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Rajesh Adani - Managing Director @ Adani Realty

Mr Rajesh Adani, a B Com graduate from Gujarat University, has been at the helm of Adani Group since its inception in 1988. Currently, he is the Managing Director of the Adani Group, one of India’s leading conglomerates, with businesses in key industry verticals – resources, logistics and energy.

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Mr. Rajesh Adani has been a vital part of the Adani Group since its inception. With strong leadership and interpersonal skills, he heads the Group’s operations and has been responsible for developing its business relationships.

His proactive and personalised approach toward the business and his competitive spirit have contributed greatly to the growth of the Group and its diverse businesses. He currently spearheads the Group’s Energy vertical.

Rajesh Adani

Rajesh Adani is the managing director of the Adani Group. A fundamental part of the group since its inception in 1988.


Rajesh Adani is the managing director of the Adani Group. A fundamental part of the group since its inception in 1988, Rajesh Adani has been responsible for a lot of business opportunities and relationships that have catapulted the Group to the role of market leaders in a lot of industries.

Rajesh Adani — Spearheading management since the inception of the Adani Group

Rajesh Adani has been instrumental in the development of the corporate sector in India. He has been involved in the operations and ideologies of Adani Group since its inception. Currently, Rajesh is…

Rajesh Adani – An innovative leader and market strategist

Mr. Rajesh Adani, Managing Director of Adani Group, has been a vital part of the organization since its beginning. His interpersonal skills have been admired across the industry, as he heads the group’s operations along with development of business relationships.

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Biography of Rajesh Adani - Home

That’s the philosophy that has allowed Mr. Rajesh S Adani, in slightly more than twenty-five years, to spawn so many successful ventures. Perhaps one of the most well-known Indian business success stories, the life of Rajesh Adani is chronicled in this biography.

Indisputably, Mr. Rajesh is one of the most recognizable men in Indian business. Mr. Rajesh Adani, has been a fundamental element of Adani since its inception. He serves as the Managing Director associated with Adani Power as well as Adani Enterprises. He accounts for the operations of the Group and checks the development associated with business relationships. Mr. Rajesh Adani is famous for his positive, personalized approach towards the business and competitive spirit which has helped the organization and various companies to growth.

Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.

Mr. Adani got a degree in Bachelor of Business (B. Com. Level) from a college in Gujarat. A son of Shantilal and Shanta Adani, he was born in a Gujarati Jain family in Ahmadabad.

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Speaking to the leaders of tomorrow, Mr. Gautam Adani joins the students at the #SRCCBusinessConclave to share his thoughts on 'Building the New India'.

This is Why Rajesh Adani is Considered the Face of Homegrown Success Stories

Nearly three decades ago, India opened up to the world with the economic liberalization in
1991. International companies paved their way to the country and more opportunities
opened up for homegrown companies to explore their potential to the fullest. The nation
witnessed a strong economic growth as investment and trade flew in. This economic
reform has been hailed as a landmark decision since it boosted the country’s economy,
created job opportunities, and reduced poverty.
The positive growth of homegrown companies has been instrumental in transforming India
to becoming a global economic force to reckon with. Indian corporate champions have
risen with time, but Rajesh Adani has stood out among them time and again. Helming the
Adani group since its inception in 1988, Rajesh Adani is now the Managing Director of one
of India’s largest conglomerates. The Adani Group operates in multiple industry verticals
including critical ones like logistics, energy, and renewables. He led Adani Power
Maharashtra Limited until Feb 2011. Rajesh Adani also won the National Power Conservation
Award in 2011, highlighting the stupendous efforts made by Adani Power under his
Employing over 8500 people, the Adani Group has reached great heights in a small period
of time with a workforce that draws its motivation and inspiration to do good and work
well from the Adani management that includes Rajesh Adani. He comes from a humble
background but his business acumen and sharp thinking ability always kept him ahead of
his peers. His bachelor’s degree in commerce has also helped sharpen his acumen and
affinity to running his own business. His positive, personalised approach towards the
business along with a healthy competitive spirit have aided in the success of the many ventures
he has been involved with for the past 3 decades. There is no wonder that he is now one of
the most recognizable faces when it comes to Indian success stories.

The Journey of Rajesh Adani | Managing Director of Adani group

The journey of Rajesh Adani who is the Managing Director of Adani Group. Rajesh has been integral in investing his time and energy to build the Adani Group brick by brick.

MR RAJESH S ADANI | Adani Groups

In India, Mundra is considered to be the deepest port. Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone, formerly known as Mundra Port has diversified into various cargoes like coal, container, steel, agri commodities, ship to shore, automobile exports, containers, crude, vegetable oil and chemicals. It is also an all-weather port which promises to become its biggest and best investment destination. The men who have managed to grow APSEZ at this level are Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani.