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Types of Food to try When in Langkawi - Savour the Taste of Langkawi

Malaysian food makes the most of fresh ingredients and unique cooking techniques to deliver amazing flavour. Here are some of the dishes you cannot miss on your next visit to Langkawi.


Nasi Campur

Nasi campur is a ubiquitous Malay dish. 'Nasi' means rice and 'campur' means mix as the dish is made of rice and a range of curries. The side dishes generally include staples such as vegetable soup, tofu, sambal belecan and chicken. Nasi campur showcases some of the best dishes available in the area. It can be easily found at almost any Langkawi restaurant and generally the food would be set out on large buffet style tables for you to select 4 to 5 items.



This is a popular local favourite and can be found at small shops or even at the restaurants of hotels such as the Berjaya Langkawi Resort. The laksa is different from anything you may have had in Singapore as the Langkawi version is made with thick, handmade noodles in a spicy broth. There are a variety of versions available; ranging from one with a thicker gravy to a sour and fish flavoured laksa using a tamarind base. The laksa toppings range from prawn, fish or sometimes chicken.


Ice Kacang

Also known as the ABC Special, ice kacang is a dessert consisting of shaved ice covered with a variety of flavoured syrups and colourful jelly pieces. Historically, the dish was made only with shaved ice and beans. Langkawi's local version also has corn kernels, kidney beans and peanuts nestled between the shaved ice which add a nice range of textures to the dessert. The soothing flavours of the ice kacang are great after a spicy laksa! If you are lucky, you may even come across a stall offering novelty toppings such as chocolate syrup or durian flavoured syrup.



Any fan of durian knows that the flesh of the fruit is well worth braving its pungent smell. For those who have always wanted a chance to savour durian but could not get past its odour, Langkawi offers a fantastic solution. Langkawi has put a unique twist on serving durian as they serve it frozen and deep fried. This is a great way for newcomers to taste the fruit without having to deal with its smell and, most importantly, it is delicious!


Ikan Bakar

Every visitor to Langkawi must try a fish dish. Due to Langkawi's supply of fresh seafood, grilled fish is a popular and extremely crunchy dish available in the area. The fresh fish is marinated in a blend of sambal, chilli, galangal and turmeric before being wrapped in a banana leaf and placed on a charcoal grill. The banana leaf imparts a unique and smoky flavour to the fish. Ikan bakar can be eaten with sambal to add a further spicy kick to the dish. It is often sold at roadside stalls and local restaurants and the easiest way to find it is to simply follow the mouthwatering smell of grilled fish.
No visit to Langkawi would be complete without enjoying these dishes!

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