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Impress Your Man with These 6 Amazing Valentine's Day Presents

Choosing the right gift for your man on Valentine’s Day can be a difficult job. We know that guys are not really forthcoming or particular about things they like or want. So, what next? Whether he is a fitness junkie or a travel freak, our smart ideas will guarantee a Valentine’s Day win. So, why don’t you shop for some latest products from the U.S to surprise your ‘significant other’? Worried about shipping? Shop from anywhere in U.S and get a free address. With 1GrandTrunk you can enjoy seamless package consolidation service and easy international shipping.

Meanwhile, here are 6 ways to impress your man on this Valentine’s Day.

Take Him Out for A Ride/Drive

Ditch all the clichéd gifts and plan a romantic drive with your partner. Fuel up, snatch him from office and go for a surprise ride. You can take him to watch a beautiful sunset or take a quick jaunt through the countryside.

Go for A Short Vacay

What about a short holiday? This is the best way to surprise and impress your man. Book an experiential stay at a resort or go for an adventure holiday to explore the great outdoors. This is also a great way to see your partner’s wild side.

Cook A Romantic Candle Night Dinner

Homemade is always the best. Show off your culinary skills by cooking a gourmet meal for your loved one. You can present culinary delights in style and set a romantic ambiance with scented candles, dim lighting, and romantic tracks running in the background.

Get A Fitness Tracker

Dating a fitness freak? Then a fitness tracker would be something that he will certainly appreciate. Make sure that you present it well with a sweet note.

Gift A Wheeled Duffle Bag

A wheeled duffle bag will be his convertible companion while on a trip. This bag also scores highly for durability and storage. It is perfect for a two-week holiday or a short trip. So, why wait? Get him a wheeled duffle bag that he’ll be proud of.

Gift A Plant

Send your Valentine a living, lasting, Valentine plant instead of a last-minute bouquet. From a bonsai plant & lucky money tree to pink azaleas & Hoya heart plant, you have a lot of options when it comes to plants.

These are some of the most amazing Valentine present ideas that can guarantee a smile on your man’s face.

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3067 Ps Business Center Dr

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5 Must Have Grooming Products For Men

Who says personal grooming is just for women? Today, men are growing increasingly conscious about their vanity. With new markets opening up for grooming & wellness, there are an array of distinctive products for men’s skin, hair, & beard care. Looking to up your grooming game? We have listed down some of our top picks. Read on to know what’s best for you.

  1. Facial Energizing Scrub

Image Source: Kiehls

Peel off those stubborn dead skin cells for a smooth skin and clear complexion. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel has citrus, caffeine, & menthol extracts that perk up your skin. Get to that morning meeting all clean and sharp after that dusty road trip you enjoyed over the weekend! Buy it here.

  1. Cooling Eye Gel

Image Source: Clinique

An arduous week at work with late nights & early mornings of staring at the laptop screen can result in fatigue. Clinique Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel can make those puffy eyes and dark circles disappear like magic. The serum cools & refreshes the area under the skin making you feel super fresh & ready for another power-packed day. Buy it here.

  1. Organic Beard Oil

Image Source: Art Naturals

For the growing tribe of men who love their beards, here’s the magic potion. Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil will make your beard all that it can be by smoothening and conditioning it. Say goodbye to itchiness & tangled edges and experience a healthy, shiny beard. Buy it here

  1. Post Shave Balm

Image Source: Google

Every shave leaves your face bruised and feeling prickly? Try the NIVEA Sensitive Post Shave Balm. This alcohol-free balm calms the after-shave skin by replenishing moisture, leaving your skin smooth & revived. Buy it here.

  1. Moisturizing Face Lotion

Image Source: Google

The only thing about Summer that makes you fret is the itchy dry skin. Keep your skin ever fresh and moisturized with Neutrogena Triple Protect Face Lotion. Loaded with SPF 20, this lotion nourishes, soothes razor irritation, & heals dry skin. Buy it here.

There you have it! Your guide to go all suave & sophisticated is here. We’ve made the search for personal grooming easier for you. Spruce up your style with our list of best grooming products that keep your skin healthy & glowing. With 1GrandTrunk, shop online from India, USA or China, and ship worldwide. Sign up for free today.

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Even Your Pet BFF Loves Gifts

Pets have more love and compassion in them than humans — Robert Wagner

Pets are like your family members. The only difference is they don’t demand any extra care or affection, and give you unconditional love in return. As Valentine’s is just around the corner, why not take this opportunity to shower some love and blessings on your pet BFFs. After all they deserve, and need all the love, care and affection in this world.

Here’s a look at some choicest gift ideas that you can present your loved pets and make them jump in the air with joy –

Designer pet bag
A designer pet bag can turn out to be the prized possession just like your pet itself. Why carry all your pet’s stuff in an ordinary bag when you can get amazingly beautiful looking pet bags in which you can carry all their stuff around and flaunt your pet in style?
From carrying bones for your Labrador to your pet cat’s ornaments, now you don’t have to worry about hiding them in the closet. Carry them in a designer bag, and leave a style statement wherever you go.

