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Top 05 Attractions at Disneyland Hong Kong – For Fun Lovers of All Ages

Located on reclaimed land on Lantau Island, Disneyland Hong Kong is found on Penny’s Bay. Owned and operated by Hong Kong International Theme Parks, the place promises, thrills and fun galore.


Jungle River Cruise

Here’s your chance to explore the mysterious and exotic Rivers of Adventure. Choose ‘Go Wild’ as an ideal adventure which promises encounter with elephants, hippos, gorillas and even a head-hunter or two. Start off with a trek to an old jungle outpost, complete with timber huts, wooden canoes and old dusty nets. There you hop aboard a vintage steamer and set off on a thrilling adventure across the Rivers of Adventure. Your trusted navigator will steer the craft across treacherous waters, offering one the adventure of a lifetime. This 8 minute journey will be punctuated with sights of giant spiders and king cobras, hefty hippos, cheeky monkeys, elephants bathing in a pool and of course head-hunters.


2. Liki Tikis

Enjoy loads of splashing fun at the ‘leaky’ tiki poles. Let the sound of rumbling draws draw you close to the circle of tiki poles where a mysterious fog engulfs you. Enjoy the primeval culture as you head into the circle of wooden totem poles. As the fog surrounds you, and drum beats resonate, the cheeky tiki gods looking down at you are known to play mischievous pranks. Jets of water shoot out randomly, to surprise and drench unsuspecting mortals standing within the circle. In case you are already debating about which attraction to enjoy during your visit, consider accommodation within a short distance of the park; there are many such as, Somerset Victoria Park Hong Kong, just 30 minutes away. This way, you can choose to buy a multiple-days entry membership pass. Look for a well-placed serviced apartment; Hong Kong offers a wide choice, and these are quite popular amongst visitors who wish to enjoy the freedom of moving to their own schedule.


Take the Rafts to Tarzans Tree House

Based on the block-buster Disney Movie, Tarzan; the tree house offers one a chance to enjoy an adventurous day out in the wilds. Start your day by casting off on a rustic raft along the Rivers of Adventure. To reach the tree house you need to climb a wooden staircase fashioned from drift-wood and parts of shipwrecks, then cross a swaying suspension bridge and you are in the scenic tree-house. Enjoy a journey into the life and times of Tarzan as you explore the many rooms, and levels of the tree-house. The 19 metre high tree, offers a marvellous bird’s eye view of the surroundings and is quite a treat to enjoy.


The Cinderella Carousel

Enjoy a royal ride as you spin around to music on the magical Cinderella Carousel. The galloping horses and swirl of colour are quite mesmerizing, as the mediaeval tent sheltering you, takes you back to a time of good cheer and laughter. Choose to ride on any one of the elegantly carved wooden horses or jewelled, hand-painted chariots and feel like nothing less than royalty.


5. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Fly off into the sky on the back of everyone’s favourite flying elephant, Dumbo. A classic attraction, much loved at Disneyland, this attraction is quite a favourite. Sit down and wait as the music plays and Dumbo takes flight, while a lovely fountain sprays water from the centre of the attraction.

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