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Orient Carbon Industry Co., Ltd. has become one of the largest Carbon & Graphite manufacturer in the north of China.

What is Graphite Electrode?

Graphite Electrode can be used in many ways in our daily life. Graphite Electrode is very significant objects that are employing in the electric curve heater for steel making, for its luminous electrical conductivity and extraordinary anti-thermal shock capability.

Choose Best Quality Graphite Electrode Manufacturer

The graphite electrode is indicated for terrains with a high corrosion rate, or in extreme temperature conditions. So one need to choose best graphite electrode supplier. It can be installed as only grounding electrode, or for the improvement of ground electrode plugs or plates.

The Most Common Uses and Applications of Electrode Paste & Graphite Electrode

Graphite is one of the allotropic forms in which carbon can be presented along with diamond, fullerenes, nanotubes and graphene.

Welding Process - Manual Arc with Coated Graphite Electrode

The manual arc welding system is defined as the process in which two metals are joined by a localized fusion, produced by an electric arc between a metal electrode and metal base that you want to join. Graphite electrode manufacturer gave an uncovered metal rod was used as a filler metal.

Choose Best Graphite Electrode Supplier in China

Orient Carbon Industry is a leading carbon and graphite supplier with high ethical standards. Graphite electrode supplier cornered investors’ attention with basics pointing towards a turnaround in the sector.

Use Graphite Electrode for Steel Making Process

Graphite Electrode is made from carbon. Manufacturing excellent graphite electrodes requires quality materials that are strictly selected. Graphite electrode is nothing more than a sharp graphite rod, taken from a pile, subject to a support conductor of the current, copper tube.

Electrode Paste for Graphite Electrode without Binder with Hydrocarbon Base – Orientcarbongraphite

The electrodes used in these methods, known as Soederberg type electrodes, are obtained, preferably in situ, from a self-firing electrode paste with a base of pulverulent carbonaceous materials such as for example calcined or electrocalcined anthracite, mixed together by means of an agglutination substance (binder), usually tar or tar.

Graphite Electrodes are used in specific applications where a high level of technical requirement is required for these materials; they can be supplied in sheets, plates, bars, etc. To be used either as graphite anodes or as graphite cathodes.

Get Best Graphite Electrode Manufacturer in China

Graphite electrode manufacturers are the key beneficiary of the development in its end market - global steel demand. Industry consolidation leading to lower supply and higher fence to entry is also positive news.

Switch to Standard Electrode Producer for the Bright Future

You know that electrode is the main element which helps in providing current flow. Actually, it is an electrical conductor has the capability to blend with non-metallic things. So for the correct current flow, all the electrical circuits must install with proper electrode element.

High Quality Electrode Paste with Higher Efficiency in Safe

Apart from that, it has wide range application but especially in the cement industry as the representative of the dry grinding field. This machine built with the PEM technology to the electrolysis of the water with the support of the machines.

Graphite Electrode Manufacturer Offers High Quality Material for Arc Furnaces

You can find reputed graphite electrode manufacturers and top graphite electrode supplier offering you high quality material for arc furnaces and for various other purposes. You have to choose the best one that is convenient for you.

Know About the Graphite Electrode

Before placing your order to the top graphite electrode manufacturer, it is vital to know about the uses and what kind of benefits you can get from it. As far as graphite electrodes are concerned, they are mainly taken into use in electric arc furnace.

Obtain Graphite Electrodes at Affordable Cost from Suppliers

Graphite offers more benefits which mostly used on electrodes. A wide range of electrodes is manufactured by our experts to supply various consumers. We are supplying high raw material for clients. Graphite is a material that increases the temperature of the mechanical properties.

Uses of the Graphite Electrode for Mold Making

Today, the majority of the industry needs the best material for the furnace purpose. The graphite electrode is the right choice for them to reduce the risk of the cavity and chemical polishing process.

Graphite Electrode Manufacturers Supply High Quality Graphite Electrodes

In different industry verticals – mainly that are involved in the manufacturing of tools, machinery and various other products, a variety of things are required to keep the production continue and into a good flow. Graphite electrode is one of them that you can get directly from the top graphite electrode manufacturers in China or anywhere else.

Electrode Paste for Different Industrial Uses — Buy Online

The reputed graphite electrode manufacturers are offering you something more that is sure to enhance your experience and provide you a way to keep your production continue without any problem. Among some of the top companies and manufacturers that are offering you electrode paste, you will find name of Orient Carbon Graphite comes on the top.