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What's Big in Chatbots in 2018 and Beyond - BotCore

Noticeably Chatbots or bots are one of the most popular AI technologies and often referred to as “the darling of media”. Chatbots have been the buzzword in the tech industry for the past few years and are anticipated to replace mobile apps. From creating smarter business workflows to automating customer service to acting as an intelligent digital assistant for employees, AI chatbots have a ton of use cases in the B2B, B2C and B2E scenarios of the enterprise.

The role of chatbots in intelligent enterprise automation - BotCore

Automation – the one buzzword which promises heavy IT cost cutting, smarter and faster business workflows, highly productive workforce and overall enhanced business efficiencies.  While most business and IT leaders do realize the benefits of introducing Artificial Intelligence and automation technologies in their organization, many are unsure of where and how to invest and what to automate.

How Can AI Bots Increase IT Helpdesk Support Efficiency? - BotCore

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprises are constantly facing challenges to balance the act of minimizing costs and driving efficiencies.

Basic Resources Required to Build an Enterprise Chatbot - BotCore

Enterprises today use numerous applications for diverse purposes. The different types of apps in an enterprise IT architecture typically include:

Different ways your business can use chatbots - BotCore

‘80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020’ is projected by Oracle. While there are some are rule-based chatbots built for simpler tasks, the story is treading towards AI powered chatbots for intelligent and complex tasks.

A Buyer's Guide To Choosing The Best Chatbot Builder Platform - BotCore

Chatbots are fast replacing apps for some good reasons listed by Forrester’s survey  — reduce costs and labor inefficiencies, increase user experience and easy scalability and technology integrations. A chatbot in simple words is a computer program which conducts a conversation via visual, auditory or textual methods.Chatbots usually sit within instant messaging apps. It is also predicted that 80% of businesses want to deploy chatbots by 2020. The driver is ‘conversational interactions’.

Why Your Employee IT Self-Service Needs Bots Instead of Portals - BotCore

Robotic virtual assistants on the enterprise side are known for their ability to expedite internal inquiries and save time for employees. Reports estimate $8 billion in annual savings from chatbots, with 80 percent of businesses considering implementing them. Chatbots allow your enterprise to scale seamlessly with speed and alleviates from the limitations of human resources . Early Technology adopters are replacing standalone web portals with interactive chatbots.

Human Hand-off in Service Desk Bots - BotCore

Have you ever wondered if your Bot is “intelligent” enough to handle all possible conversations with the end user? What if the Bot needs to transition the conversation to a live human agent to ensure maximum end user satisfaction? The Bot should be smart enough to recognize when it needs to hand-off the conversation to a human agent and ensure that the end user experiences a smooth transition from the Bot to the human agent.

What are enterprise chatbot platforms and what are they for? - BotCore

“Bots are the new apps” says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, “Individual apps are out, Bots are in” says Gartner. While Chatbots are the new technological buzzword in the enterprise world, often less is talked about how bots are built. In this context and as someone who deployed chatbots for Fortune enterprises, start-ups and SMBs we created the below infographic to educate and give you an overview of what are enterprise chatbot platforms and why are they for.

How Chatbots Help HR Managers Improve Employee Experience and Reduce Cost per Contact - BotCore

Imagine the spike in productivity if each of your employees is empowered with a knowledgeable and personalized assistant at no further resource cost. With the proliferation and high adoption of chatbots, this is no longer fiction, it is a living reality. HR managers are able to experience an ideal vision of this era — realize a digitally, self-service and employee-driven environment supported by people representing the organization’s HR function. Chatbots, through the interactive and conversational interface, are making it happen.

How AI will Impact IT Service Management - BotCore

If anyone were to put together a list of technologies with the greatest potential, Artificial Intelligence (AI) would undoubtedly top it. AI is maximizing effective utilization of technology in the workplace and altering the business workflow to its best form.

Chatbots: AI’s Most Practical Use Case for The Digital Workplace - BotCore

A survey by the SMG/CMSWire and Digital Workplace Group as an industry insight for the 2017 Digital Workplace Experience conference revealed that 95 percent of organizations agree that a digital workplace is important.

How Chatbots Can Help IT Helpdesk Teams Hit SLA Target - BotCore

30 percent of tickets are password-reset related despite the fact that 69% of support teams allow their customers to reset at least some of their passwords without contacting the IT helpdesk

How Chatbots are Revolutionizing The HR Department - BotCore

From recruitment to onboarding to delivering a stellar employee experience to reducing cost-per-contact, Chatbots offer numerous use cases for the HR department. As someone who helped deploy multifaceted HR chatbots for Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and start-ups, we created this infographic to educate you on the how AI chatbots can solve complex challenges of the HR department.

9 Ways To Enhance Chatbot Security

Many industries across the globe like healthcare, CPG, banking, financial, IT, customer service, retail etc., are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots to automate a range of tasks and simplify business processes.

How Chatbots Can Simplify the Recruitment Process - BotCore

According to CareerBuilder, over 67% of the applicants have a positive impression about organizations who keep them updated throughout the application process.

Important Use Cases and Examples of Chatbots For The Retail Industry

There is no denying the fact that technology and automation have rapidly transformed the way business is done. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular, has given rise to interesting speculations about how rapidly robots will take over the workplace.

Basic Resources Required to Build an Enterprise Chatbot - BotCore

Enterprises today use numerous applications for diverse purposes. The different types of apps in an enterprise IT architecture typically include:

Every ERP System Needs An AI Chatbot. Here’s Why - BotCore

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has long conjured up images of confusion and a falling apart of even the best-laid strategies for business users. ERP systems which typically feature complex user interfaces have done little to improve the productivity of even the most enthusiastic users. Users are forced to spend way too much navigating the system, switching from one window to the next, and across multiple dashboards to access important data and get tasks done.

7 Chatbot Myths You Need To Stop Believing - BotCore

In the last few years, there has been much hype around chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in digital transformation. These technologies with their conversational capabilities can transform the business workflow process and increase customer loyalty.

9 Ways To Enhance Chatbot Security - BotCore

Chatbots are the hottest new digital technology. Advancements in messaging platforms and conversational channels are quickly increasing chatbot development rates.