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Struggling with the Spark & Sizzle

Intimacy in marriage can create a number of difficult issues for couples – and, due to the private nature of this kind of struggle, many husbands and wives don’t know where to turn for input. We’ve pulled together some information geared toward helping couples restore healthy intimacy to their marriage.

When Your Husband Isn't Interested in Sex

Almost all marriages go through periods when the man has a lower sex drive than his wife. While these periods are disconcerting or frustrating, they pale in comparison to the pain and conflict caused when this is a couple's consistent pattern of sexual intimacy.

Authentic Intimacy

Authentic Intimacy is a unique teaching ministry called to teach on sexuality. Our vision is represented by two words that are rarely put together: SEXUAL DISCIPLESHIP

Enjoying Physical Intimacy as a Woman

In a discussion based on their book Enjoy: The Gift of Sexual Pleasure for Women, sex therapists Dr. Cliff and Mrs. Joyce Penner discuss God’s design for sex, how women can increase their enjoyment and how couples can plan and prepare for times of intimacy. Our guests also address common obstacles to sexual intimacy and how couples can overcome them. (Part 1 of 2)

Passionate Commitment | Resources for Healthy Sexuality

ENJOY! The Gift of Sexual Pleasure for Women is designed to help free the wife to get in touch with her sexuality and share it with her husband — resulting in the discovery of greater love, passion and intimacy for both!

Is There Sex After Kids | Focus on the Family

Mark and Jill Savage's commitment to growth required them to find solutions to their differing sexual needs. They discovered how to be both parents and lovers.

Gary Thomas on Sex

Where do we get our expectations that every act of marital sex is supposed to be a candidate for the highlight reel of marital ecstasy?

Husband Frustrated Over Wife's Lack of Interest in Sex

Why do I have to beg and plead with my wife any time I want to enjoy sex with her? I have a very high sex drive, and she has a very low sex drive. Time and time again she tells me, "I'm not in the mood tonight." I respond that there are all kinds of things I do for her when I'm "not in the mood" - go to work, wash the dishes, help with the housework. How is her "not in the mood" different from my "not in the mood?"

Red-Hot Monogamy

With their trademark insight, humor, and candid personal perspectives, Bill and Pam Farrel reveal the truths about the sexual relationship in marriage and what husbands and wives need to know to keep the embers burning.

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott - Sex

Sex: What practical things can a woman do to make herself more sexually available to her husband?

The Impact of Pornography on Marital Sex

One of the devastating effects of pornography and other sexually explicit material is that it sabotages the ability to enjoy normal sex.

Rekindling Intimacy

Most couples bring some kind of baggage into marriage. Reclaim and redeem the beautiful gift of sexual intimacy in your marriage.

Good Lovemaking Is About God

God designed sex to be best enjoyed when it is based on something other than mere appearance and performance. As a husband and wife pursue each other through intimate service, sacrifice, and struggle, God blesses them in a way the world can never know.

Marital Intimacy Is More Than Sex

There are at least five different types of intimacy. When we keep all five functioning, we have marriages that feel profoundly connected.

  • Life is full of surprises, challenges and questions – and sometimes we all need help finding answers. Are you struggling in your marriage? Is your son or daughter involved in activities that have you worried? Or maybe you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy or navigating conflict with your aging parents. Whether you’re in the midst of a major crisis or simply a perplexing situation, we have compiled resources that can point you in the right direction. And remember – we’re constantly updating our content, so check back frequently for the latest and greatest resources.

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