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Headline for Mountains to climb around Bandarawela – Discovering the natural wonders of this region
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Mountains to climb around Bandarawela – Discovering the natural wonders of this region

The surroundings of Bandarawela is a great place for nature lovers. If you are fond of exploring the flora and fauna in this region there are some interesting mountains to climb,


Karanampotha Mountain

Located some 639m above sea level, this isolated peak is, without doubt, a treat to explore. Located somewhere in the middle of Melsiripura and Galewela areas, the mountain can easily be accessed via the Kurunegala-Dambulla road. It is roughly 120 km from Bandarawela, but can quite easily be covered in a road trip. The trekking is fun here. There are lots of interesting species you will meet along the way and the view from the top is heavenly. The Karanampotha Mountain is also well known for being the location where the renowned Na Uyana Aranya is situated.


Diyathalawa Mountain

At a height of over 1500m above the ground the Diyathalawa Mountain affords some spectacular birds-eye views of the absolutely picturesque surrounding region. It is best to commence your climb at a time where you will be able to catch the sunset or sunrise from atop the mountain as either experience is nothing short of heavenly from this height. The Diyathalawa Mountain is one of the peaks from the mountain range located in the Rikillagaskada town. It is a popular mountain among hikers and even the famous E.Erksine has been there in 1910.


Beliya Kanda

Now, this is another mountain that is located in the Galewela area which is again very popular among trekkers exploring the central province. It is a dense mountain with its pinnacle entirely being blanketed by forest. If you are climbing for the views, the Beliya Kanda is not the best option but it definitely is a haven for rich and diverse flora and fauna. At a height of 613 meters the Beliya Kanda is not too hard to climb.


Little Adam's Peak

This is one of the most popular peaks in the area for it is both relatively easy to climb plus affords some amazing views of the surrounding. Ella is a beautiful town, to begin with and any view of this city is most certainly a breath-taking one. The only downside is that the Little Adams Peak is known for its clockwork afternoon rain showers. As long as you can evade that you are good to go. One such Bandarawela holiday resort you can stay at the Bandarawela Hotel, watch the weather and then embark on your adventure.


Ella Rock

This is not a mountain per say but it is nonetheless equally a treat to climb. Moderately challenging, it takes about half a day to get to the top of the Ella Rock. If you want to catch yourself some immaculate sunsets this is a rather easy task to master.



This mountain looms at a height of 1555m and is one of the taller peaks to get to the top of. This mountain is located in the famous Knuckles Forest Reserve and is another paradise for those who love their trekking. As beautiful as it is on a sunny day, it is one of those places which is equally a treat when it is gloomy.