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Headline for Top 05 Activities to do in Maldives for Leisure - For the Love of the Turquoise Waters!
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Top 05 Activities to do in Maldives for Leisure - For the Love of the Turquoise Waters!

Maldives is a gorgeous place that is synonymous with stunning beaches and glorious ocean waves. A visitor to these paradise islands will without a doubt have a truly unforgettable vacation. Many from all over the world ceaselessly travel to the Maldives, lured by the magnificence of the splendour here. Read on and find out about the top 5 activities that you can indulge in here to make your holiday truly special!



It would be quite reasonable to assume that everyone who crosses oceans to visit the Maldives do so simply because they love the wonders of the sea. One rarely visits Maldives to spend their days closeted indoors. Therefore one of the most popular things to do in these charming islands includes engaging in water sports. The many diving resorts in Maldives offers hours of blissful engagement to those who love to gaze at the beauty of the world beneath the crystal clear waves through diving and snorkelling. If you yearn for a good adrenaline rush, you can also try out a range of thrilling water sports such as jet skiing, kite surfing and big game fishing throughout your vacation here.


Local island visit

Schedule a visit to a local island to witness the unique way of life of the locals and enjoy a truly enlightening experience. These islands which are generally void of the sleek splendour of the resort islands capture the true essence of the simple lifestyle of the beautiful people who call this paradise, their home. Do keep in mind that the Maldives is a Muslim country. So refrain from wearing revealing clothes and admire all that these islands have to offer to your heart's content. After all, respecting the local culture is one of the hallmarks of a good traveller.


Enjoy romantic indulgences

This wonderful place is undoubtedly the dream destination of romantic souls across the world. Many come here to create memories of beautiful passion. There is a plethora of luxurious resorts that cater to the needs and demands of honeymooners and romantic travellers. Make sure you research well and choose a good resort that provides a range of facilities. Places such as Maafushivaru Maldives are popular choices among those who seek the highest levels of blissful comfort.

Many romantic experiences are offered at these spectacular resorts. Book a session at the spa and relax with your partner in sublime tranquillity and as the day draws to a close take a sunset cruise to the heart of the seas to get lost in a world of mystic charm in the golden hour of the day. When the stars appear one by one in the velvet skies above you can even treat yourself to a private candlelit dining experience to relish the finest tastes of the land and the delightful company of your beloved.


Take a walk along a bioluminescent beach

Give yourself an experience unlike any other and enjoy a casual stroll along a bioluminescent beach in Maldives in the night. Places such as Mudhdhoo Island provide all of its night time visitors a spectacular vision. Countless numbers of phytoplankton wash up on the shores to create one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena you will ever see. The phytoplankton that glows in the dark will make you wonder if the ocean has collected all the stars in the sky. It truly will take your very breath away and create a memory that will never be forgotten.


Enjoying the local cuisine

Food is undoubtedly one of the best parts of any holiday! A vacation in the Maldives will be no exception. So be bold and take a daring culinary adventure to discover the supreme tastes of these islands. Try out the local cuisine instead of sticking to the familiar tastes you take pleasure in every day. Sample the flavours of popular traditional dishes such as masroshi, mas huni and kukulhu riha and discover more and more reasons to love this gorgeous place!