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Top Maldivian Food Dishes to Know – Flavours of the Ocean

The Maldives is quite the experience, an archipelago of much entertainment where you can treat your senses to many adventures and the foodie in you to the best seafood from the Indian Ocean.


Most Popular Food Varieties

As an archipelago which is 99% sea mass, the Maldives is most noted for its seafood. Amongst which Tuna plays a starring role. Cuisine in the Maldivian is also influenced by its neighbours Sri Lanka, India and Arabia; the best in western cuisine are generally served at top five star hotels in Maldives. If you are hoping for a foodie adventure, head over to the capital Male, home to some of the best local restaurants. You must visit the local eateries called hotau for the most authentic flavours and variety of local cuisine.


Coconuts Are the Main Ingredient

Think of all those coconut-palm fringed white sand beaches, and you will understand why the coconut is a star amongst Maldivian food. Not only is it part of the ingredients, just about all deep fried creations are done so in coconut oil. Grated coconut is a popular garnish for desserts and relishes while, coconut milk is used to form thick deliciously creamy curries as accompaniments to many side dishes. Quite addictive; the sweet and spicy flavour of a curry made with coconut milk is hard to resists, must try favourites are prawn and fish curry.


Rice is an All-time Favourite

Rice is often the main base for many meals, it is often eaten soaked in deliciously spicy and fragrant curry. Rice although a primary food amongst the Maldivians, like many other commodities, is not grown on the archipelago.


An All Time Comfort Food - Garudhiya

A favourite, packed full of nutrition, Garudhiya is a flavoursome fish broth, which is always served with rice, chilli, onions and lime. A proper staple amongst the locals, this soup, is a symbol of the fisher nation's strong link to the sea and is lauded for its nutritive values.


Mas Huni the Breakfast Choice

A beautiful exotic dish that is made from shredded smoked fish to which is added freshly grated milky coconut flakes and onions. A favourite choice for breakfast in the Maldives, this dish is a must try. Especially when relishing the stunning views from your Maldives resort, at places like Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives, understand the importance of fresh flavours and irresistible views.


Fihunu Mas a Barbequed Fish

A whole basted and barbequed fish, this dish is best enjoyed at a beach restaurant, under a canopy of velvety stars. Marinated to perfection, the subtle flavours will stay in your memory long after you leave.


Do try the Variety of Local Snacks

Hedhikaa is the local name for snacks which are available at all the local eateries and tea kiosks. Listed are some of the most popular; Bajiya is a crispy pastry filled with fresh fish, coconut and onions. Gulha is quite similar except they are crispy pastry balls which are filled with fish. Do try Keemia, a type of deep fried pastry rolls, again, stuffed with fish. Breaking the trend of fried goodies is Kulhi Boakiba, which in turn is a rather spicy and very exotic fish cake.


Masroshi for when you are Exploring

Masroshi is a shredded fish, coconut and onions wrap which is made with the traditional roshi bread and then baked. It is often favoured as a walk-about snack, which you can enjoy while exploring.

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