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Headline for Top 8 Overnight Internet Sensations
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Top 8 Overnight Internet Sensations

What if you logged on to Facebook to check your news feed one morning, and you realize that you’ve become an internet sensation overnight? This VIRAL effect is something that most digital-age marketers dream of achieving. Here is a List of some overnight viral sensations that took the internet by storm.

Priya Prakash Varrier | Full Video HD | New sensation on internet

Priya Prakash Varrier | Full Video HD | New sensation on internet Watch Priya Prakash Varrier |

Priya Prakash Varrier, a gorgeous youngster took the internet by storm with her adorable wink. The stomach fluttering video featured two school students flirting in a crowded auditorium. While there was nothing extraordinary about the shot or set up, it was the girl's expression that became the talk of the town. Following the craze, Priya has hit one million followers on her Instagram account.


Gurmaher # Students Against ABVP

Gurmaher # Students Against ABVP

Having heard about the violence her friends were subjected to at Ramjas College on February 21, Gurmehar Kaur put up a Facebook post the next day with the hashtag 'Students Against ABVP'. It was a self-serious gesture, easily ignored. But the hysteria of right-wing Twitter trolls turned it into a cause celebre. The virtue signallers circled, wringing their hands. Meanwhile, the trolls found a video Gurmehar had made last year in which she said, or rather revealed on cue cards in her preferred Dylan-inflected style, that Pakistan hadn't killed her father in Kargil, war had. Her critics' collective brain exploded. Former cricketer Virender Sehwag made a puerile joke. Less forgivably, a BJP MP compared her to gangster-terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, while a government minister implied her mind was polluted. And entirely unforgivably, some resorted to rape and death threats.

Dhinchak Pooja - Selfie Maine Leli Aaj

"Selfie Maine Leli Aaj" - Dhinchak Pooja is now an internet and social media sensation.
She got instant popularity due to one of her songs Selfie leli maine aaj? Her other famous songs are Daaru and Swag Wali Topi. All the songs mentioned in this post got millions of views on YouTube. She got internet sensation over the night and her subscriber count crossed 80K mark on YouTube very rapidly.
She released a Youtube video titled Swag Wali Topi which got viral on social media in no time. This video features her with a song self-composed and written which has pathetic music and meaningless lyrics. Neither is the video nor her lips are synchronized with the music. This video became viral and now has a whopping 4 million views!
Soon, she posted another video titled Daaru after 6 months with 6 million views now, Selfie Maine Leli Aaj last month with 19 million views and then Dilon Ka Shooter last week with 6 million views till now (Am I serious?) with each of these videos falling into the same unknown genre which has characteristics as mentioned earlier. Moreover these videos are not more than 4 minutes long!
How these videos become viral?
Well, due to influence of social media, people now have began liking and sharing foolish content as it makes them laugh and they never realize that they are responsible for making such stuff viral.

Source: Quora

How This Pakistani 'Chai Wala' Became a Superstar in whole World

How This Pakistani 'Chai Wala' Became a Superstar in whole World

#chaiwala was among the top Twitter trends on Monday. Arshad Khan works at Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar.
A young ‘chai wala’ (tea seller) from Pakistan has become an Internet sensation after a local photographer posted his picture on social media.
Arshad Khan, who works at Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar, has women gushing over his good looks.
The Instagram post on October 14 by aspiring photographer Jiah Ali went viral and caused a sensation with #chaiwala being among the top Twitter trends on Monday.
The story was soon picked up by the international media.
Arshad joined the tea stall a few months ago, local media reported.
Talking to Dunya News, he said that he was happy with his overnight popularity, but gets irritated when people gather around him for pictures during working hours.
Twitteratti has been abuzz with comments on Arshad’s good looks.
“Hello Indians, this is a chai wala from Pakistan mashallah,” said one post.
“I present you with a chai wala in Pakistan who forgot that he should’ve been modelling instead,” said another.
“Meet the steamin’ hot ‘chai wala’ from Islamabad (Pakistan), who’s going viral as we speak,” went another post, with a picture of Arshad attired in blue, and pouring out tea.
“A chai wala from Pakistan is now famous on Indian social media. This is truly aMan kee aasha,” said one Twitter post.
Another Twitteratti, commenting on the current India-Pakistan tensions, said: “India and Pakistan are divided by terrorism and cricket but are united by hot chai wala. Funny but true.”

saima hussain mir selfie girl

Selfie With Shahrukh Khan Made This Girl in Olive green Tshirt Internet Sensation Overnight.

