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05 Must See Waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya – Enchanting Veils of Beauty

Nuwara Eliya district is at the highest summit of Sri Lanka; the town called 'Little England' offers chilly weather and colonial houses. Waterfalls, wind their way across tea estates and misty hills.


Lovers Leap Falls

This cascade is located along the Nuwara Eliya Kandapola road, the waters of which are used to brew the famous Nuwara Eliya beer. The name is a derivation of a popular legend, which talks about a prince who fell in love with a local girl, the affair, of course, was condemned by the king, who forbade the prince to marry the girl. Despairing over the loss of his love, the prince together with his lover leapt from the summit of the falls on a full moon poya night. The falls are about 30 metres in height and can be seen when looking towards Pidurutalagala Mountain the tallest in the island, from the second mile post in Hawa Eliya.


Glen Falls

These falls are located within close proximity to the Nuwara Eliya city centre, and a scenic drive from Heritance Tea Factory. The cascade is about 10 metres high and drops from the summit of the single tree mountain. Back in the day, before the destruction of the forest surrounding Single Tree Mountain, the falls were much fuller and beautiful. Although the reduction of the water volume has still not affected the beauty of the falls.


Laksapana Falls

The Laksapana Falls, flow into the Maskeliya Oya; the cascade descends from a point in the Laksapana estate after a journey through Mousakelle, before gracefully flowing to the oya. Nature lovers will love visiting this waterfall, which you can view by enjoying a leisurely camp at Upper Glen Cairn in Dickoya. This water too is used to brew the Nuwara Eliya beer and can be viewed off the Nuwara – Eliya Kandapola Road, which is easy to access from most leading Nuwara Eliya 5 star hotels.


Ravana Ella Falls

This waterfall is located in the districts 'dry zone', in the little town of Welimada; hence, it is a life source to the many villagers, using the water to cultivate land in the area. Vegetable cultivation is the main source of income in the area, thus, villagers have kept the mountain area surrounding the cascades, verdant and green with their cultivations. The falls are 40 metres high and are guarded on a roster basis, every night as villagers believe, there are poachers trying to steal the precious water.


Bombure Ella Falls

This is a very broad waterfall, which is an offshoot of the Dalugala Oya which in turn is a branch of the mighty Mahaweli River, the longest in the country. The falls which are 50 metres high, can be found in the charming village of Prawella. If you are planning a visit to this large waterfall, try and time it during the rainy season, for it is then the falls are at their fullest and are quite stunning.

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