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Growth Unleashed: Digital Marketing Growth Hacking

The purpose of this list is to help you learn new techniques and tricks to grow your business using digital marketing and growth hacking.
Digital Marketing is no longer an option. If your business is not using digital marketing, you are missing out.



17 Powerful Digital Marketing Trends 2018!

17 Powerful Digital Marketing Trends 2018!

Are you trying to grow your business in 2018?
Here are 17 Actionable trends to help you get started.
1. Voice Search
2. Mobile Speed
3. Mobile Index
4. Structured Data
5. Relevancy....
and more...
Check out the post here.

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voice search google

voice search google

voice search google


What is the strategy to market against an established company?

While it is challenging to go against an established player, it is possible to beat the competition.

Read more.


How can I run an online retail company with no business education?

You do not need business education to become successful; so do not let that thought impede your progress.

In order to run an online retail company, you would require the following: (each of these in itself is a BIG task with multiple subsets)

Read more.


How important is market research for entrepreneurs?

Let me ask you this: Would you buy a car or even a smartphone without doing your homework?

I guess not.

With endless products and services competing for even the most unique niche, market research is perhaps the MOST important factor when starting a business.



What is the ultimate growth hacking process?

If there was just one process, every business could just replicate and become successful.

However, an effective growth hacking process should include the following aspects:

  • Understanding your business objective
  • Knowing your target audience
  • Understanding what existing data says (Data Analysis): you can find loopholes using this
  • Exploring different channels to drive growth: this is an iterative process.
  • Monitoring KPIs closely


71 Powerful Growth Hacking Examples & Techniques [Secrets EXPOSED!]

71 Powerful Growth Hacking Examples & Techniques to help you get started!

Online Dating Growth Hacks!

The online dating industry commands billions of dollars.

While some dating sites fail to even generate users, a few others generate millions of users.

How do they achieve this feat?

The Answer- Online Dating Growth Hacks.

Businesses such as OKCupid, Tinder and Bumble have found ingenious ways to grow in the competitive marketing of online dating.

15 Amazing Social Media Growth Hacks

Have you ever wondered how Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest became so big?

What helped these social media platforms become popular globally?

Check out the secrets here.

Unbelievable Growth Hacks for B2B SaaS Companies!

How did companies such as Evernote and Zapier hack the B2B SaaS industry?

Let us check out the smart growth hacks behind these B2B giants.

13 AWE Inspiring Examples of Growth Hacking for ecommerce!

Did you know that once when went down for 49 minutes, they missed nearly $5.7 million in sales?

What caused the tremendous growth of eBay and Amazon?

Hack e-commerce marketing with these clever growth techniques.

71 Powerful Growth Hacking Examples & Techniques [Secrets EXPOSED!]

Ready to unleash the *SECRETS *behind the growth of some of the top companies?

Here is a MASSIVE list of growth hacks to help you get started.


SEO 101: Page Speed!

SEO 101: Page Speed!

In Google’s own words, “Today we’re announcing that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches

Optimize Page Speed and see conversions grow!

SEO 101: Optimize for Voice Search to Rank Higher in 2018!

2018 Digital Marketing calls for SEO for Voice Search!

Check out how you can use Voice Search to drive more visitors to your website.

SEO 101: Mobile First Indexing!

What does Mobile First Indexing mean for your business?


Why should you bother about Structured Data in 2018?

Well, for starters, Google relies on Structured Data to assess the page content as well as to collect information about the web.


Page Relevance is an important SEO factor.

if you are not focusing on this aspect of search engine optimization, you are missing out on digital growth!

Learn more about Page Relevance here.

SEO 101: LinkLESS Link Building?

You have been learning about Link Building since the early days of SEO. But what about LinkLESS Link Building for SEO in 2018?

How can you use this technique to boost your ranking?

SEO 101: Natural Language Search Queries!

Did you know you can command a higher rank (and visibility) on Google using Natural Language Search Queries?
Let's understand how to use this strategy to rank higher!

SEO 101: Position ZERO!

Starting from ZERO is not always a bad idea.
In fact, if you are aiming to rank higher this year in the SERPs, position zero should be in your SEO strategy.

SEO 101: User Experience!

Are you optimizing only for the search engines?

Google favors websites that are optimized for USERS (human).

This is why User Experience is a must-have tactic in your Digital Marketing strategy.


Optimize for visual search in 2018 and achieve digital growth!

Digital Marketing Trends: AI & Machine Learning!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Machine Learning are going to shape the future of technology and business.
Are you prepared for the change?

Content Marketing Still Rocks!

Content Marketing continues to be an important aspect of Digital Marketing in 2018.

Is your content marketing strategy in place?