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Traffic Sign Standards and Sign Making

Check out informative and educational stuffs about sign making and the standards when it comes to putting up traffic signs.

Outdoor Signs: Visibility of Letters, Amount of Copy, & Readability

There are many factors that affect readability of outdoor signs and banners such as light conditions, pitch or angle of the sign from the street where your...

Lawn Signs - Getting a Lot of Views a Day Most lawn signs are mostly displayed at waist level or below, with dimensions of approximately 18 x 24 inches or larg...

How To Install A Sign | Visigraph

In installing a sign, Check with your local city planning department to learn the sign regulations. The first thing they’ll do is dig a huge hole. The engineer

Part 1: The Science of Outdoor Signs and Banners | Visigraph

The United States Sign Council has done extensive research on the issue of color, distance, contrast, & other readability issues that most outdoor sign desig...

Sign Compliancy – Who Can Put Signs on the Interstate | Visigraph

Understanding Compliant Signage and What Businesses Are Able to Advertise on Interstate Highways. For Sale sign in front of your home, if you were in the city..

Getting a Sign Permit and Right of Way Considerations | Visigraph

Most major cities require signs to be a certain size in various zones – commercial, business, residential, etc. It is generally forbidden to have signs in...

How an Internally Illuminated Cabinet Pole Sign Is Constructed | Visigraph

First, a steel or aluminum frame, typically using angle iron (steel) or aluminum is welded into the shape of a sign. For a 4’ x 8’ sign, the depth of the sign..

Traffic Signs – Installation Regulation and Intersection Safety | Visigraph

The county will require STOP signs at all intersections involving a main road. The speed limit in most developments is 25MPH, so a large STOP sign would be...

Authority Control Over Traffic Signs Cycle, Installation, & Standards | Visigraph

f it is noted that an area has an elevated traffic flow, and that traffic is getting too heavy or backed up at a STOP sign, for instance, the DOT or municipal road department will frequently add a traffic signal at that intersection.

Here are the different devices used in controlling and maintaining traffic, as well as their respective functions.