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A Survival Guide for New Teachers

List of tips for first year teachers!

Inviting Controversy Into Our Classrooms | Teacher, Teaching techniques and School

At first, these topics intimidated me. Now I see discussing them as an academic and social necessity.

5 effective tips for new (and experienced) teachers - Daily Genius

The school year is getting underway in the United States, Europe, and many other parts of the world. That means it’s the first day of school for students, administrators and many new teachers. These are stressful weeks and there is a lot of minutiae to worry about before the first bell rings. What should a new teacher wear on his or her first day? How do I handle my first difficult student? What if parents complain about me? How much lesson planning should I do?

10 Classroom Routines You Need Immediately | Classroom routines, Routine and Students

Classroom routines and procedures are essential for a successful classroom. They help your classroom run efficiently so you can maximize student learning. Check

8 Things All Teachers Need at Their Desk | Teacher, Desks and School

Teachers love post-it notes and fun colored pens. We can always be counted on to have the latest and greatest of school supplies. But, what else does a teacher

Dealing with Difficult Parents | Parent teacher communication, Communication problems and Classroom management

Have you had a difficult parent that has rocked your world that you question if you should continue teaching? This post support these challenges.

Behavior Management in the Classroom

Hey guys! So many of you wanted to know about my classroom management and how I got my kids to work so well and stay on task. So I put together this chatty v...

5 Common Mistakes when talking with Preschool Children

5 Common Mistakes when talking with children. See changes in behavior by making these changes.

Classroom Organization: Tips and Tricks - The Brown Bag Teacher

We’ll start in our classroom library where you find our wooden display shelf and our student book bins (from Really Good Stuff), as well as, Sterelite containers for themed books. If you search #1stgradebookshelf on Instagram you can sneak a peek at our weekly themed-bookshelves. I love these shelves because they expose students to a wide variety of books and authors, and build excitement. My friends can’t wait to see what books I’ve chosen for us on Monday mornings! Plus, my friends BEG for extra reading time on Monday mornings. (Read more about our weekly bookshelf in this blog post.)

#5 Classroom Management - Challenging Students & Composure | A Classroom Diva

Hi Everyone! In this video, I will share with you my Top 5 strategies to use when dealing with challenging or difficult students. We all have those students ...

The Teacher Survival Kit | Lamberts Lately

The first kind of present includes things a teacher might want.  Of course this varies, but I’ve never known a teacher to turn down something they can use to pamper themselves a little.  A nice restaurant gift card, a pedicure certificate, or a fancy lotion are always appreciated.

Some great activities to help children settle in to their first week at school, day care or preschool. | Teaching/Edu...

Some great activities to help children settle in to their first week at school, day care or preschool.

6 Ways to Deal with Your First Year of Teaching - TeacherVision

Knowing how to approach your first year as a teacher can be the difference between feeling successful in June and giving up in October.

Teaching Tips – Common Core English with Ease

5 MUST-HAVE TEACHING PRACTICES Whether you are a panicking first year teacher or a fifth year teacher hoping to finally gain that 100% confidence and joy in the classroom, these effortless tips will give you the strategies, inspiration and mindset to improve your classroom management once and for all. 1. Remain emotionally constant: Children like structure and…

A Simple Way to Teach Classroom Procedures and Expectations • Teacher Thrive

Do you feel like a “talking head” during the first couple days of school? We know that explicitly teaching procedures and expectations is a MUST for the beginning of the school year. However, it’s a lot of information for a teacher to disseminate and for students to absorb. I have this simple little trick to help you cover all of this important information without losing your mind and while keeping your student engaged!

First Year Teacher Advice as Told By Veteran Teachers | Tame the Classroom

Your first year of teaching may have been a mix of excitement and frustration like mine. Perhaps your first year of teaching was a complete dream. Whichever way you first year went, it’s definitely something you’ll never forget.

Survival Tips for First Year Special Education Teachers | Owlcation

In this article, I outline survival tips for first year special education teachers. My survival guide includes advice about planning, IEPs, networking, prioritizing, and more with lots of resources.

Somebody Should Have Told Me: What First-Year Teachers Need to Know

I’d had good teachers and role models who tried their best to prepare me for a career in education. But there were a few things they missed.

Tips for a First Year Kindergarten Teacher | KindergartenWorks

Tips for a first year kindergarten teacher - for newbies and teachers new to kindergarten. Let's break it down and keep it simple. You can do this!

There is great freedom in consistency. Because when you follow your classroom management plan to a tee, you remove th...

There is great freedom in consistency. Because when you follow your classroom management plan to a tee, you remove the guesswork. You eliminate the stress of lecturing, correcting, and trying to convince your students to behave. You wipe away the friction and resentment. The responsibility for misbehavior, then, falls entirely on them—with none of it …

4 Ways for First-Year Teachers to Take Back Sunday | Teach For America
  1. Prep before you leave work Friday. As much as you want to, resist the urge to run out the door on Friday as soon as the last student leaves. Change the date on the board. Write down your schedule for Monday. Prep your materials and homework for the next week. You will cause yourself unnecessary anxiety if you leave your classroom looking like a war zone. There is nothing worse than seeing the relics of Friday afternoon on Monday morning.  Take the extra time on Friday to set you and your students up for success on Monday. Then go home feeling awesome about how you left your space.
10 Tips for New Teachers

Being a first year teacher can be stressful and overwhelming. You are learning the school that you are in, managing time and paperwork, and trying your best ...

You’ve probably got 80,130 things swirling around in your head about things you want to do before the school year sta...

You’ve probably got 80,130 things swirling around in your head about things you want to do before the school year starts.  It’s such an exciting time!!  I remember the summer before my first year teaching obsessing over EVERYTHING.  What’s up, anxiety.  I thought I needed to make my plans incredible and my classroom looking absolutelyContinue reading The Summer To-Do List for First Year Teachers

20 Tips for First Year Teachers that Will Make You the Rookie of the Year - Reading Horizons

Just landed a new teaching job? Congratulations! If you’re like most of us there comes a point when the excitement leads to at least a small amount of …