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Benefits of Pilates – Refresh Mind, Body and Soul

Pilates is highly beneficial to your health, and is not strenuous on your body. When practised correctly it is a refreshing workout which revitalises mind and body. Here are some of the benefits.


Pilates Refreshes Mind and Body

Through Pilates one learns to control their body movements; by getting in tune with their body. Achieve this by learning proper breathing, proper positioning of the spine and pelvic, and learning to control your body movements through smooth and flowing gestures. Proper breathing techniques are essential in Pilates, which places emphasis on the quality of movements rather than the number of repetitions. These factors in turn help you to perform your bodily movements with maximum power and efficiency. Not to be forgotten is the fact, proper breathing techniques, helps alleviate stress.


Pilates will Help You to Develop Flat Abs and a Strong Core

Pilates helps you to strengthen your centre or core; this is the region which includes the deep abdominal muscles, as well as, those closest to your spine. You learn to control your core by combining the pelvis, trunk and shoulder girdle. Many places like Exodus are popular for learning the proper techniques and well experienced trainers are encouraging the practise of Pilates; Wellington NZ gyms, for instance, are in high demand, as a top destination to learn the art of this beneficial exercise.


Pilates Blesses you with Long Lean Muscles

Convectional exercise tends to add bulky muscles to your frame, especially if you indulge in weight training. Your muscles are also prone to injury; not so with Pilates. This gently form of exercise strengthens and elongates your muscles, improving on joint mobility and elasticity. The result is a body with a balanced strength, exhibiting flexibility, which in turn reduces the likelihood of injuries taking place.


Learn to Move Gracefully and Efficiently

The smooth continuous movements of Pilates, helps to train a number of muscle groups at once. Thus, practising these proper techniques, can help 're-train' your body to move in a more efficient and safer method. This factor is considered invaluable, in case of injury recovery, obtaining good posture, maintaining top health and improving on sports performances.


Pilates is Not Strenuous

Pilates is not strenuous but highly effective; the relaxing movements are highly conducive for stress management and relaxing the mind. In Pilates, most of the exercises are performed in sitting or reclining positions. Many are low-impact and are only partially weight bearing, hence Pilates is considered safe. More so, the exercise is even used at physical therapy centres which work on rehabilitating injuries.


Pilates is Gentle but Highly Challenging

If you need a form of exercise which is interesting and a challenge, don't overlook Pilates. Although emphasized as a no-stress form of exercise, the movements can vary between easy to challenging. It is a flexible exercise system which allows you to choose your effective levels of comfort. Choose from beginner to advanced courses and start your Pilates session today

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