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How to childproof your new home

Many people who decide to build a new home are also planning a family, so it’s important that you create a safe environment for your little ones form the very beginning. Here, we have put together some handy tips to help you childproof your new home, so you can keep your family safe and sound.



Put safety plugs or outlet covers over unused outlets, so little fingers can’t access them.

Hide electrical cords behind furniture or use a hide-a-cord device.

Keep blow dryers, toasters, kettles and other appliances unplugged and out of reach. And when the appliances are in use, always push them as far back on the bench as possible.



Attach corner and edge guards to furniture to prevent injury, especially to little heads.

Anchor flat-screen TVs with safety straps or mount them on the wall, so they can’t fall on your child, even if they pull on them.

Little people love to climb furniture, so make sure you secure furniture that can topple over, like bookcases and chests of drawers, to the walls.


Out of bounds

Use appliance latches to secure the oven door and fridge.

Control access to unsafe areas with safety gates and door locks.

Put locks or latches on accessible cabinets and drawers that contain unsafe items. Alternatively, move cleaning agents, medicines, hand sanitiser, vitamins, toiletries, mothballs, dishwasher pods, laundry pods and other potentially toxic items, so they are out of reach.

Keep rubbish bins in inaccessible cupboards or use bins with child-resistant covers.



Install safety gates at the top and bottom of your stairs to avoid dangerous falls.


Swimming Pool

Don’t leave children unattended in or near a pool or other water, and make sure your pool, pool fence and gate meet all safety requirements.

How to childproof your new home - Hallmark Homes

There’s nothing more important than keeping your family safe. This is by no means a definitive list, but it will certainly help you get started on making your home childproof.