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20 must read blogs about personal finance

Here are must read blogs about personal finance that you must not miss

Things to keep in mind about bank bonus offers

A bank bonus can't make up for a poor savings account rate, but sometimes it can make a difference. Learn what to make of a new offer from Ally Bank.

Best CD Rates | Compare Highest CD Rates |

Compare the best CD rates scanned from more than 200 banks. Find the best CD rates and highest CD yields that match your investment goals.

Best Savings Accounts of 2018 | High Yield Savings -

Compare savings accounts and interest rates from hundreds of banks to help maximize your earnings.

Compound Interest Calculator - How Much Will I Earn?

Compound Interest Calculator: How Much Will I Earn? Use the compound interest calculator below to find out how much your compounded savings will be worth.

How Much Interest Are You Paying?

Find out how much interest you're paying with credit cards with our Credit Card Interest Calculator. See how you can save with low interest credit cards.

Compare Jumbo CD Rates | Jumbo CD Rates | Jumbo Rates

Compare jumbo CD rates across different banks to find the highest jumbo CD rate at Find accounts for 1 year CD rates and longer term CDs.

The Complete Guide to Setting Up A CD Ladder

See how to set up a CD ladder to maximize both higher CD rates and liquidity.

APR vs APY: Why the Difference Matters

Many savers and borrowers think APR and APY mean exactly the same thing. Learn the difference and what it means for you.

2018 Outlook for Savings Accounts and Money Market Rates

Understand six important pressures on savings and money market rates this year and find out how to benefit from likely changes.

Finding a second-chance checking account

Finding a second-chance checking account? finding the right second-chance checking account can be the first step toward re-establishing your access to the full range of bank services.

Checking account fee trend 2018: How to avoid higher bank fees

Find best checking accounts for 2018. If you are starting from zero, here are the best three checking accounts requiring With no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum deposit requirement.

How do I balance my checkbook?

Updating your checking account records by balancing your checkbook can help you avoid overdraft fees and credit problems. Follow these steps to balance your account.

2018 tax changes Implications to Understand |

Are you asking, how will the Trump tax plan affect me? Review these tax tips to save as much as you can in your 2018 return.

Worst States for Retirement 2018

MoneyRates analyzed 50 states against five factors to find the worst states for retirement in 2018.

2018 Best and Worst States for Income Inequality |

Income inequality affects people's ability to build savings for retirement and their quality of life; review the ten lowest and highest states for income inequality.

Rising Federal Funds Rate Not Helping Consumers

The Fed continues to raise interest rates gradually -- but, so far, consumers only find better interest rates on mortgages, CDs and savings accounts if they shop.

The importance and limitations of financial market history for investment

Market history can be a valuable guide to making investment decisions; see why smart investors recognize both the value of financial history and its limitations.

Best Accounts For College Savings

Saving for college is a big job; see how 529 plans, custodial accounts, retirement accounts and prepaid tuition plans can help. Scholarships for college students might assist, but be prepared with your own savings account.

Stock market crash - things you can do to prepare for a market decline

Stock market crash can be unsettling, but newer investors in particular can benefit from one. Learn how to prepare for -- and profit from -- a stock market crash.