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Benefits of Power Training – How to be the King of the Gym

Power training has many benefits, foremost is the ability to develop an immensely powerful strength while building muscle mass. These are just a few core benefits, read on and learn the full effects.


Muscle Development

Power workouts do much more than build up your deltoids; they are a marvellous boost to your posterior, promising well-formed muscles in legs, which includes the calves, hamstrings and glutes. This power workout, also, focuses on developing muscles of the upper and lower back, including, traps.


Enjoy Explosive Power

The best weightlifting workout for gaining 'explosive' power is power training. It is the fastest route to an enhanced surge of power which one can feel in the first pull portion of their power workout session. The balance movements add to your overall strength by working on building up general speed and strength. Interested in starting off on a power workout; get to the nearest gym, preferably one that offers a tailor made workout schedule based on your capabilities and enjoy the benefits of training at an enhanced level of fitness.


Burn that Dreaded Body Fat

Nothing works better on eliminating body fat and calories like a power workout. You can, in a very short phase of time, achieve a lean physique, complete with an impressive muscle definition. Remember, though, that power workouts must be based on low-reps, as high-reps often lead to your form deteriorating quickly. Of course, it always helps to have the right kind of motivation and when it comes to working out, group classes such as those offered by the likes of Exodus Gym are an ideal choice when in Wellington. Health and fitness are aspects many are commonly concerned about and having like-minded "gym buddies" spurring you on is always good!


Power Workouts are Perfect for Athletes and Trainees

The first phase of your power workout will imitate the first half of a deadlift, a workout conducted with the aid of a barbell, requiring extreme muscle contractions. This kind of training offers you an explosiveness which comes from ground level, immensely benefiting those in fast paced sports, such as, jumping, running, soccer, baseball, basketball etc. The second phase of the power clean motion is termed as the 'scoop, 2nd pull and the catch'. It is a workout highly recommended for athletes who need to move fast on their feet.

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