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7 Unbelievably Straightforward Ways to Lose Weight

Every January, without fail, thousands of people around the globe embark on a “new year, new me” diet. Come February, though, and most have fallen off the diet wagon again. And thus, a new cycle of overeating and self-loathing starts.

The science of weight loss

The science behind losing weight is quite simple. If you consume fewer calories than you need, you will lose weight. On the other hand, if you consume more calories, you will gain weight. Caloric restriction is the principle on which every diet works. You may be tempted to try out the latest fad diet you read about in some magazine. They all essentially work by restricting your calories. The most extreme ones, however, only work for a short time, and can be harmful to your health.

The yo-yo effect

Many serial dieters have noticed that they gain their weight right back as soon as they stop dieting. This is a common fault of starvation diets that limit you only to certain foods or drinks. But this is not sustainable beyond a very short time. It’s far better to cultivate a healthier lifestyle that combines balanced nutrition and some exercise. This won’t give you quick results, but you can be sure that the effects will last longer.

Weight vs. Size

Weight is actually fairly meaningless in terms of health. Your body composition more important. Before you start dieting, pack away your scale, and get out your tape measure instead. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if the squishiness firms up, it doesn’t matter if you weigh more or less.

7 easy weight loss tips

For lasting weight loss results, the following lifestyle changes will help a lot:


Lift weights:

Weight training has a long-lasting thermogenic effect, meaning that your muscles will burn fat for a long time after training. Hit the squats and deadlifts to tone your bum and burn fat.


Air fry your food:

Fat is very dense in calories. Air fryers will help you to make your favorite fried foods without drowning it in fat, and it will still taste great.


Don’t cut out anything completely:

The key to healthier eating habits is to eat whatever you want. That’s right, don’t cut out anything. But keep the portions small! Rather than having huge bowl of ice cream, have a little bit. This will help you to avoid cravings that result in accidental snack binges.


Drink more water:

Water contains no calories, and yet it’s essential for the proper functioning of your body. You’re probably not drinking enough water anyway, so aim for eight glasses a day.


Reduce sugar and alcohol:

Reduce sugar and alcohol:

Sugar and alcohol rapidly add extra unwanted calories. Reducing your intake will do wonders for weight loss.


Do cardio:

Cardiovascular exercise isn’t the greatest thing for weight loss, but it does help. You don’t need to start training for a marathon, though. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator will help already, or walking short distances instead of taking the car


Eat more protein and vegetables:

Protein makes you feel fuller for longer. It also maintains your muscle mass, so that your body doesn’t cannibalize itself when you cut calories.