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Benefits of Ayurveda – Taking a Look at Eastern Medicine

For years much has been spoken about Ayurveda and its ability to cure the most complex diseases without opting for prescription drugs. Want to know the real benefits? You have come to the right place!


Known to reduce stress and anxiety

Yes, you read it correctly. Studies conducted in the area have shown that Ayurveda techniques like Maharishi are known to reduce anxiety while Pranayama calms nerves and helps people sleep better. An array of techniques are available to treat stress and the practitioner decides it depending on the person and his or her condition. Some of the techniques are meditating, yoga and herbal treating. Yoga has been proved to be quite efficient at reducing stress as well as anxiety. The reduction of stress is by itself a good enough reason to enjoy an Ayurveda treatment at a luxury spa in Maldives, such as the ones present at Anantara Veli Maldives Resort.


Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol

Following an Ayurveda diet and its relaxing methods is credited with reducing inflammation in the body and lowering the growth of plaque. The same studies have also shown that these techniques can reverse the effect of Atherosclerosis which is known to increase the chances of heart diseases. For those who do not know, Atherosclerosis is the build-up of cholesterol and other fatty substances inside the arteries – which can end up in a heart attack or stroke. Ayurveda can reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body which in turn reduces the chances of a fatal problem.


Helps heal from injuries and other sicknesses

Ayurveda targets the root cause of a problem which helps reduce pain and increases the flow of blood. For those looking for evidence, a study conducted in 2011 has shown that Ayurveda was significantly better at treating rheumatoid arthritis than the typical prescription drugs such as methotrexate. A significant find was that Ayurveda caused fewer side effects than the prescription drug. The ancient healing form is said to detox the body thanks to the use of multiple herbs and natural substances.


Stimulates Weight Loss

I am pretty sure plenty of you are skeptical about this, but it is quite true. Ayurveda treatment focuses on the use of a healthy, balanced and custom made diet and reducing the stress of a person, two main factors that contribute to weight gain. Practitioners also use various natural oils that are known to help reduce weight.


Has the ability to right hormone imbalances

Hormone imbalances can wreak havoc on a person's body. Rather than turning towards harmful prescription drugs, try out Ayurveda. For centuries, people have used Ayurveda for this purpose as it can correct hormonal imbalances in a natural manner. Women make use of Ayurveda during the months of pregnancy as it helps treat complex issues like subfertility while they also consult Ayurveda practitioners for help with treating irregular menstrual cycles or amenorrhea. Practitioners take advantage of oils, herbal treatment, and a proper diet to bring hormones under control.