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SapiBon Foundation, Inc.

SapiBon Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit Charitable Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As an organization, we attempt to moderate the negative impacts of apathy and lack of available outreach services for the underserved population of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and beyond.

Why Does a Person Become a Bully?

Bullying is not exclusive to any age group. Children, teenagers, adults, even the elderly—everyone can be subjected to this behavior.

5 Helpful Ways to be Happier in Life

Happiness is something that everyone wants to achieve. We want to feel happy and satisfied all the time. Some people say happiness comes from within, while others say it is a product of our environment and the events that happen to us. No matter where you get happiness from, here are some other helpful ways to feel happier:

Aside From Food and Shelter, What Do Homeless Families Need?

As economy and technology rise, the world spins faster. Unfortunately, the growth of money and the opportunity to earn the same has ill effects on some part of the society. The world now becomes a gravely unbalanced seesaw. As the rich become richer, the poor become poorer. Acknowledging this fact, SapiBon Foundation, Inc. came into existence wishing to extend help to those who have less in life.

Bullying Can End at Home: 6 Ways You Can Teach Your Children Not to Bully Others

Bullying is only a single word but it leaves a heavy and hurtful impact on a lot of people. It destroys properties, lives, and relationships. Though it does not have a physical form, many will agree to call it a “living monster”. By all means, it should stop. Usually, bullying is an issue that is often seen in schools. While many see it as a phase that will end sooner or later, it is not. While it may lay low after a certain age, bullying will affect people’s lives and will continue to ruin them internally.

Why grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home?

Lack of time and unavailability of space at home- these are just some of the many reasons why most of us easily dismiss the thought of growing our own garden within the premises of our house. Truly, people who haven’t tried gardening before would find it hard to start planting their own vegetables and fruits. That is the reason why various local non-profit organizations like SapiBon Foundation, Inc. encourages families to grow their own food by both teaching them how to start a community farm or giving weekly food boxes to eligible families.

The Importance of Quality Education for the Future Generation

Education is a right, not a privilege – as they say. It is indeed true. After all, public school education is accessible to all children in the U.S. However, does this also hold true for quality education? As parents, we all want our children to be competent for the future ahead of them. That is why we send our kids to school. But we do not just send them to schools. We send them to schools that provide quality education. Why do we do so?

Ways to Help in Disaster Relief

The technological advancements today allow us to predict some catastrophes. We can find out about incoming typhoons through the news.

Major Health Issues Homeless People Face Everyday

In 2005, at least 100 million people were homeless. This was based on a global survey conducted by the United Nations.

5 Ways to Brave Your Bullies and Fight Bullying

Loneliness. Isolation. Helplessness. These are just some of the feelings you’re left with after getting bullied.

Giving Money to the Homeless: Is That Something You Should Do?

We delve deeper into this question that always seems to be at the back of our minds whenever we see or are reminded of a homeless individual.

Secret to Happiness: Gratitude and How You Can Do It

Not many people realize that gratitude is actually one of the many essential ingredients to happiness.

The Other Side: Understanding Homelessness

Homelessness, as defined in the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, is the condition of people having “no fixed, regular, and adequate night time residence.” This condition is also possibly the latest miserable ordeal that more than 554,000 people in the United Stated have to battle through in this day and age. Many people are familiar with their living conditions yet choose to look the other way instead of helping them. SapiBon Foundation, Inc. is a Charitable Organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that devotes its efforts to helping those who have no homes of their own. We believe that homelessness should not be looked at with judgment and disdain, but with compassion and understanding. The following lists the aspects of homelessness that not many people know about:

Changing the World: One Small Step at a Time

If you are living in the Sunshine State and are looking for charitable organizations in Florida, then you are sure to be able to trust SapiBon Foundation, Inc. We are a charitable organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that aims to make our world a better place for everyone. We extend our helping hands to serve those who are in need. We also strive to tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice, by offering programs for issues such as children and youth, education, bullying, immigration, health, and housing.

3 Ways on How You Can Bring Change into the World

But given that, we are confronted with the question: what are these “small things” we can do, and how do we actually help to this huge cause? Well, the first thing to do would be to find local non-profit organizations with trustworthy, like-minded people who will be able to assist you in your quest to help. For those living in the Sunshine State and are seeking out charitable organizations in Florida, our staff at SapiBon Foundation, Inc. can assist you. There are a number of ways one can extend a helping hand, and you may find yourself being able to do one, two, or even all of the following:

Health and Social Benefits of Gardening

Please feel free to share our blog with your friends and families. Let us help each other in sharing the health and social benefits of gardening. It is a dream come true for every charitable organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to have a community that promotes good health and good relations with one another.

Homeless People Need Good Hygiene

In every charitable organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, providing hygiene care to men, women, and children who do not have homes is still a pressing matter. Most, if not all, hygiene products are often expensive, which is why homeless people rarely get to have any of them. It is also possible that people do not know what the homeless still need.