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Fragrance-Free Policies from around the World

This is a list of links to fragrance-free accommodation policies and guidelines from around the world. Environmental Illness Network Minnesota is not endorsing or recommending the specific places, organizations, or policies on this list. This list is meant to be informational, and may be contributed to by those viewing it. There is separate list for Minnesota fragrance-free policies:

American Lung Association Sample Workplace Fragrance Free Policy and Sample Policy on Fragrance Free Schools

The American Lung Association has a sample workplace fragrance free policy in addition to a sample policy on fragrance free schools.

Arthouse Preschool

"Here at Arthouse Preschool, LLC. we have a "FRAGRANCE FREE"
environment for our employees when we hire."

Association of Ontario Health Centres: Scent-free policy

"Many people are extremely sensitive to perfumes, colognes, aftershaves and other scented products. Please do not wear them at anytime while visiting AOHC's office. For more details, please download our scent-free policy..."

Athabascau University, Edmonton : Exam Regulations

"We ask your cooperation in helping us maintain a scent-free (perfumes, aftershave, lotions) environment for exam writing."

Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Standard Oprating Procedure - Care of MCS Patients (Canberra Hospital, 2012)

This is the fourth jurisdiction in Australia to publish official hospital guidelines for MCS patients; another 370,000 Australians are now covered by an official document for the care of MCS patients in hospital. 8 Million Australians across Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and the ACT are now covered. The ACT document is a 'Standard Operating Procedure' and therefore considered 'mandatory.'

Bastyr University | Visit Campus and Take a Tour

"Please note that Bastyr is a fragrance-free (perfumes, scented lotions, etc.) environment."

Birth Wellness & Women's Center Scent Free Policy

"To protect the health of our chemically sensitive midwives, parents and babies, we ask that while visiting Birth Wellness you do not wear fragrance."

Brant Community Care System - Fragrance Free Policy

"In our efforts to provide a healthier place of work and care the BCHS promotes a fragrance free environment to minimize the potential adverse allergic and/or medical reactions that can occur among patients, visitors, staff, and volunteers. Employees, medical staff, volunteers, contractors, patients and visitors are to refrain from using fragrances as defined below while at the BCHS..."

Brigham and Womens Hospital Fragrance-Free Policy

"In an effort to support a healthy and comfortable environment for patients and staff, BWH has implemented a fragrance-controlled work place policy."

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety: Making Sense of Scent-Free Workplaces Free Webinar

"Considering a scent-free workplace? Not sure what is involved? In this free webinar, Jan Chappel from CCOHS will discuss scent sensitivities, fragrance-free policies, and the challenges faced in the workplace. "

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety: Scent-Free Policy for the Workplace

"This medical condition is a disability and those living with environmental sensitivities are entitled to the protection of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The Canadian Human Rights Commission will receive any inquiry and process any complaint from any person who believes that he or she has been discriminated against because of an environmental sensitivity. Like others with a disability, those with environmental sensitivities are required by law to be accommodated."

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Fragrance-Free Policy

"Due to health concerns arising from exposure to scented products, CCNM is committed to providing a fragrance-free environment to all employees, students, residents, patients and visitors. Fragrances are defined as any product that produces a scent strong enough to be perceptible by others, including but not limited to cologne, after shave lotion, perfume, perfumed hand lotion, fragranced hair products, scented oils and/or similar products."

Canadian Human Rights Commission :: Policy on Environmental Sensitivities

"This medical condition is a disability and those living with environmental sensitivities are entitled to the protection of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability."

CDC Indoor Air Quality Policy [USA] 2009

"The policy establishes guidance and procedures to protect and maintain safe indoor environmental quality and for reporting and investigating complaints. The policy lists the various factors which must be accounted for to safeguard indoor environmental quality. Responsibilities for CDC management and staff are delineated. A list of quality and assessment guidelines and a questionnaire for staff that may have been affected by indoor environmental incidents are also included..."

