targeting and recommendation engines in mobile apps.
2018 brings consumer digital assistant. It responds to consumers specific needs by recognizing their face and voice.




*Security *is the foremost concern for companies to develop an app which is highly secured. The online data is vulnerable; the threat of data theft is always there.
Thus, mobile application developers can create some highly secured apps with a strong password lock, multi-layered validation access, and encrypted storages.




AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which has helped in improving the page loading speed on mobile devices. Increase in the page loading speed leads to less bounce rate.
It helps in enhancing CTR, easy content replacement, page ranking and give amazing visibility to pages.
Brought forward by the collaboration of Twitter and Google, AMP ensures the higher performance of mobile apps. All the top mobile app development companies are developing highly secured AMP pages to give better user experience to their clients."

10 Solid Reasons To Use React Native For Your Multi-Platform Development - Binary Blogger

Earlier, programmers do face a lot of difficulties regarding coding because they have to code differently for different platforms but now due to the emergence of cross-platform development, it has become far easier for them to code. Cross-platform app development allows the use of a single codebase for different platforms and devices.

UI/UX Design: Importance, Skills & Costing - The NineHertz Blogs

To increase any business, the first and foremost thing you need is customer satisfaction. Every business’s main thing is to increase its sales which leads to the growth of the business. Here UX/UI design helps to improve applications and give user satisfaction....

When you should create a cross-platform app

Benefits of Cross-Platform Application
A Good Market Reach - A native app for iOS can only be used by iPhone users which is 22% approx. But if you intend to cover a broader market, then the cross-platform application is the solution for you.
Android/iPhone/Windows/Linux/Mac any user can access your app.

Cost-Effective - Coding, once created, can be used as many times as you want. There might be slight changes in the designs based on OS, but the major portion of the coding remains the same for all OS. Hence saves time, resources and money.
Easy Customization - Put in all your efforts in the making and customization of the single app which can stream on various platforms rather than spending time on different app coding’s individually.
Supports Any Device - The ultimate purpose of the app is to stream easily on various devices. A cross-platform app development just serves the same purpose. Cross-platform apps are flexible with OS and devices.
Seamless Streaming on Different Devices - Cross-platform apps are capable of working on various OS and thus hold a specialty of streaming on multiple devices seamlessly.
Design is fixed - One single design works for all the OS. This is an upper hand for any app as people can access the app from any device and they are not lost with the tabs, sub-menus or pages.
Easy Maintenance - Designing and development are not enough for your business app to run effectively, the app needs to be maintained as well. This maintenance includes bug fixing, modifications and introducing updates. Here the cross-platform app owns an advantage as only one app format needs changes and we are good to stream on android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.
Stability and Uniformity - Fearlessly invite a larger audience to use your services or buy products using your app. A cross-platform app is a clear advantage when it comes to having consistency in design. It is not necessary, that the owner of an iPhone has an iPad or MacBook as well.
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Hidden Features of AngularJS Development Framework

To create unique browser-based web applications, AngularJS is a well-known and respectful platform for developing web applications. Google introduced it in 2012. It is mainly known to build dynamic single-page applications. Also, all the functions and rules of this framework control code template written in HTML script. Thus, it makes this framework easy to use.

This AngularJS development framework also carries some hidden advantages that you must want to know about, along with this easy usage. It is the best option if you want to build a web app for your business purpose. To let you know more about the angular framework, here are some silent features that help you develop web apps. So, without consuming time, let's jump into this.


Easy-to-develop things and simplified jobs are the requirements of this tech-oriented world. With simple progression, it grows troubles of developers to cope up and produce excellent outcomes within the fixed deadlines. Therefore, developers must use simplified frameworks that offer flexibility.

Out of many frameworks, AngularJS is the well-known and well-established app development framework used to build browser-based web applications. Developers who develop their application on the same platform are happy to have a structure like this as it reduces their pressure, supports them in performing tasks promptly, and fixing the complexity appearance at the minimum. In this guide, we will discuss seven helpful and effective Angular JS Frameworks for aiding you to find the most appropriate AngularJS Development Company for your business.

Why AngularJS Technology Important For Business? | Akinpedia

When it comes to web development, AngularJs is one product that keeps getting better. Created by Google, the framework is very easy to use, simplifies the entire application development process, and supports JavaScript’s latest standard.

This is probably why big enterprises like Freelancer, Netflix, Upwork, PayPal, and YouTube opted for AngularJS Development Company using Angular JavaScript Technology for their web application development.

Reasons to Choose AngularJS Development Services in 2021

Depending on developers and companies, AngularJS’s acceptance among developers and companies is likely to grow around the next decade, when AngularJS is expected to be a second- or third-level JavaScript framework, perhaps one that helps developers choose between multiple frameworks. Let’s look at the reason why the demand for the best AngularJS development company and services in India is increasing exponentially.

Why are AngularJS development services important in 2021?

The demand for the best AngularJS development company in India is growing rapidly. The reason is obvious. More and more companies are switching to AngularJS development services for their businesses. Let’s look at why:

Key Factors that You Must Consider While Designing a Mobile App

Mobile app development is flourishing like never before. With the regular invention and modification of new mobile devices and OS, businesses must create mobile apps for their products and services. It is considered an easy task to develop an app as there are so many platforms that provide access to establish an app effortlessly. But apart from the developing process, you should have to consider so many things that decide what the future of your app is.

When you consider an app to grow your business, you must have to prepare excellent strategies, cost, effort, UI/UX design services, and the right sort of marketing campaigns. Here we mention such vital factors that help you choose the right things for your app and lead your business toward success. So let’s start with this.

Necessary Things to Keep in Mind When You Design a Mobile App for Your Business

For almost all industries and businesses, having a mobile application for their product and services is no longer an option. It becomes a requirement for companies to own an app as mobile is the most used thing by today's customers. Developing an app plays a vital role in all sorts of businesses to lead them towards success. But the main reason why the app fails in the market is the improper UI/UX design services and lack of management and strategy.

When you create a mobile app for your business, you need to make a proper plan and examine all the necessary things required for making a genius app. And for helping you in this, we mention some important things that you should consider while making a mobile app for your business.