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Updated by Jeffrey Rager on Jan 11, 2019
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Rager Law Firm

Rager Law Firm is a leading Employment law firm dedicated to protecting the people, not the powerful. The attorneys at Rager Law firm specialize in workplace disputes including discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and unpaid wages. Over the past several years, attorneys at Rager law firm have established themselves as those willing to go to trial to better their clients outcome.

Can Sexual Harassment Be Consensual?

As most victims of sexual harassment are disgusted by their harassers and suffer emotional distress from harassment – cases like these are not unheard of. If an employee agrees to consensual sex or even gets into a consensual relationship with the person who has been sexually harassing him or her for a while, this does NOT mean that the harasser is now off the hook for his prior behavior.

At Rager Law Firm, an experienced Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney can handle your consensual sexual harassment case.

FAQ: What You Need to Understand About Employment Law in 2018

The vast majority of employees in California do not know their basic employment rights, which breeds countless law violations in the workplace as well as such issues as unpaid overtime, discrimination, and wrongful termination. Employers are legally required to pay nonexempt employees on an hourly basis, nonexempt employees who are paid on a piece rate, daily rate or salary basis, are also entitled to overtime pay.

Consult today Rager Law Firm, the best employment law attorney in Pasadena to calculate your overtime today to understand whether or not your employer is violating laws.

What Are The Situations Which Do Not Amount To Wrongful Termination?

If you are not working or communicating properly with your team, your employer may have a reason to fire you. Also, if you are constantly mistreating and harassing others, besides getting terminated, your employer may file a discrimination lawsuit against you.

The wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles suggests to seek legal assistance. Consult with Rager Law Firm after you are terminated, and let them evaluate your situation to decide whether you were actually wrongfully terminated, or if there was nothing wrong with your termination.

What Is Discrimination Or Wrongful Termination? Know The Difference

Workplace discrimination or wrongful termination both are different thing. In case you were terminated, it is best that you seek legal help. The Wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles will help you understand the difference between wrongful termination and discrimination, and see if you were either discriminated at work, or terminated for wrong reasons. The team of legal professionals will help you build a case, and prepare a lawsuit for you.

You Can't Be Fired For What Happens Outside Of Work. Or Can You?

In some cases, your outside-work activities may decide whether or not you will get the job. So the main question is: can you lose your job for your outside-work activities? It is only normal that your employer may take something out of the context and act against you for no reason. If this happens, reach out to the wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles at rager law firm and let them know what happened. They will help you file a lawsuit against your employer.

Training Alone Won't Eliminate Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment occurs far too frequently, with employees across certain industries seeming to be more at risk. You are entitled to go to work without fear of sexual harassment or unwelcome sexual advances. Contact a Pasadena sexual harassment attorney from Rager Law Firm, will handle your case with sensitivity, compassion and a dogged determination to secure the compensation you deserve.

Disney Workers Fighting for Promised $1,000 Bonus

If you have been a victim of any kind of discrimination, sexual harassment, or other unfavorable behavior in the workplace, you may be entitled to claim for damages. Contact a Los Angeles employment law attorney from Rager Law Firm can help you successfully win your lawsuit.

5 Things You Get Wrong About Employment Law (Let’s Debunk These Misconceptions)

It’s important to understand that there are certain things even at-will employees cannot be fired for, including but not limited to discriminatory reasons, harassment, retaliation for whistleblowing, breach of contract, and others. Contact Pasadena employment law attorney Jeffrey Rager is going to review the most common misconceptions about employment law and employee rights in California.

Retaliation After Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint: What You Need to Know

There are laws that protect a victim of sexual harassment from facing any adverse actions after filing a harassment claim, it is still not enough to alleviate an employee’s fear of retaliation.
It’s never recommended to report sexual harassment in the workplace on your own. You need a top lawyer by your side. Contact Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney here at Rager Offices Law will guide you through the process of filing a claim and fighting for compensation.

6 Things You Need to Know About Travel Time Pay in California

If you have not been for a one-day or overnight stay, seek immediately legal advice of a lawyer. Calculating travel time pay and understanding employment laws is not the easiest task. That is why you are highly advised to get a free consultation from an experienced Los Angeles employment law attorney to determine whether or not your travel time pay is fair, or how to take legal action against an employer who does not pay for travel expenses.

Insurance Coverage for Sexual Harassment Claims: What You Need to Know About It

It is essential to understand that unless you have a Notice-of-Right-to-Sue from the EEOC, you will not be able to file a lawsuit against your harasser or abuser alleging sexual harassment in the workplace. It is advised to speak to Pasadena sexual harassment attorney Jeffrey Rager is going to reveal what role insurance companies REALLY play in handling sexual harassment claims at work.

