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Langstaff & Sloan Inc.

Contracting Companies Toronto

We provide professional electrical contracting services in the GTA and also providing service to residential and commercial clients. For more details call Langstaff & Sloan here - 416.503.2033 or visit our Website

Knob and Tube Rewiring | Electrical Contractors Ontario

Knob and Tube was the first generation of electrical wiring in Canada. If you live in an older house, knowing how to identify knob and tube wiring can help you determine if your electrical wiring needs an overhaul. For more details contact Langstaff & Sloan Inc at 416.503.2033 or visit

Rubber Wiring For Residential | Electrical Services

Move old wire installed the wrong way and the rubber insulation cracks. We have the experience and qualifications required to get the job done safety and effectively. For more details please contact Langstaff & Sloan Inc at 416-503-2033 or visit

Electrical Contractors | Langstaff & Sloan Inc

Langstaff & Sloan Inc. We’ll take the time to help you select the right panel to fill your current and future needs. For more information about Langstaff & Sloan Inc, please visit

Knob And Tube Wiring: Should You Rewire?

Langstaff and Sloan is dedicated to providing our clients with reliable services at Competitive rates. Contact us today for an assessment and to book an appointment. For More details call at 416.503.2033 or visit

We represented Toronto Hydro as well as Etobicoke Hydro when these services where offered in programs to upgrade residential services and paid incrementally on your electricity bills. For more details call at 416.503.2033 or visit

Why You Should Consider Installing Pot Lights

As licensed electrical contractors servicing the Toronto area, we offer a variety of electrical services for our clients, including the installation of pot lights. Contact us or call Langstaff and Sloan at 416-503-2033 or visit

What To Know In Advance When Planning An Electrical Project - Langstaff & Sloan

It’s not something that you may think about often, but residential electrical wiring is critical to the safety, functionality and value of your home. For those who have a home that’s more than 50 years old, it’s possible that a full house electrical rewire is in your future. Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy an older house in Toronto, know that aluminum wiring in homes you’re considering may be something you’ll have to deal with.

Benefits Of Working With Electrical Contractors In Ontario

When completing a renovation or a new build, small business owners and homeowners need to have a plan in place. From painting to carpentry, plumbing to electrical, hiring an outside contractor to complete the work will be part of the process. It can be overwhelming to know who to hire but know that choosing a certified electrical contractor in Ontario means you’ll get the electrical experience you need, regardless of your project specifics.

The Right Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company About Knob And Tube Wiring - Langstaff & Sloan

The discovery of knob and tube electrical wiring is never met with positivity. In addition to facing the expense to update the wiring or complete a full house electrical rewire, you may also run into problems when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. Knob and tube wiring presents several safety concerns which is why it raises red flags when it comes to insurance policies. It also means you’ll absolutely need to contact an expert in electrical wiring services to see what the best steps will be to move forward.

Why It Is Important to Hire Qualified Commercial Electrical Contractors

When looking to hire commercial contractors in Toronto, there are many important factors to consider when researching qualified and experienced professionals. This is especially true regarding electrical contractors in Ontario. Depending upon the scale of your project, you may be surprised to learn that electrical contracting does not offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

Electrical Services: Comparing Knob-and-Tube Wiring With Modern Installations

As the electrical services industry advances, older homes will differ in wiring when compared to newly built spaces. If you are following up on electrical installations for your recent new build, you may find there is less you need to worry about to proceed with adjustments. However, older properties can be difficult to maintain without the original service provider to account for previous installations. Getting to know the differences between knob-and-tube wiring and modern wiring will help you nurture your property to ensure its longevity.

What Makes a Good Commercial Electrician? - Langstaff & Sloan

If you’re looking for commercial electrical services, you want to be sure you choose a good electrician. But what exactly is a good commercial electrician? What should you expect from your electrician, and how do you know if they’re going above and beyond for you and your business? Here are a few ways you can tell you’ve found a good electrical contractor in Ontario.