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Top Ten Resources for Moving to Los Angeles

Here are some of the top resources you can use for moving to Los Angeles, California. Whether you're considering a move to Los Angeles, or you're already in progress, take a look at these tips to help you move to LA!

Moving is normally marred with, frankly, a good blend of excitement and anxiety. To ensure an easy move and a smooth transition, it is important to properly plan in advance. Moving to Los Angeles in particular, is one of the most experiences ever. Every year, thousands relocate unto the America’s second largest city. Well. Unlike New York, Los Angeles is a rather secret city, with cool life, cool people and a really cool culture.

If you have never been to Los Angeles, you will find moving o be quite demanding and tiresome. How do you know the best places to look for apartments, the best way to ask for help and what to do when you are stuck? To save you the hustle, we have compiled a great list of the top most valuable resources that you need when moving to Los Angeles.

Good Moving Company

When moving, it is advisable to find the right agent/moving company with great experience in the moving industry.

Some of the qualities that you might need to consider when selecting a moving company include good customer service, reliable customer reference, reasonable costing, variety/pool of vehicles, license and storage of goods.

Finale Movers is one of the go-to-moving companies when moving to Los Angeles. It prides itself with professional customer service, right packaging and loading as well as reliable costs.

With Finale movers, the clients also enjoy extra services such as item placement where you instruct their workers and have your room set up as you like. You simply specify where you would like each item to be placed.

LA Magazine

This is definitely the go-to-resource-site for people who want to keep up with what matters in LA. It is quite helpful to navigate through the city with the help from those who know the city the best.

The magazine is a definitive resource that covers topics such as food, people, arts and entertainment, cultural life, fashion and dressings, lifestyle and news that defines a life of a southern Californian.

The magazine comes in handy when moving to the mystery city, as you get to learn a lot about the place and the people.

Their free newsletter offers you to subscribe to learn more on their top categories such as food, culture, short stack, travel as well as opt to receive special offers

KCRW Radio Station

The worldwide renowned radio station is dedicated to music discovery, NPR news, and cultural exploration as well as informed public affairs of Los Angeles. By listening to their episodes, you will have a glimpse of what awaits you on your arrival at LA. Are there any specific critical political affairs going down which you might have to worry about? The cultural section is also important to ensure that you can easily blend in with your new neighbours.

The station delivers on the radio, digitally through their main website and in person. You can also get some of your critical questions answered by their twitter account management team. Their account has over 507, 000 followers and their admin engagement is quite responsive

3 for Proper Moving Boxes for Proper Moving Boxes

Packaging is critical in ensuring that your valuables survive the long distance travel without damage.

Proper packaging involves use of the right moving boxes, padding, wrap and tape.

There are different types of moving boxes that you will require and include;

Small Moving Boxes: These are best suited for small heavy or fragile items that have to be packed on their own.

Medium Moving Boxes; Suitable for small appliances and household items

Large Moving Boxes: Usually used for medium-sized lightweight items such as pillows, clothing etc.

X-large Moving Boxes: Ideal for bulky lightweight to medium weight soft goods such as comforters, blankets etc.

Heavy duty boxes are usually used for packaging heavier appliances such as electronics and books. They are usually reinforced with thicker walls

Other types of moving boxes include wardrobe boxes, kitchen boxes, picture/mirror boxes, TV moving boxes, Lamp moving boxes and office/files moving boxes. provides boxes that focus on quality and durability, and hence one of the go-to resources for moving boxes


Moving to LA Guide

Moving to LA Guide

Apart from a moving company, a local radio station and a cultural magazine, you will also need a guide that is tailored to moving to Los Angeles.

I’mMovingtoLA is a great online guide that features an array of advice and articles from Los Angeles based writers as well as actors and musicians.

The guide is fundamental in helping you understand the landscape and the social fabrics of the city. The online guide typically covers everything you need to thrive in L.A.


Making it less Stressful

Making it less Stressful

When moving to Los Angeles, you would want to make it less stressful. To achieve this, you need to have a glimpse of where you are going and some of the possible challenges you are likely to encounter.

Here are some of the resources to read before moving:

• Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Los Angeles
• 10 Tips on Moving to Los Angeles Every Future Transplant Needs to Know
• A 5-Step Guide to Relieve Your Moving Stress

The LA Survival Guide 2.0 [EBOOK]

The LA Survival Guide 2.0 [EBOOK]

You may actually have to invest! This is one of the most detailed and resourceful guide to purchase when planning to move to and settle in Los Angeles
The LA Survival Guide 2.0 gives a detailed explanation on issues such as:

• How to find a job in Los Angeles
• Where to settle or look for apartment
• Amount of money to save before moving
• What to do before getting there

The survival guide is over 40 pages filled with detailed information on issues above and even more. You get the inside scoop on how and where to find a job quickly. In addition, the guide discusses how to pick the right place to live without going broke and most importantly, how to avoid moving to the wrong neighborhood.
The guide is actually a premium product of I’mMovingtoLA online guide.


Complete Moving Checklist

Complete Moving Checklist

Mayflower's Complete Moving Checklist is a complete guide covering everything you need to remember for the 2 months leading up to the moving day. The step-by step checklist also includes great tips on how to prevent loss or damage of your belongings during delivery day.


Just Landed

Just Landed

Just Landed is a great website to help you settle in any country that you recently moved in to. From the homepage simply select USA as your country and you will get a detailed directory that features jobs, visas/permits, health, money/banks, language, culture, telephone/internet, education, business and moving services/companies.


Finding a new home in Los Angeles is not much a hustle with sites like BestPlaces. All you need to do is to enter the city as Los Angeles and select Los Angeles, CA and you will be taken to a directory that contains a list of Real estates available there.