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Family Law Attorney

Salt Lake City Family law cases, including paternity suits, divorces, alimony, child custody agreements (or disagreements), just to name a few, also have great potential to start amicable and end in complete bitterness.

A legal separation can work

Legal separations are similar in some ways to divorce. Some couples wish to live separate lives but they don’t’ wish to file for divorce. If that’s your case, be reminded that issues related to child custody, property division, and so on, remain the same. Making a decision to end your relationship, whether through a legal separation or a divorce can be difficult for most people. A skilled Salt Lake City family law attorney can help you clarify the options available and help you make an informed decision.

The best visitation schedule for infants

While it is difficult knowing what to do under such circumstances, it’s a great opportunity to improve your parenting skills. It just takes time getting to know your baby’s way of communicating. The process is even more difficult for the non-custodial parent. But you must learn to trust the process. It’s a challenge to create a visitation schedule that will meet the baby’s needs but it is possible with the help of an experienced Salt Lake City visitation attorney.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney During Paternity :: Aultlegal4

Paternity represents the process of establishing a relationship between a father and a child. A legal father is any person who established parenthood over a child, the one who bears both the rights and responsibilities of being a parent. If a woman and a man cannot agree on the parenthood of the child, both may require a DNA analysis. If any of the parties refuses to undergo a DNA analysis, consult _Paternity Attorneys in Salt Lake Cit_y, who gladly assist you with your paternity form, help you gather all required documents, and arrange a DNA or any other analysis if necessary.

Family Law And Facebook: How Social Media Can Ruin Or Help Your Case In Family Court

This is especially true if you are currently going through a divorce, child custody, alimony, or any other family law case. That is because whenever you share something on your Facebook page – messages, photos, posts, videos, etc. – it is all up for grabs and considered “discoverable” in family court proceedings. Therefore, if you are currently going through a family court battle, Salt Lake City family law attorney advises you to deactivate your Facebook account until your case has been resolved and finalized, or at least discipline yourself to not share or write on your Facebook anything that could discredit, invalidate or ruin your case.

7 Ways To Save Money In A Divorce (End Your Marriage With More Money In Your Pockets)

A divorce is not only stressful and time-consuming, but also costly. It is true that a divorce can exhaust your bank account more than a posh wedding, which is why it is vital to understand ways to reducing the cost of your divorce proceedings. Many divorcing couples tend to conceal certain things about their marriage from their attorneys, but this always proves to be a costly mistake. Being honest with your divorce attorney in Salt Lake City or elsewhere in Utah is vital, as your attorney needs to be on the same page as you.

Salt Lake City Divorce for Same-sex couples Remains Problematic

If you want to divorce from your partner, don’t be afraid of the prejudices. It doesn’t matter if your marriage is approved by the population, what matters are that your marriage is legal and approved by the state. Getting a Divorce in Salt Lake City was almost impossible, and couples found it difficult to split assets and move on with their lives. Don’t be afraid to contact a Family Law Attorney and ask for help. It is in best interest to help you understand how the whole divorce process works so that you take it seriously and avoid all common mistakes.

  Learn How A Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Can Help With Child Custody - Christopher's Site

You decide to file for a Divorce in Salt Lake City, you might want to have a legal professional by your side. When filing for a divorce, it may take up to a whole year before you are actually divorced and free to do as you please once again. The only thing you are concerned is your child custody. Who will get it, and how the custody will be shared?
We consulted with a Family Law Attorney in Salt Lake City and learned the information. Contact one of Family Law Attorneys today, schedule your initial free consultation, and receive proper guidance and counseling. If you choose to hire one of our attorneys, they will do everything in their power to help investigate your case and find strong reasons to convince the judge to give you full custody of your children.

Divorce Attorney Salt Lake City: Tips for helping your child during the divorce

You are dealing with, you have to think about your children first and do everything you can to protect them. If you can, avoid fighting and arguing with your spouse in front of them, avoid talking bad things about your spouse in front of them, avoid bringing them up in your heated arguments with your spouse. If you end up getting a Divorce in Salt Lake City, consider hiring an attorney to protect your best interests. However, keep in mind that you have to find common ground with your spouse in order to protect your child’s best interest. Speak with a Family Law Attorney in Salt Lake City and learn how you can devise a custody plan, one that will be perfect for your child’s needs and suit both you and your spouse’s needs.


The Impact of Divorce on Children

The Impact of Divorce on Children

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, it is important to protect your children at all cost. Regardless of your child’s age, as long as your child is living with you, under the same roof, he/she will get impacted by your divorce. Family Law Attorneys in Salt Lake City advise you to have a peaceful divorce (if possible), and do it in a way that will protect your children from any harm. Divorce can be peaceful, as long as you and your spouse invest time and energy in it.


How to Handle Anxiety and Fear During Divorce

How to Handle Anxiety and Fear During Divorce

After so many years of living together, you and your spouse finally decided to take a separate path. When Filling for a Divorce in Salt Lake City, be sure to check with an attorney on what you should avoid doing. Family Law Attorneys in Salt Lake City advise you to protect your children from the aftermath of a divorce.

5 Causes of Divorce Over 50

Divorce is a heart-wrenching and difficult process for couples of any age, but those over 50 break up for unique reasons. If you’re over halfway to retirement, but fear that a divorce is imminent, a Salt Lake City divorce attorney can guide you through this challenging time of life.
Call us at 801-539-9000.They offer flat fee divorce representation so you can plan for a better financial future.

Recovering From Alcohol or Drug Addictions for Your Child

When you pictured where your life would be with your spouse and children, they know you didn’t plan on addiction. Nobody chooses to become an addict. Unfortunately, addictions to drugs and alcohol can have devastating effects on your life. It can lead divorce as well as a loss of custody of your child. You may need a family law attorney in Salt Lake City to help you regain custody rights. The Ault Firm is ready to help you along the way. calling 801-539-9000.

5 tips of what not to do to your child during divorce

Children are the ones who usually suffer the most from a divorce. Being innocent and usually very young, they have to face life living separated from one parent. It is never their fault and they should never be in the epicenter of a divorce. If you need help with your divorce or want to try and change your custody plan, be sure to contact Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Christopher M. Ault as early as possible.

  Protect Your Child Emotionally During Utah Divorce

There are many mistakes parents make during a divorce. Some of those mistakes affect the child’s well-being and put a lot of emotional and physical stress on the child. There are some tips given by Christopher M. Ault that will help you protect your child emotionally during your divorce in Utah. Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Christopher M. Ault advises you to take the fight away from your kids.

How Are Retirement Plans Divided in a Divorce?

Making financial decisions is very important in every aspect of your life. Divorce is no different. While going through a divorce, you will be faced with many difficulties and challenges and will have to make many decisions which may affect your future. For more information, you can always contact the best Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Christopher M. Ault and schedule a free consultation.