Glow in the dark ball
Pets love stuff to play with. Whether you have a dog, a cat or any other pet you would certainly want to make their play time more fun with exciting toys. And, one of the most exciting toys you can have to perk up their excitement during the play time is a glow in the dark ball.

Gift your pet BFFs with a glow in the dark ball to amaze them, surprise them and let them know how much fondness you have for them.

A cozy pet bed
Not everyone can have an animal house in their yard, but what every person can have for his or her pet is a cozy pet bed. Your beloved animals need a comfortable night’s sleep just like you do. So, why not shower the care on them by bringing home a beautiful pet bed where they can come and rest after a tiring day.Pair it up with a blanket and it could prove to be just the right gift that your loved animals are ever going to need!

Custom food bowls
To end the list we have one of the most perfect gifting ideas — a customized pet bowl. The one thing every pet loves more than their play time is the food. Give them the luxury to own a custom designed pet food bowl, with their name engraved on it.

So, whenever you shout them out for food, they can come out running with a sense of excitement to eat their stuff in a bowl that’s flaunts every bit of style you possess!

This completes our list of gifts you bestow upon your loved pets to show them how special they are and the distinct place they have in your life. And, there cannot be a better occasion than valentine’s to bring home these gifts for your pet BFFs.
So, go ahead and grab some exciting offers for your beloved animals and the gifts you want to shower on them.

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Smart Speaker: Your Voice is its Command

With advanced technology, our routine life functions are witnessing a drastic change. Our lives are faster and simpler. While smartphones are our go-to devices, smart speakers are now making everyday life a breeze. Smart speakers are voice-activated assistants that respond to simple voice commands. These are wireless speakers that can also be controlled by apps and are powered by Artificial Intelligence. From playing music for you to operating your coffee machine — smart speakers can do all that and much more. While the first smart speakers were Amazon Echo and Google Home, there are several new brands in the market hitting the market today. Here are some of the best smart speakers for your home.

Have a look at the list of new smart speakers that are available in the market!

Amazon Echo Dot, $49.99: -  

smaller and more economical version of Amazon Echo, this smart speaker lets you welcome Alexa into your house. It doesn’t take up too much space. Amazon Echo users get the advantage of Alexa’s ability to work with a broader variety of third-party apps. This speaker comes with Bluetooth as well as a 3.5 mm jack.

Google Home, $129

Google Home is a smart speaker that has a distinctive sound quality. It is enabled with Google Assistant. By the virtue of being a Google smart speaker, Google Home has the world’s most powerful search engine at its disposal. It is available in six different colors and two different base finishes. It can be connected to Chromecast- enabled devices like television.

Sonos One, $398

This speaker is based on Play: 1. It is enabled by Amazon’s Alexa. Sonos One has six microphones to receive your voice commands and offers the best audio quality when compared to other Alexa speakers. The sound quality will let you use these speakers for whole-home audio. It also works with Spotify.

JBL Link 20, $149.95

What sets JBL Link 20 apart from other smart speakers is that it’s powered by a battery, which means you do not have to keep it plugged in while using. The battery lasts for 10 hours and the speaker is enabled by Google Assistant. The audio quality of this speaker is top-notch, staying true to JBL’s name. JBL Link 20 is also water resistant.

Sony — LF — S50G, $199.99

This smart speaker by Sony comes with omnidirectional audio, which provides powerful sound. This speaker is enabled by Google Assistant and offers touch-free gesture control, which means you can adjust the volume and play & pause with gestures or a wave of your hand. It also has an LED clock display.

Insignia Voice, $149.99

Insignia’s portable wireless speaker uses built-in Google Assistant to answer your questions and play your music. This smart speaker offers great audio quality. Add depth to the sound with the sub-woofer in this speaker. It also has a battery that lasts for 5 hours and an LED display clock. For the price that it comes at, this speaker is a deal to be sealed.

Motorola — Moto Smart Speaker, $149.99

This one is for Moto Z/Z2 users. Transform your phone into a digital assistant with this Amazon Alexa Speaker. It lets you control the apps, receive notifications, and get weather & news updates with voice commands. The speaker can be attached to the back of your phone and has a battery that lasts up to 15 hours.

Buy a smart speaker for your home that works as a music player as well as a digital assistant. Ship your purchase through 1GrandTrunk and save up on shipping charges. You can check your shipping rates here, which are nominal.

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ORIGINS OR HIMALAYA What’s your type?

Welcome to #YourKindaBrand — a series of posts dedicated to helping you find brands and labels that are similar to the ones you already love and adore. With titbits of history, mystery, and similarities, we run you through a few facets of two relatable brands; thereby introducing you to what might be your new favorite shopping portal. Sounds good? Let’s get started! Here’s the 5th post of #YourKindaBrand series.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in”- by Jim Rohn

Image Source: Google

Whether you are a beauty, health, or a wellness enthusiast, the need for quality products is ubiquitous. From exfoliating your skin to moisturizing it to using the right products, all of us need a brand that we can trust for our skin. Here are two brands that swear by organic & natural ingredients that are perfect for many skin types — Himalaya & Origins.

