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Headline for Top 6 Foods you Need to Try in Hua Hin – Satisfy your Taste Buds with some Oriental Dishes!
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Top 6 Foods you Need to Try in Hua Hin – Satisfy your Taste Buds with some Oriental Dishes!

Hua Hin, the seaside region in Southern Thailand is well known for its authentic local seafood cuisine. The following list hopes to list down the top dishes every visitor to the area should try.


Som Tam Pu Ma

More commonly referred to as Spicy Blue Crab Papaya Salad, this appetizer is a great dish to start your meal with. Famous for its perfect blend of som tam and Hua Hin's blue crabs, this dish can be found at some Hua Hin restaurants. On the side of taste, the Som Tam Pu Ma still exhibits signs of the usual som tam, which means you are treated to that intricate blend of spiciness and sourness, but with a hefty amount of blue crabs in it.


Kan Chiang Pu Nueng

The English term for the dish is Steamed Crab Wings. Crabs do taste delicious but anyone who has tried the dish will know that opening the crab during a meal is a messy affair. This is where steamed crab wings enter. They offer a hassle free experience, are bite sized and come ready to eat. All one has to do is dip in sauce and have it. Easily available at hotels like AVANI Hua Hin Resort & Villas, Steamed Crab Wings make for an excellent starter dish.


Tom Yam Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)

The main highlight of the Spicy Shrimp Soup is its sheer versatility. Priding itself on being an excellent inclusion to any meal, the soup offers an invigorating sour, spicy and hot taste that is symbolic of the country. Fish sauce is one of the ingredients while spices like lemongrass, chilli and lime leaves are used to prepare the Spicy Shrimp Soup.


Hoi Wan Pad Cha (Stir-fried Babylon Snails in Roasted Chilli Oil)

Probably the most peculiar dish on this list, it is also quite a rarity due to the main ingredient being hard to find. The snails are cooked on a wok while garlic, ginger, chilli and chilli oil is added to invoke the exotic flavour. The Hoi Wan Pad Cha is known to be quite spicy so keep that in mind before you try it.


Au Suan (Deep Fried Oyster Pancake)

While this dish can be found in many parts of Thailand, it tastes best in Hua Hin because of the freshness of the main component; oysters. Oysters are cooked with eggs while spice and sauce are added to get the much sought-after taste. The Deep Fried Oyster Pancake is generally served upon a hotplate. This is definitely one of the top dishes you have to try while in the region.


Pad Thai (Thai style Fried Noodles)

One of the most iconic of dishes, Pad Thai is one of the established dishes in the country's cuisine. The main ingredient is noodles and the meat used is chicken but in Hua Hin, the emphasis is on seafood, as you can expect. Served hot, a tantalizing array of spices and other ingredients such as onions, eggs and sprouts add a much needed Oriental taste to the dish.