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6 Hidden Attractions in Adelaide - Mystery and adventure!

Adelaide is a beautiful city of wonder and art but it also contains some magnificent hidden attractions. Let's look at some of the best.


Hallett Cove Conservation Park

Hallet Cove Conservation Park is located a mere 14 miles south of Adelaide and is an important and significant archaeological and geological site from the Australian Ice Age. The site dates back to almost 280 million years ago. Here you'll be able to explore and marvel at some amazing Aboriginal stone implements and witness the changes that Australia has gone throughout the years amongst its rock formations. The site doesn't require any additional transport as it can be reached easily via regular city buses and trains.


Fringe Festival

This is an absolute spectacle that needs to be witnessed for what it represents. The Fringe Festival is an annual event in Adelaide that brings in artists from all across the globe as it is an open access arts festival that runs in its entirety for four weeks. You'll witness some amazing cabaret performances, comedy and generally includes over nine hundred different staged pop up events all across Adelaide. If you're on the lookout for accommodation you'll find many Adelaide hotels to choose from like iStay Precinct for example.


Port Adelaide ghost tours

If you're a fan of the mysterious and the supernatural, this could be the perfect opportunity to experience something entirely unique. Port Adelaide, also known as 'Port Misery' is one of Adelaide's oldest suburbs and has witnessed many murders and ghost sightings throughout the years. You'll hear tales of an old haunted 'wharfie' and so on that makes this a truly inviting experience who crave a little excitement.


Central Market

If food, flavour and anything delicious is your calling, the Central Market is the place to go. The market is home to over 80 stalls, restaurants, and caf├ęs that are absolutely inviting. That's not all, Adelaide's Central Market also offers the finest fresh produce and delicious gourmet food. Highlight things to do are to check out the mushroom man, head up into the cheese stalls and to sample the glorious local chocolates.


Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley is only an hour's drive from Adelaide. It's one of the world's most famous wine regions and offers tours for anyone interested. You could join one of these tours and let your senses explore more than 50 wineries all in this region, some of which have the oldest Shiraz vines in the world. Another great way to explore the area is on a bike, you can hire one right before you set out to sample these amazing wines.


Whispering Wall

The Whispering Wall exists in relatively close proximity to the Barossa region and could be something to explore while you're there. Here you can walk across the retaining wall of the Barossa Reservoir which was heralded as a world-class engineering marvel. The unique acoustic effects present here, never fail to impress those who visit. You can simply whisper from one end of the dam and have it heard almost a hundred meters away.

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