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Updated by Fianna Joseph on Apr 16, 2018
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10 tips to increase your website’s conversion rate | Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketing | Habiliss Virtual Assistants

Website conversion rate is the single most important metric that can make or break an online campaign’s success. Strategies like content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO often focus on increasing traffic. What most marketers neglect is that increasing traffic is not the only way to increase ROI from digital campaigns. A more subtle technique and also one that guarantees long-term results is to increase conversion-rate instead.

How Highly Successful People Work Less and Get More Done | Delegation, Efficiency, Infographics, Productivity | Habil...

A study found that productivity per hour declines sharply when the workweek exceeds 50 hours – so much so that there’s simply no point in working any more. Yet we have highly successful people that get done a lot more than the average person. Here are the top ten things super-productive people do to achieve success.

Pseudo superfoods that are just superbly marketed! | Health, Personal Energy Management, Superfoods | Habiliss Virtua...

The notion of traditional good health can get boring. But add a dash of ‘superfoods’ and you have people the world over excited, willing to pay premium prices, and actually believing that just by adding a certain food item, they can live longer/healthier/more fulfilling lives.

How to make your YouTube videos viral: Four optimization tips | 'How-to's, Business, Marketing, Social Media | Habili...

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine today after Google – it processes more than 300 billion searches a month and over 100 hours of video are uploaded on the platform every single minute. YouTube videos garner more attention from viewers than even TV and what’s more – up to 70% consumers say their purchase decisions are made after watching product/service videos on YouTube.

10 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Personal Assistant | Habiliss, Infographics, Personal Outsourcing, Virtual Assistan...

Does it feel as though, lately, you’ve been down on your ‘luck’ or that life just won’t give you a break? It’s not just you – as the world moves in the fast lane, attaining work-life balance is getting tougher by the day. Apparently, everyone ends up chasing one thing….TIME! It just so happens that when you stop chasing time, it stops running from you too. The one who understands this has the secret to a peaceful life today

Why just posting on social media is not going to work for you

It’s no exaggeration that for most of us, our days start with and end on social media. Naturally, when consumers are glued to social platforms, posting just for the sake of it, is not going to get businesses anywhere. What’s worse – a poor social media strategy can even kill your brand, making potential consumers walk away, never to return.

How to Dress Like a Leader and Why It Matters More than Ever Today

Whoever said dressing professionally has nothing to do with being fashionable, needs a reality check today. Modern successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-achieving professionals are chasing some serious style goals and with good reason.

Get your Fitness Training in Groove (with the help of a Virtual Assistant)

If you are a fitness trainer/personal training coach and help people get in shape, you are a demi-god to many, no exaggeration there. As often is the case with people of such stature, you are expected to be right and even perfect at all times. Your posture, your weight, your agility – everything is under scrutiny.

Ecommerce, d-commerce, m-commerce or just commerce? Here’s comes the end of an era! | Business, Entrepreneurs, Market...

The lines between various types of eCommerce, to name a few, mobile commerce, digital commerce, social commerce, and others are rapidly blurring. Modern customers couldn’t care less about which channel they are using at a particular time and expect companies to provide them a seamless, uniform experience across channels and touch points. It’s finally time to drop the ‘e’ or ‘d’ or for that matter, ‘s’ and ‘m’ from commerce – the distinction no longer exists and that’s good news for everyone.

6 Great Virtual Assistant Companies in India

Modern technology is helping businesses work to achieve their goals in effective and innovative ways. One of the ways companies are getting work done more efficiently is by using virtual assistants to take care of administrative or repetitive tasks. Virtual assistants can do anything from manage your schedule to organize your emails. Businesses can outsource tasks to virtual assistants in order to get more work done, quickly, efficiently and affordably.