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Updated by Sherrie Frank on Mar 17, 2013
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24 Specific Benefits of the Personal Effectiveness Seminar

In a detailed analysis, Wings Seminars identified 24 specific benefits taught in their Personal Effectiveness Seminar. Actually they identified 201 but thought they'd start with 24!



How to gain the highest leverage in personal effectiveness: self-acceptance, intimacy, and joy.


An exercise in identifying how you have given away your integrity/wholeness, what that costs you, and how you can move into self-empowerment.

Right use of personal power

The right use of personal power: how to move from one-upmanship to results-oriented strategies.


Responsibility vs. people-pleasing, rescuing, and controlling.

Beliefs that serve

The power of becoming the creator of beliefs that serve you and your world.


The path to well-being and effectiveness: taking 100% ownership of your experiences, assuming full accountability, becoming the chooser, accepting yourself as the predominant creator in your life, setting clear boundaries, creating the results you want.

Complete agreements

How an incomplete agreement triggers a whole chain of energy-sapping incompletions.

Increase your personal effectiveness

Why keeping your word—to yourself and others—so massively increases your personal effectiveness.

The eternal now

The eternal now—how to broaden and enrich your experience of the present, no matter what your feelings or thoughts, no matter what happens around you.

Empower yourself

How to turn unconscious beliefs, fears, past traumas, and cultural conditioning into nuggets of gold you can use to empower yourself for creating what you really want in your life.

Move beyond fear

The consequences of fear in your life—how to move beyond the ways fear has kept you from getting what you want most.

Being present

How to stop re-manufacturing and recreating your past in the present.

New freedom of choice

A special exercise on moving from "stuckness" to new freedom of choice and enjoyment.

Dissolve insecurities

How running from your insecurities controls you—and how to dissolve those insecurities.

The reasons for failure and low self-esteem

The major reason for failure and low self-esteem.


An exercise in forgiveness of people you have hurt, and people who have hurt you.

Fun and productive relationships

How to turn your relationships into fun and productive adventures.

The blame game

The blame game: how to move from accusation to closeness.

The meaning of guilt

The meaning of guilt and how to deal with it.

The trap of social imaging

The trap of social imaging—how to go beyond the social roles and facades, masks, and masquerades we have learned—to reveal who you really are and want to be.

Communicate more effectively

That 93% of face-to-face communication is non-verbal—and how you can use your nonverbal's to communicate more effectively.

Creating the results you want

Ten requirements for effective action—the keys to creating the results you want in life.

Recovering your passion and purpose

The key to recovering your own passion and purpose in life—paying attention to what has heart and meaning.

Taking charge of your life

Taking charge of your life—how to become the producer rather than a mere consumer of what happens in your life.

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