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On Time Home Health Services LLC

4 Important Precautions: Reducing Your Risk for Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is a condition wherein the heart can't pump enough oxygen and blood to meet the body's needs.

5 Vital Heart Care Suggestions

There are numerous ways that you can take to try to prevent heart disease.

4 Tips for Recovery After Staying in a Hospital

There are people who believe that, once they are discharged from the hospital, they are already fully recovered. Such may be the case for some people, but for those with more challenging health conditions, especially our elderly loved ones, “still recovering” might be the proper label for them. As such, they are recommended to stay home, rest, and recover from whatever attack to the health they have had to endure.

Stroke 101: What Everyone Should Know About Stroke

Getting a stroke is something people just mention casually nowadays. However, strokes are much more complicated than what they seem to be. Strokes are dangerous and require immediate medical assistance as it occurs when part of the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or cut off. These cause brain cells to deteriorate within minutes.

What Is Nephrostomy

We often hear the word Nephrostomy but do we really know what it means? According to Medscape, it is an opening wherein a tube or stent is inserted through the skin into the body wall and renal parenchyma and ends in the renal pelvis or calyx. There are many reasons why a nephrostomy is necessary but the most common reason is an obstruction in the ureters. This is commonly used in third-degree burn patients wherein the external urinary organs are involved; this is also being practiced in patients who have tumor obstruction in the urinary pathway.

The Benefits of In-Home Care for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a degenerative disease that causes many complications. Heart failure, respiratory arrest, paraplegia, and gangrene are some of the common complications of diabetes. It is a disease that occurs when there is the decrease or no insulin production at all from the pancreas. There is no known cure for diabetes. Those who have this condition have to manage the disease to stay healthy. Discipline and consistency are two key factors in managing diabetes at home. There are three main types of diabetes but let’s focus on the most common one which is Type 2 diabetes. This is the type of diabetes wherein the body doesn’t use insulin properly which is called insulin resistance, therefore as a coping mechanism, the pancreas produces more insulin.

The Challenges of Hygiene in Home Care

Hygiene has a huge effect especially in matters of health at home. Hygiene does not just refer physically, it also means the environment. Most people at home get sick because of polluted surroundings or untidy conditions. Our elderlies are mostly affected by issues concerning hygiene. One factor that is also greatly affected by hygiene is home care.

What You Can Do to Help a Senior/Parent who has Cancer

There is nothing worse than knowing that someone we hold close to our heart has cancer.

What Can One Do for a Parent Suffering from a Chronic Illness? | On Time Home Health Services LLC

Chronic disease is defined as diseases that last for months. It may be painful especially for the children of the patient knowing the fact that their aging father or mother will not enjoy the life they once had.

Tips for Improving Your Recovery Time

Depending on the severity of your condition, it could be a long road towards recovery.

Helping You Stay Healthy Well Into your Senior Years

Staying healthy at an advanced age only requires simple lifestyle changes.

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Learn About Your Condition

Learning about the fundamentals of your diagnosis is an excellent example of becoming a well-informed patient!

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Stroke Before it Gets You

When you hear about stroke, what comes into your mind? Do you think that it is a dangerous disease? One that has fatal complications?

Safely Recover From A Fall At Home

Home Health Services in Grand Prairie, Texas, allow us to outline nutritious meal plans that will help senior loved one recuperate faster.

How Physical Therapy Can Be A Blessing To Your Senior Elderly

Get the best Home Health Services in Grand Prairie, Texas to increase your loved one’s mobility at home through physical therapy services

24-Hour Quality Home Health Care You Can Trust for Your Senior Loved Ones

If you are seeking medical and non-medical home health services in Grand Prairie, Texas for your senior loved ones, trust us.

Home Health Services in Texas | On Time Home Health Services LLC

On Time Home Health Services LLC believes that staying in your own home surrounded by the people and things you love will make your recovery more comfortable and transition to full recovery much easier for everyone.

What Makes Occupational Therapy So Important?

We offer occupational therapy, and other home health services in Grand Prairie, Texas right in the comforts of your home

Managing Your Diabetes Daily at Home

On Time Home Health Services LLC is a provider of top quality Elderly care in Texas.

Home Health | Grand Prairie, Texas | On Time Home Health Services LLC

On Time Home Health Services LLC believes that staying in your own home surrounded by the people and things you love will make your recovery more comfortable and transition to full recovery much easier for everyone.

We are licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services and accredited by Community Health Accreditation Program.

Breaking the Myths About Physical Therapy

Many who seek physical therapy are seniors who may need it to recover from injury, or to strengthen themselves to be more physically fit as they age. At On Time Home Health Services LLC, we provide Home Health Services in Grand Prairie, Texas, with physical therapy included in our services. We do our best for our physical therapists, as well as the rest of our team, to give you the Best Home Health care that is personalized to your needs.

Home Health Resources | On Time Home Health Services LLC | Texas

Home Health Resources in Grand Prairie, Texas

Recovering in the Comfort of Home

Recovering in the comfort of home has many benefits that you will not be able to enjoy through other means, even at a hospital. When you are ill, injured, or recovering from a major surgical operation, your body is going to need plenty of rest and the only place where you can get that rest is at home. With our providers of home health services in Grand Prairie, Texas, we are here to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Home Health Services for the Elderly

Home health services in Grand Prairie, Texas can provide a variety of different benefits and perks for senior citizens looking to live a more independent and healthier lifestyle. These kinds of services are great for people who want to continue doing what they love but would like to have an extra helping hand around the house.