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Top Festivals of Indonesia - Must-see festivals of Indonesia

Indonesia has several festivals, both vivid and colorful, that take place throughout the year. Some are religious while others are celebrated be everyone. Here are the top festivals to check out.


Asmat Cultural Festival

The Asmat Cultural Festival is more than just your average festival - it was designed as a way to showcase and preserve the cultural heritage of the Asmat tribe of Papua. The festival's cultural importance to the country ensured that it was soon listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the festival, visitors can observe the traditional art of hand-carved wood work and gain more knowledge behind the spiritual meaning related to each piece, as well as the history and people of the tribe. Along with the beautiful carvings, you can enjoy traditional dances and musical performances indigenous to the Asmat tribe, and even participate in an auction of the carvings and other artistic works.


Balinale Film Festival

An internationally acclaimed festival, the Balinale Film Festival was established in 2007 to provide Indonesian filmmakers a stage to show their creative works to a wider audience. Since then, it has garnered world recognition and has become an annual event in Kuta. Aside from its entertainment value, the festival is also an important educational platform in the area of film since it organised several free workshops, lectures, and seminars. Many of which were held by award winners of other international film festivals such as Emmy, BAFTA, Cannes, and Oscars.


Bau Nyale Fishing Festiva

The island of Lombok becomes a hive of activity during the Nyale Fishing Festival, usually held in either February or March. People gather from all over Indonesia to look at the first nyale fish that are caught during this popular fishing event. The first fish caught are immediately cooked in a traditional method using banana leaves


Kasada Ceremony

Every year, thousands of people from the Tenggerese community of East Java make their way on a pilgrimage to Mount Bromo, an active crater, to ask for blessings and another year with no eruptions. The festival is known as the Kasada Ceremony, and holds deep spiritual meaning for the community who still hold on to their ancient Hindu beliefs. Once the crowds reach the crater, they throw in offerings which include fruits, vegetables, flowers and even cattle to the God of the Mountain in gratitude for blessings. Mount Bromo is quite a distance from many a hotel in di Surakarta, so it is advised to try and organise your journey ahead. However, in general, any good hotel like a Alila Solo Hotel in Indonesia, can help to arrange a trip for you, so it's not that difficult.


Independence Day

Every year on 17th August, the entire country goes wild with Independence Day celebrations. Streets are blanketed with flower garlands and Indonesian flags to commemorate the special day. Numerous parades take place around the country and several institutions, especially schools, organise entertaining performances that recall all the events that led up to independence for Indonesia.

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