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Frac Sand Grassroots Websites

As fracking booms, demand for frac sand from Minnesota, Wisconsin, & Iowa is booming too. Fracking silica sand is highly health hazardous. Many small communities feel ill equipped to protect their health and way of life from the financially powerful industries pushing aggressively for frac sand. A number of grassroots blogs, websites, & social media endeavors have sprung up in response. Some investigative journalists are on the story too. This list is meant to be informational. These are not endorsements.


Allamakee County Protectors | Facebook

"Allamakee County Protectors are a recently organized group of concerned citizens working hard to stop frac sand mining from invading our county."

Audubon Minnesota - Frac Sand

"Mining industrial silica sand directly impacts sensitive lands in Minnesota. Surface mines displace native plant and animal communities, and can disrupt local hydrology (groundwater flow)."

Bluestem Prairie: Environment

Bluestem Prairie is a rural Minnesota blogger who often posts about local frac sand issues in her environment section.

Buffalo County Defenders | Protecting our health, welfare and environment

"Most of us are out defendering right now… stay tuned." - Stop Frac Sand Mining and Environmental Degradation WI

This petition was posted by the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

Citizens Against Silica Mining "Save-The-Bluffs" | Facebook

Silica Sand Mining in Hay Creek, Red Wing, Frontenac and Lake City Minnesota

Concerned Chippewa Citizen

"Concerned Chippewa Citizen was conceived and developed by Hank Boschen who lives 6 miles downwind of the Chippewa Sand Processing Plant. He was concerned that the Silica Dust emanating from the plant would affect his daughter who suffers from Wegener’s Granulomatosis, so he designed, constructed and installed a network of monitors around the plant."

Concerned Citizens for St. Charles

"Concerned Citizens for St. Charles is a group of volunteers who are striving to inform all area residents of ongoing sand activities. We are concerned about all the negative impacts sand mining and sand processing will have on our community and our neighboring communities. We welcome your input and involvement in helping us protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens in the St. Charles area, while preserving this region’s unique beauty, natural resources, and way of life."

Concerned Citizens of Bridge Creek Eau Claire County, Wisconsin - No Mines in Our Sandbox!

"The Concerned Citizens for Bridge Creek (CCBC) is an informal group of citizens who came together in February 2012 to share their concerns regarding silica (frac)
sand mining, which was starting to develop in Bridge Creek. As our group researched we found that our sand was ideal for use in the hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" process occurring in other states, but many concerns arose over the potential harm and destruction that would be caused by the frac sand mining in Bridge Creek. For us, the fewer-than-promised jobs and the much debated temporary boost to the local economy simply do not outweigh the potential risks to the health, safety and general welfare of our citizens."

Concerned Dovre Residents | Facebook

"Concerned Residents of Dovre Township in Barron County WI."

Conservation Minnesota: Frac Sand Mining Deserves State Regulation

"Local communities need help with this issue, as many don’t have the staff expertise to deal with the fast pace and potential problems of frac sand proposals. State government should strongly consider statewide regulation so the industry can’t pit one community against another in order to get their way."

Contested Landscapes

"This site is a 'research blog' that serves as a space to compile information about the rapidly evolving industry of frac sand mining, especially the social, economic, and environmental impacts of this industry. It also allows me to disseminate some of my impressions, observations, and social analysis in a public manner... I am a cultural anthropologist and assistant professor in the social science department at the University of Wisconsin-Stout."

Crawford Stewardship Project - Sand Mining

"Crawford Stewardship Project works to protect the environment of Crawford County and neighboring regions from threats of polluting and extractive industries, to promote sustainable land use, environmental justice, and local control of natural resources "

CREDO: "Ban Frac Sand Mining in Iowa" Petition

"The conservative approach is to preserve human and natural resources, and enjoy the status quo. The radical approach is to allow outside corporations to enrich themselves at the expense of local residents and leave behind nothing but problems."

CREDO: "Ban frac sand mining in Waterloo-Cedar Falls, Iowa" Petition

"We all share the same air and water, which has already taken a large toll thanks to big agricultural industries whom emit vast amounts of carbon and contaminate our water due to the fertilizer, pesticide, and insecticide run-off. The sand mining industry is making there way into Iowa and they will further damage an already stressed environment."

CREDO: "Tell The State of WI: Ban frac sand mining now!" Petition

"There's a massive land grab by the mining industry underway in Wisconsin--and it's creating a public health crisis."

Dunn County Sand

"Dunn County and west-central Wisconsin are home to some of the most valuable sand in the world, especially if you want to drill for hard-to-reach natural gas and oil buried deep in the earth. It is called "frac" sand and has the special qualities of being round, hard and plentiful. Many sand companies are interested in setting up mining and processing operations in the area which will have an impact on both the economy and the environment. This website will provide information on the issues and an opportunity below for you to comment and share with others your views."

Environment Minnesota: Protect Minnesota from dangers of frac sand mining

Environment Minnesota is an environmental non-profit that is concerned about frac sand mining in Minnesota. Its position is: "Minnesota needs a moratorium on new frac sand mines while the state studies the negative impacts of this industry, how to properly regulate it, or if it needs to be prohibited."

Frac Sand Awareness Project | Facebook

Frac Sand Awareness Project is a group effort to build a single place to find information about Frac Sand Mining in the Upper Midwest.

Frac Sand Awareness Project | Raising Awareness of Frac Sand in the Upper Midwest

A collaboration between different Frac Sand grassroots groups.

Frac Sand Digest

"News from Hixton, Jackson County, Wisconsin -- Rural Life with Frac Sand Industry. Be sure to look for Frac Sand Digest on Facebook."

Frac Sand Fever in our Hixton Hills | Facebook

"This facebook page is affiliated with the "Hixton Hills Alliance", a group of local citizens advocating health, safety and welfare of our community involving the frac sand industry poised to enter Hixton, Jackson County, Wisconsin."

Frac Sand Industry Awareness in Wisconsin | Facebook

"Communities across Wisconsin educate themselves and fight for there rights across the state on concerns of water, land and regualtion issues."

Frac Sand Industry Sacrifice Zones - Facebook

"All Frac Sand Coverage - Dedicated to folks living in frac sand mining sacrifice zones."

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." - Albert Einstein

Frac Sand Mining Fillmore County

a Fillmore County frac sand blog