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Project Management

Clientflow is a tool to keep all client communication in one place. ClientFlow helps teams extract maximum value from client engagements by systematizing teams'​ client management processes.

Client Communication and Approvals - ClientFlow

All client communication in one place

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Attracting and retaining new clients is the lifeblood of any digital agency, so it’s always important to be prepared to impress.

When a prospect is sizing up your agency as an option, it’s almost like dating. Both sides are trying to find out more about each other and to determine whether or not they’ll be compatible.

New Features: Message Templates and Analytics

Templates are canned messages, organized by category that can be used to communicate more quickly with clients.

Analytics are open analytics on email messages sent to clients. Each message sent to a client will have stats on who opened the message, when and how many times they opened it.

ClientFlow acquisition announcement

Dear loyal ClientFlow Users and Fans,

Today, I’m excited to announce that ClientFlow has been acquired by Simple Focus, a very talented team who has a track record of building and growing great products! This means that ClientFlow will live on and continue to grow for our awesome users and to deliver on the promise of making client management easier while simultaneously building an excellent experience for our users’ clients. Fear not if you’re a user: ClientFlow is still here to serve you!

A Guide To Difficult Conversations For Agencies

As an agency owner, this will happen to you at some point. The need for a Difficult Conversation.

It could be that “we have to talk” which you send to a team member, dealing with a difficult client or simply having to tell any client, supplier or team member something which they won’t want to hear.

Is Your Agency Reaching The Right Clients?

What was it like when you first opened your agency for business?

Did you have an immediate flow of perfect clients, or were you hustling hard, just trying to get new business in the door?

For most businesses, there is no “easy” mode when starting out. You find yourself working hard to bring in business and to set up the kinds of client pipelines that keep it coming in.

The Biggest Problems Clients Have With Digital Agencies

You’re always striving to provide great customer experiences, right? If you don’t, there is sufficient competition out there that your agency is not likely to survive for very long.

We all know that we should be client-centric in our dealings if we want to establish good relationships and deliver true value in the eyes of the client. Part of that is understanding the common problems or small annoyances clients have with agencies.

How To Build An Effective Referral Strategy For Your Agency

We’d all like simple yet effective ways to grow our customer base, especially if we can attract quality clients on autopilot. One technique which can lead to some of the best business for your agency is to develop a referral strategy.

5 Strategies For Dealing With Difficult Clients

Most of us have dealt with The Difficult Client. The one who expects your attention at all hours of the day or is never happy, or often abrasive to deal with.

You’ve probably got your own definition of what “difficult” means in your agency – perhaps it simply comes down to those clients who hold projects up indefinitely by not being timely with feedback.

How To Manage A Remote Team For Successful Projects

Remote teams are increasingly becoming the norm, especially among digital agencies who manage everything they do online.

7 Communication Mistakes That Can Cost You Clients

There are some scenarios that every digital agency universally hates when it comes to attracting or retaining clients:

Bringing on too many clients who are not a good fit for your organization.
Losing clients who you really want to be working with.

Avoid These 7 Common Presentation Pitfalls With Your Clients - ClientFlow

How well do you present yourself to clients? Common presentation pitfalls and how to avoid them...

A Project Management Tool Made Especially for Digital Design Agencies

Easily track your tasks and manage your projects with ClientFlow’s project management tool. Signup for a FREE trial today.

How To Nail Down Project Terms And Avoid Scope Creep| ClientFLow

Have you ever had that project that just doesn’t seem to reach a conclusion? That website still being built two years later, or a program that has been through so many minor feature changes, you’ve lost track.

Online Project Management Software for IT Companies | ClientFLow

Project planning and organizing task made easy with ClientFlow’s task and project management tool for IT teams. Request a free demo today.

“Client-Centric” Project Management (How It Can Help Your Business) - ClientFlow

What is “client-centric” project management? Get the low-down on how it could be beneficial to your business.

Online Project Management Software for Marketing Agencies | ClientFlow

Improve your work process and task planning with our project management tool specially designed for marketing teams. Signup for FREE trial today.

Time To Cut And Run? 6 Things You Shouldn’t Tolerate From Clients - ClientFlow

When should you drop a client? We’ve got a few situations you shouldn’t tolerate.

Online Project Management Tool Made Easy for Professional Services

Our project management software specially designed for professional services companies to organize their team’s workflow and manage tasks effectively. Request a demo.

Roadblocked? Your Guide To Keeping Projects Un-Stuck |ClientFlow

How does your agency prevent projects from becoming roadblocked? It’s often about procedures and standards.

A Project Management Tool Made Especially for Web Development Companies

Simply manage your web development projects and track project timing online with our task management tool. Start your free trial to know more about its features.

5 Ways To Improve Your Consulting Business

I want to discuss 5 ways you can improve your consulting business and really start separating yourself from other vendors.

6 Steps to finding the product idea you should be building

As an expert, turn your knowledge of industry challenges into your next product idea without looking for it, via these 6 steps.

We’re always looking for “better” project management software

There's a difference between task and project management, and knowing which one you need is important to picking project management software

Need To Scale Up? Why Productized Services Could Be For You| ClientFlow

The lure of earning more money and having more free time leads many to look at solutions like SaaS, apps or other products they can sell on a monthly subscription basis. The temptation is obvious – an in-demand service with regular paying customers can dramatically reduce “feast or famine” periods experienced by most businesses, and requires less hands-on work from a freelancer or principal.