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Top 10 International School in Mumbai

Mount litera School International is one of the top international schools in Mumbai. which provides an outstanding education through the holistic based curriculum.

Benefits of Enrolling Your kid in an International Preschool

The education system in India is hopelessly outdated, and this has led to a series of problems when it comes to the overall development of a child’s mental aptitude. In order to fix this dilemma…

Why IB Board is Better For Your Child’s Education – MountLitera Internationl – Medium

India is one of the countries with the highest percentage of youth, more than 50% of the population is less than 25 years of age, and is developing at a faster pace than ever. Any country’s growth…


Top 10 School in Mumbai

Top 10 School in Mumbai

Mount litera school International is the best international school in Bandra provide an outstanding education through the holistic based curriculum. It also provides ib primary years Programme & IB Middle Years Programme.

The Ib Middle Years Programme (MYP) is specially designed for the unique needs of children ages eleven to sixteen (grades 6 through 10), at a time when they need to develop exceptional learning habits, self-confidence and a thorough understanding of their academic subjects. This student-centered educational approach both embraces and transcends traditional school subjects by helping students see the connections between the academic disciplines.

Diksha — Programs Offered in International Schools of...

Programs Offered in International Schools of Mumbai International Baccalaureate program There is a plethora of board to choose for parents in order to enroll children whether its SSC (Secondary School...

Middle Years Programme- Encourages Students to Think Practical

International education is seen as a challenge for the students when looking for admission in foreign universities for higher education. The Indian educati...

Why Every Parent Wants IB Education For Their Kid? – Diksha Sharma – Medium

In this era of corporates and well-educated people, it has become a necessity for us to be well educated as well. People have become competent and everybody being well-educated are looking for…

Diksha — How Difficult it is to Get an Admission into an IB...

How Difficult it is to Get an Admission into an IB School Education, one of the most important parts of anyone’s life, without education you don’t hold any value in today’s world. To become an asset,...

Benefits of Earning an IB Diploma ⋆ 57 Bloggers

When children study at a good school which follows an excellent curriculum, they tend to become smart. Education from a school performs an essential part in the developments of a child’s personality; a good school which has a good education system can give a push in the development of children.

International Baccalaureate: A new Way of Learning | Educational Tips

International Baccalaureate schools loads of points of interest over their opponents as they are altogether more compelling at passing on their guideline.

International Schools – The Right Grounding Place for Your Child – Education Portal

Owing to global transferability, meticulousness, and expansiveness of study, the exceedingly respected International Baccalaureate (generally alluded to as the IB) is turning into a prominent decision for all the versatile families looking for a universally transferable educational programme for their wards.

Education Provided at IB Schools is Better than Schools with State Boards | Posts by Diksha Sharma | Bloglovin’

Education Provided at IB Schools is Better than Schools with State Boards, a post from the blog Posts by Diksha Sharma, written by Diksha Sharma on Bloglovin’

Some Reasons to Consider IB Diploma Programme for Your Child | Eduportal

It is essential for children to study in a school which provides an excellent educational curriculum as the primary development of a child takes place in a school. A good school can drastically help in the development of children and can help them attain a good future.

What is International Baccalaureate?

Education plays an essential part in the growth of our country’s citizens; a great educational framework can make the eventual fate of our nation more splendid as if all the citizens are well educated then it can help the economy boom. It is seen th... This page displays a blog entry.

Major Benefits of Studying in an International School

Picking the correct school for your kid can be a pivotal part in choosing his/her future, as a school assumes an important part in the advancement of a child. International schools which offer the…

IB Education: Build Independent, Life-long Learners

IB Education: Build Independent, Life-long Learners

PYP Learning Engagements and Hands-on Experiences Article

Latest News and Articles of the world.

What Is The Fee Structure Policy Of An International School

Most of the learnings of the child come from school. So, it is very important to choose the school wisely. One of the trending boards other than CBSE and ICSE is IB Schools. International schools like Mount Litera School International focus on the overall development and shaping the future of the child as an independent decision maker.