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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for 5 Things that Make the Sepang Grand Prix Unique – Discovering one of the Most Prestigious F1 Circuits
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5 Things that Make the Sepang Grand Prix Unique – Discovering one of the Most Prestigious F1 Circuits

The Sepang Grand Prix considered one of the best pieces of work by Hermann Tilke has seen its fair share of excitement. It has also always been a special place for F1 lovers. Allow us to explain why.


The Technicality

Anyone who watches Formula 1 will know that the Sepang track is acknowledged as one of the most technical race tracks in the Formula One season. To start with, they have to decide on a tire strategy – whether the driver should use soft tires to gain an early head start or sit it out using hard tires – while they also need a strategy in case it showers during the race. This is one reason why the Sepang Grand Prix is such a fan favourite.

The sheer amount of technicality involved ensures there will always be unexpected surprises and twists during the race.


The race track is quite unpredictable

Yes, I know F1 races are always hard to predict, but the Sepang Grand Prix takes it a step further. This in part due to the country's inconsistent weather. The first half could be hot and dry and the second half could be subjected to a strong thunderstorm. I am not even exaggerating here!! This means the driver, manager and the pit crew have to be constantly on the lookout for changes in the weather so they can take the necessary stages. The race track is one of the top things to do in Sepang, so unsurprisingly, most hotels in the area such as AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort host tours of the track.


The straights

Sepang can proudly boast of being the only place where you can find two long straights with a hairpin curve separating the two. They are both Drag Reduction zones which allow a driver to race at full speed, making it perfect for overtaking opponents. With tailgating opportunities and the chance to dive bomb, the hairpin curve has seen plenty of crashes as well as breathtaking feats of bravery.


The weekend thrills

Most F1 weekends are as straightforward as they can be. Drivers come in early, set the best lap timings to ensure a good starting spot on the main day and then turn up to the race to give it their all. Things are not as simple at the Sepang Grand Prix. As I mentioned above, the weather can be quite unpredictable. Those who turn up early for the qualifiers might have to do it in the rain while those arriving during Q2 – when the water might have dried off – will have it much easier. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see usual backmarkers place themselves high up the track on the race day.


The sheer passion on display

The fans who gather for the Sepang races are some of the most passionate F1 fans out there. I mean, who else would brave the thirty-degree atmosphere and the chance of unanticipated showers to watch the races? The Sepang track is also constructed upon swampy terrain. Basically put, those who get seats close to the front of the action, maybe on the grass, are likely to be showered by a fair bit of mud. Don't say I didn't warn you!