How to Respond to Job Termination in Los Angeles

If you filed a complaint and you were terminated afterward, for any reasons provided, you could be a victim of retaliation and wrongful termination and should take proper legal actions against your employer. Don’t wait before it is too late to act. Contact experienced Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Riverside immediately

What is the Time Limit for Filing a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit? - Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorney

Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated? You have to prove that your employer worked against the law, and to do so, you are going to need professional help. Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Los Angeles will explain the process to you, allowing you to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more about wrongful termination and a potential lawsuit you may have against your employer.

Is My Employer in California Legally Allowed to Test Me For Drugs or Alcohol?

There are actually certain employee privacy protections in California that may help you sue your employer for conducting workplace alcohol and drug tests on you. You may want to speak to Los Angeles employment law attorney to explain when it is legally acceptable for employers in California to conduct drug and alcohol testing on job applicants and existing employees.

Political Discrimination At Work: Does It Count As Wrongful Termination?

If you are employed on an at-will basis like the vast majority of workers in Pasadena and California, you have even fewer protections when it comes to political discrimination at work. Being fired for your political views, Speak to Pasadena wrongful termination attorney at the Rager Offices Law to get a free consultation.

The Effects Of Rude Behaviour On A Wrongful Termination Case

However, to do this would then result in your wrongful termination case being even harder as your boss will argue that the reason for termination of employment was misconduct or rude behavior to a senior. If you have been faced by wrongful termination by your employer and you have faced financial loss due to this as well as any emotional distress, wrongful termination lawyers in Pasadena are fighting for your rights and get you the justice.

Steps To Take To Stop Workplace Sexual Harassment

In the state of California, sexual harassment is classified as gender discrimination that focuses on harassment and hostile environments in the workplace due to sexual harassment. If you have been faced sexual harassment in your workplace and your employer has not made any efforts to correct this then contact sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles, they will fight for your rights and get you the justice that you are entitled to.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

If sexual harassment in the workplace happens and your employer does not take the steps to do so, then you can hold them accountable by suing them for the inability to prevent sexual harassment. A Pasadena sexual harassment lawyer will help you get the justice you deserve.

What Exactly is Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be a hurtful and disturbing event it is important to notify your company immediately. If you feel your company has not done enough to resolve the issue and it is still ongoing Contact Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer. A Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer they will be help you fight for your rights and the justice you deserve.

The Whistleblower Debate

A Los Angeles Whistleblower Attorney, you can do the right thing and report a company behaving fraudulently. Whilst claiming your rightful compensation can also be a difficult process a Los Angeles Whistleblower Attorney can help you get the money and compensation you deserve for taking a risk. Contact at Rager Law firm they will help you.

9 Signs That Your Workplace Is a Hostile Work Environment (Get Compensated Today)

If you have noticed any of the signs of a hostile work environment in your workplace, seek immediate legal advice. Speak to Riverside hostile work environment attorney at the Rager law Offices to speak about your case.

6 New Employment Law Bills in California (And How They Will Affect You)

Employment law Bills in California is constantly evolving to expand workers’ rights and protect them from all kinds of discrimination, harassment, wrongful acts, unfair treatment, and other bad stuff. Torrance employment law attorney explains that any provisions preventing the victim of sexual harassment from disclosing the fact or existence of the sexual misconduct in the workplace would now be illegal under California law. Contact rager law firm if you have any case.

Harvey Weinstein Charged With Felony Rape, Criminal Sex Act (What Damages Are Recoverable In Sexual Harassment Cases?)

Pasadena sexual harassment attorney at the Rager Offices Law explains that if you are filing a sexual harassment claim with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you may be entitled to recover the following damages: Compensatory damages, Emotional distress, Injunctive relief, Attorney fees. For More Information Contact at Rager Law Firm.

Appearance Discrimination At Work: Is It Even Illegal In California?

Many types of discrimination that is illegal under California employment law, but what about appearance discrimination? Is it actually prohibited by law to discriminate against an employee or job applicant based on his or her appearance? If you notice signs of any of the above-mentioned types of appearance discrimination, do not hesitate Contact to Best Pasadena workplace discrimination attorney at the Rager Offices Law Firm.

Be Prepared! Everything You Need To Know About Sexual Harassment Claim Investigations

You never know how the investigation will unfold, as there is always a chance that your story will not be believed, you will be ridiculed for describing what happened, and the HR department will cover up for the predator, harasser, abuser, or groper to save the company’s face.
Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney from the Rager Offices Law is going to explain how employers in California are required to investigate sexual harassment claims.