Challenge Charter School: Environmental Health Policy

"It is the policy of Challenge Charter School to provide a healthful education environment, free of pesticides and other pollutants. Chemicals and chemically-laden material will be considered toxic and not allowed or used on site until proven safe. Biological contaminants, such as bacteria and mold, will be considered hazardous and, therefore, abated. Indoor air quality, along with other environmental factors in and around the school, affects the health, performance and productivity of all occupants..."

Champlain College Library Circulation Department: Scent Free Workplace

"The circulation department recognizes that exposure to strong scents and fragrances in the environment can cause discomfort as well as directly impact the health of sensitive individuals. Therefore, for the comfort and health of all, use of scents and fragrant products, other than minimally scented personal care products, by circulation department employees, is discouraged, particularly when working at the front desk..."

City of Jefferson Parks & Recreation - Policies and Procedures

"The Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Commission respectfully requests and encourages all patrons attending or participating in any Parks and Recreation meeting, special event, facility or program remain as fragrance free as possible by not wearing perfume, after shave, scented lotions, fragranced hair products and/or other similar products. Fragranced products can cause persons with some chronic illnesses to suffer additional symptoms."

City of Ottowa

"City Council approved the creation of a new scent-free program for City buildings, community centres and sport centres, Light Rail Transit, OC Transpo and Para Transpo buses. The scent free program will begin with a public awareness program and a scent-free policy in the City’s corporate buildings and transit operations, informing the public to be considerate of others who may have reactions or sensitivities to scented products, and urge people to observe the program by using the many unscented products available. Several areas within the City of Ottawa already encourage staff not to use scented products such as in the Ottawa Public Health Branch, and the Real Property Asset Management Branch has undertaken a scent-free cleaning products pilot project within select City buildings including City Hall." The committee recommendation report can be found at:

City of Portland

"Employees who are sensitive to perfumes and chemicals may suffer potentially
serious health consequences, triggered by exposure to scented products.
Consequently, employees are asked to refrain from the use of personal scented
products in the workplace where the sole purpose is to produce a scent, such as perfume, after shave, and cologne and to avoid the use of strongly scented personal
hygiene products such as powder, hair spray, and deodorant."

Country Life B&B in Saratoga Springs, New York

"Fragrance free cleaning products in some or all rooms, Fragrance free laundry in some or all rooms, No artificial air freshener and carpet freshener in some or all rooms, No scented candles or potpourri in some or all rooms, Unscented hand soap in rooms or available, ... We have smoke-free rooms, We have pet-free rooms, We are in a clean air area"

Dalhousie University: Scent Free

"As they arrive on campus in early September, Frosh will find an introductory letter included in their Frosh Pacs. Both Frosh and returning students will find reminders about the scent and smoking policies in their Student Handbook and posters have been placed in hundreds of locations across all three campuses. Recycling depots in high traffic areas also sport new smoke-free and scent-free ads."

David Thomson Health Region Policy on Care of Patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

"Purpose: To outline the patient care responsibilities when caring for a patient experiencing multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS)."

Dr. Ann McCampbell & Dr. Erica Elliott - Recommended Approach to Care of Hospitalized [MCS] Patients

"1) LISTEN TO THE PATIENT Reassure patient you understand he or she is chemically sensitive and will work with him or her in providing care."

Dr. Ann McCampbell - Tips For First Responders [for Accommodating] People with Chemical Sensitivities

by Ann McCampbell, MD. "Do not idle ambulance or other emergency vehicle engines. Provide non-smoking personnel who are not wearing perfume, cologne, aftershave, or other scented products, including clothing washed in fabric softener or scented detergent and many brands of deodorants, skin lotions, and hair products. If this condition cannot be met and/or a person requests it, have personnel stand away from and downwind of the chemically sensitive person when possible."

East Bay Meditation Center

"Out of respect for people with environmental illnesses, we request that everyone attending EBMC please not wear fragrance or scented products when attending events at EBMC. This includes clothing that has been laundered with fragranced detergent or softening products. We greatly appreciate your efforts to make EBMC accessible to those with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). Please view our list of fragrance-free products and related resources that can assist you in keeping EBMC fragrance-free."