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Parenting Toddlers

Toddlers definitely present their own unique challenges. From temper tantrums, to an increasing desire for independence and control, to potty training, every day seems to bring new dilemmas. The good news is that toddlerhood doesn’t have to be one long battle of wills! These resources offer great advice to help you and your child thrive during the toddler years.

Toddler Throws Uncontrollable Tantrums

What should we do when our toddler explodes in a fit so violent that it's just about impossible to calm her down? She has always been strong-willed and prone to tantrums, but just recently there have been occasions when she has become so frustrated that her behavior has spiraled completely out of control. At such times she wildly hits everything and everyone within reach, including herself. What do you suggest?

Busy Mom's Guide to Parenting Young Children

With almost everything you need to know to care for your family available on the Internet or at the library these days, how do you sort through the wealth of information available? How do you narrow down your web search? And how many pages are in that reference guide? It can be overwhelming to look for specific information. Relax--we have the cure for the common search. The information you need is at your fingertips in the practical and easy-to-use "Busy Mom's Guide" series.


Sippy cups, playgroups and lots of energy — welcome to the world of toddlers, where everyday is an adventure!




We build circles of moms who love each other like family. Women around the world are starting MOPS groups in churches, hospitals, YMCAs, homes, coffee shops, correctional facilities and on military bases, and profound things are taking place.

Toddler-Sized Choices

Give your 2-year-old appropriate choices to help him navigate his burgeoning sense of power so it’s not used to fight against what you ask him to do.

Parenting Teens & Toddlers - at the same time!

We've discovered that the blessings far exceed the drawbacks of mixed-ages parenting, but it takes creative parenting when there are teens and toddlers under the same roof.

8 Creative Ways for Dads to Spend Time With Their Toddlers - FamilyLife®

Normally when I come home from work, my 2-year-old son greets me at the door with a huge hug. As I scoop him up in my arms, the joy on his face melts away the toils of the day.

Teaching Toddlers to Do Chores

As parents we can grow accustomed to doing everything for our young children and lose the opportunity to teach them responsibility.

Top Parenting Tips for Toddlers | Love and Logic®

Since 1977, Love and Logic has been helping parents and educators across the world raise responsible, self-reliant kids.

  • Life is full of surprises, challenges and questions – and sometimes we all need help finding answers. Are you struggling in your marriage? Is your son or daughter involved in activities that have you worried? Or maybe you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy or navigating conflict with your aging parents. Whether you’re in the midst of a major crisis or simply a perplexing situation, we have compiled resources that can point you in the right direction. And remember – we’re constantly updating our content, so check back frequently for the latest and greatest resources.

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