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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Best Thai Dishes and where to Find Them – Celebrating Thailand's Enticing Cuisine

Thailand has a very exciting culinary scene and the country is by itself quite passionate about their meals. To celebrate its exotic cuisine, here are the top dishes to treat yourself with.


Tom Yum Gung

This soup is a masterwork, to say the least. The main ingredient of this dish is shrimps and mushroom while vegetables like tomato and other spices are used for taste. The soup makes for an excellent starter when you are dining in Bangkok or pretty much anywhere. The history of the dish can be traced back centuries and is now available in a number of variations. The authentic version is quite spicy so keep that in mind when ordering it. Interested in the dish? You can try it out at the Banana Leaf Restaurant.


Tom Kha Kai

Yes, I am not done with the soups yet. Tom Kha Kai is a coconut soup with chicken added to the mix. Taste wise, Tom Kha Kai is quite similar to the previous soup on this list, albeit a bit milder. The spices used are same as the one with Tom Yum Gung but coconut milk is poured to dilute the spiciness. Popular at most street food stalls, you can also find the dish at hotels such as AVANI Atrium Bangkok.


Pad Thai

It would be sacrilege if I didn't mention one of Thailand's famous noodles dishes on this list. Pad Thai is a stir-fried noodle dish that can be found in any corner of Thailand. Commonly considered as a fast food, there are plenty of variations of the dish. You have multiple options when it comes to the type of noodles; these are thin noodles, flat and wide noodles. Cooked in a wok, spices, and ingredients such as eggs and onion are thrown into the mix to add taste. Served warm, diners generally add chili or sometimes sugar for a personal variation in the dish. Easily available at street food stalls.


Som Tum

More of a side dish, Som Tum is a salad, a pretty spicy salad to be exact. The main ingredient is green papaw, which is confusing as the main taste is a spicy one. However, you do get a tinge of sweetness in the dish. Cherry tomatoes, beans, and the papaw are ground together in grinding machines. Some variations of Som Tum include peanut into the mix while certain restaurants add in seafood such as crabs and prawns. Visit the Ta Bun Tum Restaurant for this dish, if you are looking for suggestions.


Gaeng Daeng

Also known as red curry in certain areas of Thailand, this meat dish is highly recommended for meat lovers. The meat used is generally chicken while homemade red curry paste is added too, which tends to give the prominent red colour to the dish. Concentrated milk adds a much-needed taste while also helping to dilute the strong spicy taste. A number of spices are used to make the dish, both fresh and dried spices while Kaffir lime leaves are added as a finishing touch. An excellent dish to have with rice, make it a point to add fish sauce to the Gaeng Daeng when you are having it. You can find the dish at most street food stalls.