Bollywood’s King  Shah Rukh Khan was travelling from one city to another to promote his film Raees and he visited a college in Pune. He clicked a selfie with the students out there and that picture went viral on social media. Well, the reason behind the picture going viral is not Shah Rukh Khan, but a girl who is there behind SRK.  The girl’s name is Saima Hussain Mir. This selfie gave Saima instant overnight fame. People started giving her marriage proposals, modelling offers, and advised her to enter Bollywood. Saima belongs to Kashmir and is currently residing in Pune for her studies. She aspires to become a fashion designer and has done many fashion projects.

Gori Radha ne Kado Kaan Nice Voice Wrong Side Raju

Ratan Gadhvi, 21 singing Gori Radha ne Kado Kaan from Wrong Side Raju Hai...

Talent seeks no boundaries. It is almost everywhere, in each single human being, exists some talent or the other. Also, talent and fame might not get along for everyone, those who find it are lucky! The latest example is that of Ratan Gadhavi, who’s life took a major turn.
It is difficult to imagine a security guard, getting viral over the social media, for all good reasons. In the last few days, a video has been circulating over the internet in which Ratan Gadhavi, a security guard has been spotted singing ‘Gori Radha ne Kalo Kaan’ from the 2016 Gujarati Film, ‘Wrong Side Raju’. In the video, the 20-year-old guy is seen sitting on a chair and almost driving us insane over his powerful voice.
The most interesting part of the story – Ratan Gadhavi was spotted by an RJ from RedFM 93.5 in Ahmedabad. RJ Devaki somehow got to find the Gadhavi and also invited him on her morning show. She also titled her show as ‘Anmol Ratan’ which aptly suited the story of his hard-work and talent. The RJ also conducted a Facebook live session and then introduced the budding singer to her Facebook fans.

She later asked him to sing a few songs in Bollywood and Sufi genre. It has also been known to many that the guard has no formal training, yet sings effortlessly. The RJ later introduced him to famous music directors- Sachin-Jigar. Moved by Gadhavi’s exceptional singing skills, Sachin expressed his desire to work together on some projects in future.
This story is indeed a true inspiration to many of us. This is to all people, who are born with talents, never let your spirit die! Who knows, someone somewhere might be waiting for you! Celebrate your skills, what if you do not have enough money, you have social media which is the biggest powerful means of communication. Go ahead, start it today!



South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s bodyguard Choi Young Jae is internet’s new handsome bae!

South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s bodyguard Choi Young Jae is internet’s new handsome bae!

Newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in is in news for obvious reasons but it is his bodyguard who is grabbing the limelight. Photos of 36-year-old Choi Young Jae is doing rounds on the internet for his looks. Twitterati is hailing him as a ‘stunningly handsome’ bodyguard for his smoldering poses. Netizens are talking about everything about him from his squared-jaw, good skin, and sharp bodyguard suit. While the South Korean media lauded Choi as “handsome brigade” and has selected him as the attractive face of the new administration.
The pictures of the oh-so handsome bodyguard were first posted on Korean web portal Daum after which his pictures went viral. Soon after #bodyguardbae started trending on Twitter for the induction of the new attractive member. But for all those women who were going week in their knees, Choi is married and has two daughters. Choi was quick to gain social media fans who requested him to guard them too. Most of them compared him to romantic lead in a movie. A social media user said, “He looks like the square-jawed serious romantic lead. Who’s going to be his plucky heroine who accidentally captures his heart?”
Earlier pictures of a younger Moon had gone viral which the social media had fallen in love with. However, he continues to be overshadowed by his bodyguard. We know who is going to be clicked more at public appearances now! Social media for sure wants Choi to follow the President everywhere.


The ‘Dancing Uncle’ Making the Nation Smile.... Meet India’s New Viral Sensation!

Anyone who has attended weddings in India will concur they are colourful and full of activity. While the attention is usually on the bride and groom, in this particular wedding, a guest stole the limelight. Following up on a dream long forgotten during the glory days of his youth, Sanjeev Shrivastava, in his dancing shoes, put on a performance that deserves a standing ovation.

Shrivastava, 46, hails from the Vidisha district in Madhya Pradesh and is an Assistant Professor of Electronics at the Bhabha Engineering Research Institute in Bhopal.

The Hindustan Times reports that Shrivastava has been dancing since 1982, inspired by his mother Mohini Devi Shrivastava, who was a classical dancer. With no formal training, he won Madhya Pradesh’s ‘Best Dancer’ award three times in the 80’s, at competitions held in Bhopal.
At his brother-in-law’s wedding in Gwalior on May 12th, Shrivastava was channelling the dancer in him, when someone shot the video, and Shrivastava is extremely grateful for that.
Coming to the videos themselves, they are indeed a delight. In the first one, as the strains of ‘Aap Ke Aa Jane Se’, from the 1987 Govinda-Neelam classic ‘Khudgarz’ hits the ears, Shrivastava seems entirely at ease, having fun...