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Diamond and Jewelry Education

Diamond Buying Guide | Learn Diamond 4C's: Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color

Diamond Buying Guide from B2C Jewels educates you to know all about Diamonds. Learn what is a Diamond Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat, Shapes and Certification.

Diamond Cut Guide | Learn About Different Types of Cut, Grading & Dimensions

Edify yourself on the various diamond cuts through our expert diamond cut guide and also get acquainted with the different diamond dimensions.

Diamond Clarity Guide | Clarity Chart for Choosing the Highest Quality Diamond

Understand in our detailed diamond clarity guide what factors determine a diamond’s clarity and also check out GIA’s clarity grading scale.

Diamond Carat Guide – Learn About Diamond Weight & Size

Our diamond carat guide elaborately explains about carat- the unit of diamond weight measurement, which eases your diamond shopping experience.

Diamond Shape Guide | Learn About Popular & Different Types of Diamond Shapes

Our diamond shape guide lists down all the choices of diamond shapes e.g. princess, brilliant round, emerald, asscher cushion and many more.

Diamond Color Guide | Learn About GIA Diamond Color Grading & Scale

Learn about diamond color grading and how to choose the perfectly colored diamond with B2C Jewels diamond color guide.

Learn in our diamond certificate guide how various gemological laboratories mainly GIA, AGS, EGL and so on issue reports on the minutest of details of a diamond.

Gold Guide | Gold Education Guide to Learn more about Yellow, White & Rose Gold

B2C Jewels gold guide highlight the different types & qualities of gold, how they are used in jewelry and how you should take care.

Platinum Guide | Know more about Platinum

Our platinum guide provides an elaborate study on platinum jewelry, qualities & jewelry caring tips. Enrich your knowledge with this expert info.

Sterling Silver Guide | Learn more about Sterling Silver Jewelry

B2C Jewels sterling silver jewelry guide is a handy manual to refer before you begin shopping for sterling silver jewelry.

Gemstone Guide | Learn How to Identify different types of Gemstones

Get all the gemstone information at B2C Jewels. Study our gemstone guide and learn in detail about all the minute details of gemstones.

Pearl Guide | Learn About Pearl Types, Pearl Quality, How to care for your pearls & More

Enhance your knowledge on different type of pearls, how to take care, and different qualities that help you purchase your pearl. Refer the B2C Jewels pearls guide and buy your favorite pearl.

Educational Videos – Engagement Rings, Loose diamonds & Jewelry

Browse through our video gallery to know all about diamonds, engagement rings and jewelry. We share insider tips and tricks as well as in-depth information on all the 4Cs of diamonds and so much more.

Jewelry clearance sale | Lowest Prices on Jewelry at B2C Jewels

B2C Jewelry Clearance Sale, Buy Jewelry made of Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls, Gold & Platinum at the lowest prices. Stunning design at an attractive price. Limited stock available

Jewelry Gifts for Men and Women from B2C Jewels

Celebrate your special moments with the ever-lasting beauty of jewelry from B2C Jewels. Surprise your loved one with the jewelry gift he or she would love!

Wedding Gift Ideas | Wedding Jewelry for Brides, Grooms, Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Wedding jewelry gift ideas from B2CJewels. Shop from a wide selection of pendants, bracelet, earrings & necklace for Brides, Grooms, Bridesmaids & Groomsmen.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her | Gold, Platinum, Silver & Diamond Jewelry Gifts from B2C Jewels

Make her feel precious with a jewelry gift that last for a life time. Check B2C Jewels gifting page specially designed to choose a gift for your beautiful partner