“Origins” is known for their range of natural skincare products and was founded by William P. Lauder in 1990. The logo of the brand features two trees that represent Yin & Yang — it’s a visual representation of brand’s vision: Powered by nature. Proven by science. Origins opened its first standalone store Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA in 1991.

Image Source: Google

Origins have a wide range of skincare products — both bath & body products. As a brand, Origins believes in carefully picking the ingredients and create safe and high-quality products using advanced science. The products are meticulously tested for safety. The brand celebrated its silver jubilee in 2015 and has around 2,000 stores across the globe today.

One man’s curiosity led to the birth of a brand now known as “Himalaya“. In the year 1930, when Mr. M. Manal encountered a restless elephant being pacified by a herb called Rauwolfia Serpentina, he couldn’t stop himself from scientifically testing the properties of this herb. What started with minimal money, a hand-operated tableting machine, and a zillion dreams is now one of the biggest herbal product brands in India.

Image Source: Google

Himalaya offers a wide range of products from pharmaceuticals to skin care, personal care, wellness, animal care, and nutrition. The brand swears by offering the best of nature and science to its customers. All the products are made from high-quality ingredients and are rigorously tested. The brand operates in more than 90 countries. The brand takes pride in the fact that it is being recommended by 4, 00,000 doctors worldwide.

Both Origins & Himalaya are synonymous with safe and high-quality natural products. If you want to get your hands on some natural goodness for your skin and body, order immediately. Origins has a wide range of skin creams, moisturizers, body oils, hair care products, and a lot more, whereas, Himalaya has a full range of personal care, skincare, animal care, and baby care products.

Order as much as you want because 1GrandTrunk will take care of your shipping charges. Just register with 1GrandTrunk and leave the responsibility of delivering your products to your doorstep at economical costs to us.

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World Earth Day – Things That Replaces Plastic

The earth is what we all have in common. Does this not make everyone responsible for what is happening to our earth? Does it also not make it a duty of every individual to ensure that our earth is preserved so that the current and the future generation can have a sustainable life?

It surely does!

The Earth Day

As the earth day is approaching – it is on 22nd April, let us all take the pledge to replace plastic with biodegradable products, and take the first step towards conserving and preserving the earth.

If you are unsure about what could be the replacements for these plastics, then here is the list of some common replacements –

Shopping Bags

Image Source:

Plastic from shopping bags is the biggest contributor to plastic waste. The best way to fight it out is by using shopping bags made out of paper, jute and other such options which are completely safe for the environment and earth. In fact, governments from many countries are taking strong steps to avoid using plastic bags for shopping and replacing them with biodegradable options.

Biodegradable Plastics
Just in case you want to continue getting the feel of plastic in your day to day life, you can replace the normal plastic with products developed using biodegradable plastic such as Polycaprolactone. It is a synthetic ester that can degrade within six months.

Image source: Google

So, it is safer and more convenient option as compared to regular plastic. Similarly, there are other aliphatic polyesters which can be used.

Wooden Products

Image Source: Google

Replacing the regular plastic ware in your kitchen with wooden products can be another great way to reduce the pressure on our mother earth. Wooden products are more environment-friendly and ergonomic. Hence they can be a great choice to replace plastic from our day to day life activities.

Other Innovative Options
One of the most innovative options in this regard comes in the form of Polylactic Acid produced via starch fermenting of corn. Sounds like a dream – isn’t it? Plastic created from corn!

Image source:

With its rigidity to replace polystyrene, and ability to completely decompose within 47 days make it an ideal replacement for the regular plastic that has become the cause of so much trouble for our earth.

These are just a few of the steps that could be taken to make earth a better place to live. And, it is not just about a single individual taking these steps.It requires a collective effort of everyone in and around us. We must walk together to fight this battle against plastic that is deteriorating our ecosystem, our atmosphere and our living conditions. And, taking a pledge on World Earth Day to stop using plastic could be the perfect way to begin it with 1GrandTrunk to ship these biodegradable products worldwide.

So, do you take the pledge to not just replace plastic in your day to day life with other safer options but also inspire others for the same as well?


Free China Address

Free China Address

1GrandTrunk is presenting affordable International Shipping from USA, China and India to any other place across the globe. You can get free USA, China and India address for shipping purpose. Check -

Free China Address

1GrandTrunk is presenting affordable International Shipping from USA, China and India to any other place across the globe. You can get free USA, China and India address for shipping purpose

1Grandtrunk provides assisted purchase service in USA, China and India to global shoppers who don't have a valid credit card to make an international payment.

1GrandTrunk is presenting affordable International Shipping from USA, China and India to any other place across the globe. You can get free USA, China and India address for shipping purpose

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