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Taylor's Environmental Janitorial Services, Inc.

A provider of Professional Cleaning Services in Richmond, Virginia. Call 804-543-9473 today.

3 Key Benefits of You Hiring Cleaning Services

The following key benefits of getting help from Cleaning Services in Richmond Virginia enable your company to focus on your profit goals while maintaining client appeal:

Revive Your School Floors with a Good Stripping and Waxing Service

School kids have a lot of active times at the gym, so it often easily gets worn out. But keeping them looking brand new makes it an inviting place for your students to be in, which also helps them socialize personally, rather than always being behind a gadget.

Cleaning Services | Taylor's Environmental Janitorial Services, Inc.

The employees of Taylor’s Environmental Janitorial Services, Inc. work diligently to provide the best in excellent customer service. It is in this regard that we constantly seek ways to understand what our clients want and craft services which can address your needs. Our expertise with Cleaning Services in Richmond, Virginia guarantees you of exceptional results in your workplace or residence.

VA Cleaning Services | Taylor's Environmental Janitorial Services Inc.

Contact us to ask about Commercial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and Residential Cleaning. You can also call 804-543-9473 for assistance.

Floor Cleaning Services For Home And Business Use, Stripping And Waxing Included

Different floors have different application methods so when the need for restoration comes, it will require different cleaning techniques and solutions. As providers of services on floor stripping and waxing in Virginia, we highly recommended that the floor type be used with the right floor finish stripper to prevent any damage to your floors. For specifics, you can get in touch with us to give you expert advice on the cleaning and restoration method ideal for your floors.

3 Basic Reasons to Regularly Wax and Polish Your Floors

If you have an establishment with heavy foot traffic, a homeowner in need of a restoration project, or simply looking out for the health of your floor surfaces, our services on stripping and waxing in Virginia can make your floors gleam and looking new again.

Top Issues About Carpet Flooring in Offices

Carpet floors not only provide aesthetics in a corporate office. They also help provide a safe and convenient way for the staff to move about as the carpet can provide warmth to the feet and cushion in case of accidental slips or falls. Because of this, professional providers of Cleaning Services in Richmond Virginia are vital in ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance of carpet floors.

Cleaning Service Estimate | Taylor's Environmental Janitorial Services

Taylor’s Environmental Janitorial Services, Inc. (TEJS) is an environmentally conscious provider of Cleaning Services in Richmond, Virginia that has developed an expertise in cleaning systems for commercial and residential properties based on an understanding of their client’s unique needs.

Tips on How to Maintain Cleanliness in Your Facility

In a busy facility such as your establishment, the cleanliness of your physical structure can help lure in more clients and prospective clients. We cannot deny that in our age of technology where visual evidence is critical to the success of your business, getting a very appealing look of your office can be really effective.