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Base 9 Tattoos Studio

Neo-Traditional Custom Tattoo, as the name itself, implies this is an evolution of the traditional style. Similar to the predecessor traditional tattoos, these neo-traditional tattoos also have the core properties like line work and amazingly vibrant colors but the illustrative quality in the tattoos is what makes this style stand out from the rest of others.


Traditional Tattoo Artist

It’s time to get rid of cliché careers in engineering, management or medicine. Get into something, which you have passion for. Do you love to draw? Do you have the urge to play with colors? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you can always consider making a career as a tattoo artist.

The Attributes Of The Best Tattoo Parlour

It is true that popularity of every best tattoo parlour has increased in recent times. In fact, body art is a very old art that got lost with time; however, it made a return through the tattoo phenomenon. People are crazy about getting the pictures and messages carved on their bodies.

Find A Skilled Tattoo Artist

Earlier, these were used by the warriors who helped their comrades to identify their dead bodies; besides, tattoos were also used for various other reasons which were primarily associated with identification.

Go for A Tattoo Designing

Since past few years the doors of tattoo parlours have been opened for everyone. Initially tattoos were something which was enjoyed by the communities of sailors, working men or criminals.

Traditional Tattoo Of Different Designs

Nowadays, traditional tattoo designs have got a popularity due to the availability of a wide variety of designs in it. There are many options to choose from. So tattoos lover can never ignore the tribal tattoo designs anyhow. Get to know the variety of designs available for traditional tattoos.

Interesting Facts About Neo Traditional Tattoos | Soar Collective

Neo-Traditional Custom Tattoo, as the name itself, implies this is an evolution of the traditional style. Similar to the predecessor traditional tattoos, these neo-traditional tattoos also have the core properties like line work and amazingly vibrant colors but the illustrative quality in the tattoos is what makes this style stand out from the rest of others.

The Unmatchable Skills of Japanese Tattoo Artist

There are a million things we want to express. But sometimes words spelt out aren’t enough. Tattoos sometimes become an anchor. It is not just for fun that people would let a stained needle pierce into their skin and get inked for life.

How To Select Expert Tattoo Studios?

A tattoo is indeed a beautiful piece of art it is a bit more precious as it is related to your body. If you wish to find out about the expert tattoo studios, you first need to understand that how important it is to have your first tattoo on your body and how you go through a lot of designs before choosing the art for your body.

Tips For Choosing A Tattoo Shop

Have you planned to get inked for the first time and don’t know where to go and how to pick the perfect tattoo studio for this? This is the primary confusion most of the people come across. Hence, you are not alone here. Most of the people will just pick the studio which is near to them or which is a little bit cheaper when compared to others but this may be your biggest mistake.

For top quality Script Tattoos in wide range of fonts from a leading tattoo studio around Melbourne. Experienced specialists, top-quality client service. Basic and rich, a script tattoo can have a lot of meaning of significance and look incredible in the meantime.. Call us (03) 93701444 now.

Top Quality Watercolour Tattoos Melbourne

Looking for best quality watercolour tattoos? The highly talented group at Base 9 Tattoos can help. Watercolour Tattoo in Melbourne from the main tattoo studio. Experienced artists with high level of customer service & cleanliness. Give us a call today on (03) 9370 1444.

Traditional Tattoos Melbourne give you a more classic and historical look and adds deepness to your personality whereas Neo-traditional Tattoos Melbourne add a touch of modern colors and animation that will represent your perky and fun personality. So come by Base 9 Tattoo Studios, Melbourne and meet our friendly staff for the tattoo style that suits you.

Top quality Egyptian tattoos, Base 9 Tattoos is the parlor to call. We’re a cutting edge Melbourne studio with experienced artists, interested about offering nothing but the highest quality custom Egyptian tattoos to haughtily display on your body. Give us a call today on (03) 9370 1444.

Old school tattoos are around since the 1940’s. Black outlines and restricted color palettes have impressed the team at Base nine Tattoos to continue the inheritance with our terribly own old fashioned tattoos. provide Base 9 Tattoos a call these days on (03) 9370 1444 for very best quality egyptian, geometric, watercolour, mandala, script, portrait and old school tattoos.

