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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Apr 29, 2022
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Top Web Development Trends You Should Embrace

Each business is trying to establish their name online and it leads to an increasing demand for web development services. Below are mentioned some of the most famous web development trends which can be implemented in 2018.


VR and AR Video

VR and AR Video

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two newbie’s in the eco-system of web development. In past few years, both have quite a recognition among their users.
The only issue with VR and AR is the high data consumption. Both AR and VR are highly interactive web app development trends.
Along with AR and VR, the technologies such as 360 videos and 360 images also came into being. Though these technologies are hard to implement on the website, they still offer amazing user experience.
The future belongs to such technologies. Tech giants like Google, YouTube and, Microsoft are using and implementing it into their websites.


Motion UI

Motion UI

A website with the smooth animation is the necessity. Through Motion UI a user can interact with an interface with animated designs in it.
Web developers are allowed to play with the style of the website and make the interface unique, interactive and self-defining.
The concept of Motion UI is gaining popularity with its frequent use. This is the upcoming trending technology which works with GIF animation.


Single Page Website

Single Page Website

People are gradually becoming more interested in developing single page website so as to offer better UX.
In this, various sections of a website placed on a single page where a user can scroll the website for better navigation.
It makes complex website navigation easy, reduce website development time and lessen website designing cost and web hosting. If you are a web development company, Single Page Website is a must focus trend for you.




Relatively new, the *blockchain technology *is a chain breaker in web development services. It facilitates users to store data in numerous places, in thousands of computers around the globe.
It eliminates third party (like banks) intervention in the transaction and verifies it with its own algos. This provides security and safety to its users.
Blockchain development has gained a new height.

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Why Angularjs Framework Is Perfect for Web Development?

Every businessman wants their customers to love their services. But it can’t be achieved just by developing a website. Developers need to work on the user experience while developing a website and the selection of an authentic and systematic platform can do the favor in providing an excellent user experience.

AngularJS framework is one of the most preferred platforms in the current era for web and mobile app development. Seekers can choose an ideal partner from the best web and mobile app development companies worldwide offering AngularJS web development services among others.

AngularJS is an open-source platform introduced by Google. It enables businesses to develop single-page applications along with the development of quality code and its testing efficiently. Therefore, developers prefer to choose the AngularJS framework for web development projects.

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