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Hilltop Children's Center

Our mission at Hilltop Children’s Center is to offer a high quality, positive, and fun place for children while accommodating the needs of working parents by being both convenient and affordable.
We are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and academically enriched environment for our Mother’s Day Out and our After-School Programs. These programs focus on balancing student learning, physical activity, and emotional growth for children in a stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere.

3 Fears Parents Have About Child Care

It is no doubt that children are very precious to their families. This is why it is difficult for parents to decide on putting their beloved children in the care of other people. They tend to have high standards and to an extent are even strict and feisty about their babies’ welfare. It is not surprising. This is just right. Parents are supposed to give their children utmost protection since the latter cannot defend their own. Parents have the tendency to hop from one child care to another making sure that they choose the one that ensures complete safety to their children.

3 Activities You Can Do With Your Children

These characteristics can be put to better use by allowing the children to learn from what the adults are doing.

Locating the Best Childcare for Your Little Ones

When you are looking for a good childcare near Liberty Hill, TX, there are a number of things that you will want to keep in mind. This is because there are many different kinds of childcare facilities out there and they are not all made equally. Some are going to offer different kinds of educational programs, class sizes, activities, and curriculum.

The Benefits of Storytelling for Children

Early education does not have to be confined inside the four walls of a classroom. There are many things parents can do to further promote and enhance their children’s early education, aside from letting them engage in programs like our After-School Programs in Liberty Hill TX. One great way parents can enhance their child’s education is through storytelling.

Tips That Can Help Your Child Count and Learn Their Numbers

Learning and practicing number and counting skills can be considered as one of your child’s developmental milestones. Your child will definitely learn their numbers in places like our Preschool Center, but there are many things parents can do that can help their children with their 123’s.

Emotional Development in Your Preschoolers

As kids in a preschool center get older, they learn to recognize, understand, express, and deal with a wide range of feelings, ranging from dependency and love to anger, disappointment, and fear. While a lot of parents put more emphasis on physical development and academic attainment within their youngsters’ early years, supporting your children’s emotional development is actually just as crucial and should not be overlooked.

Things to Put in Your Summer Baby Bag

Now that we’re into sunnier days and warmer temperatures, there’s a whole different set of stuff we need to consider bringing in our baby bag.

Should I Send My Kid to Summer Camp?

When deciding to send your child to summer camp, you’ll likely factor in practical elements as well as some social ones. Child care providers in Liberty Hill, Texas encourage parents to send their children to summer camp to motivate their sense of discovery and adventure.

Handwriting Skills for Kids

Many child care providers in Liberty Hill, Texas find that handwriting is still an essential life skill, despite the growing amount of children and adults resorting to using their keyboards on computers, tablets, and phones, etc.

Teaching Self-Regulation in Children

Parents have been on the receiving end of their kids’ tantrums since time began. From endless cries to children throwing themselves to the ground, tantrums can sometimes be both embarrassing and frustrating for parents. And while most children outgrow these tendencies, by the time they are ready to attend a preschool center, some kids might still have to regulate their emotions.