Top Quality Egyptian Tattoos Based on Ancient Egyptian Culture

Top quality Egyptian tattoos are always in demand because of their intriguing designs and unique looks. After all, Egypt is a land of ancient times and great mysteries. Those Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphs find an essential place in Egyptian tattoos.

Japanese Tattoo Style

These tattoos were considered to chase demons and diseases away. Today, Japanese tattoo style has spread wildly all over the world, not only because of its symbolization to richer and deeper meanings but also has vibrant and colorful inscriptions. Before jumping on to conclusions, let us first look at some of the various Japanese tattoo style.

Japanese Tattoo Designs

The beauty of Japanese Culture Is Clearly Reflected In The Japanese Tattoo Designs, be it the modern ones or the traditional ones resembling the old cultures of the country. The tattoos are inked in beautiful colors, making them vibrant and more appealing than the usual black ones. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why tattoo lovers are always exhilarated in getting a Japanese tattoo inked on their skin.

Follow the New Trend with Egyptian Tattoo Artists

Egyptian tattoos generally showcase Egyptian symbols or a piece of Egyptian history. With such a rich history and a great deal of cultural importance, Egyptian tattoos top the chart. These tattoos generally have some sort of hidden meaning or quote which makes it even more appealing.

Consult Traditional Tattoos Expert for Exclusive Designs

Despite of different forms of tattoos available traditional ones are still sought after. For making them the services of traditional tattoos experts are widely available. These kinds of tattoos are typically made by using basic colors such as red, yellow, orange, green, brown, blue and black. They are generally made with bold outlines and are heavily colored. For example, symbols of eagles, snakes, roses, skulls etc are some of the tattoos experts make.

Definitive Guide on Old School Tattoo Specialists

The work of old school tattoos specialists involves a great deal of precautions, which has to be followed as a mandate by all the artists, big or small. Tattoo artist has to inform the customer about the risk and criticality involved around a permanent tattoo – like there are possibilities of infection, burning and itching.

8 Tips to Find the Best Tattoo Parlour

You can ask family and friends for references, making sure they have not faced any problems with a specific tattoo parlour. In this regards you can also search on the internet and read the reviews of different tattoo parlours. Give us a call today on (03) 9370 1444.

Simple Tips to Choose the Best Traditional Tattoos Design

The tattoo is permanent body art and you cannot remove it easily. You might have seen people to wear the wrong or meaningless tattoos in their body and that is why you have to be careful when choosing the right tattoo style. Be it traditional tattoos style or new creative ones, it should suit your body and personality.

Things to Consider when Getting a Japanese Tattoo

Japan has emerged as one of the hot favorite destinations for tattoo lovers. The industry is flourishing here, and you can browse across a range of Japanese tattoos to pick the best one from. In this article, we will talk about some important factors you should keep in mind when getting a Japanese tattoo.

Best Japanese Tattoo Design

Japanese tattoos are both open and secretive. The multiple colours, shapes, objects and faces tell a story in a way no other form of art can capture. Unlike western tattoos, they are often larger sometimes even spanning the entire body. Come to us for a chat if you are thinking of getting a Japanese tattoo. We guarantee that we will have something for you since we pride ourselves for being the best Melbourne tattoo artists. Book your Japanese tattoo by Base 9 by calling us on (03) 9370 1444.

Traditional Tattoo Melbourne

Traditional Tattoo In Melbourne Studios have become a need for those who love to be on edge and live their life trying new things end enjoying it. It was rare finding tattoo studios before then it had been only occasionally we might find a tattoo on the shoulder of a bodyguard standing in front of a bar or a bar tender. Earlier, it absolutely was thought of a style statement adopted by fashion groomers and media icons. Now, it is a lifestyle that every one wishes to pursue. It is fashionable yet traditional, depending on what you decide to be inked on your body. It is as common as you would find it on, from Baristas to Celebrities.