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Cancer Treatment in India

Stomach cancer- In medical science stomach cancer is also known as Gastric Cancer. Increasing accumulation of uncommon group of cells in the stomach leads to the formation of tumour. Stomach cancer has tendency to spread in other adjoining part of it for example cancer may grow along the stomach wall into oesophagus, liver, small intestines, pancreas and colon. It may also spread along the distant parts of stomach, for example ovaries, lungs, lymph nodes above collar bones, etc.

All You Need to Know About Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer- In medical science stomach cancer is also known as Gastric Cancer. Increasing accumulation of uncommon group of cells in the stomach leads to the formation of tumour. Stomach cancer has tendency to spread in other adjoining part of it for example cancer may grow along the stomach wall into oesophagus, liver, small intestines, pancreas and colon. It may also spread along the distant parts of stomach, for example ovaries, lungs, lymph nodes above collar bones, etc.

Hepatic Cancer Treatment in India | MedMonks

Liver Cancer means growth of abnormal cells in the liver spreading, and affecting the functioning of the liver. Cancer that spread in liver from other parts of the body is called Liver Metastasis(secondary), and it is more common compared to one that develops in liver itself (primary). India is among the top countries providing excellent healthcare facilities with cost-effectiveness, and has many skilled physicians, assistants, oncology nurses, pharmacists, counsellors, dietitians, and others. Treatment options include both surgical and non-surgical and they depend on various factors like how much part of liver is affected by the cancer, whether the cancer has spread or not, patient’s preferences and overall health, the damage to the remaining cancer-free area of the liver and overall functioning of the liver.

Is Starbucks Coffee the new Camel Lights? | MedMonks

Something that I learned from my favourite TV series Suits is that “If you screw something up with your co-worker, don’t sweat it because sometimes the easiest way to say sorry is with some Apology Coffee.” I am afraid to mention that the Starbucks Corp (SBUX. O) and some other renowned and loved coffee sellers like Peet’s in California are under legislation run as they have been selling their coffee without mentioning the cancer warning sign which is against the law of California made in 2010. So, follow the ‘apology coffee advice’ at ‘your or rather the co-worker’s risk. The Ball is entirely in your court.

Lung Cancer Treatment in India | MedMonks

Smoking is the main reason behind the Lung Cancer, Even if a person stop smoking the cigarettes then also cancer tissues create even after so many years. There are so many hospitals around the word who can give the treatment for Cancer but India provides better treatment with low cost with high success rates for Lung Cancer Treatment. To get more information visit us:

Compare the Cost of Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

The prostate unlike many other types of cancer does not spread to the other parts of the body. It generally affects only older men. However it may also be found in men even in their thirties and forties. The prevalence of Indian healthcare professionals is world-renowned and every year thousands of patients travel to India for prostate cancer treatment especially from the first world countries like the USA, UK, Australia, France etc. as the cost of treatment in India is one-tenth of what is charged in the first world countries.

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With the onset growth of cancerous tissues in the lungs there occurs an abrupt growth of breast tissue in case of male patients. Medical professionals associate that to hormonal release. The progression of the tumours lead to release of excessive hormones in the breast region.Lung cancer treatment in India is both efficient and cost effective. For the international patients especially from countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and other developed countries there is always an option to opt India for lung cancer treatment as that ensures the similar standard treatment and at much lower cost.

Important things to note before a PET-CT scan | MedMonks

Positron emission tomography- Computed Tomography or a PET-CT scan is a diagnostic examination that uses radio-active radiations to see activity within the body on a cellular level. The test uses radioactive materials called radiotracers and a special camera and a computer to help evaluate your organ and tissue functions. The test helps identify body changes at the cellular level. Which means, it can help detect the early onset of a disease even before it is evident on other imaging tests. Hence, a PET-CT scan is often advised for diagnosis of diseases like cancer.

How much is the cost of lung cancer treatment in India?

Lung cancer develops when a cell in the lung becomes abnormal and begins to duplicate uncontrollably. These abnormal cells eventually form a mass, or a tumour, and can spread to other parts of the body if not treated. The cost of lung cancer transplant in India costs approximately $8000(Rs 5,40,760). The lung cancer treatment in India costs around 60 to 70 percent less than developed countries like US and UK.

Over view at Blood Cancer Treatment in India

Leukaemia, or blood cancer, is cancer of blood-forming tissues, together with bone marrow. Many sorts of blood cancers exist like acute lymphoblastic cancer, acute myeloid cancer and chronic white corpuscle cancer.

India is best for the treatment of Stomach Cancer

With world class doctors aided by state of the art medical infrastructure, India offers best treatment for stomach cancer. Various treatment for stomach cancer in India include surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Targeted drugs etc.

Know Everything about the Symptoms of Brain Tumor

Brain tumor can have at any age it could be younger age or it could be on older age. Doctors Did not know the exact reason for growth of brain tumor cancer to human body it could depend on family history of illness.

Best Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India

India being the hub for medical treatments offers boasts of various prostate cancer treatment hospitals in India that offer low cost and effective treatment. Patients from various countries come to India for treatment and are completely satisfied with the process.

Liver cancer: making decisions about your treatment

In terms of cost, cancer is a disease that could put a heavy toll on you, especially if you are looking for quality treatment in best hospitals. But if you consider visiting another country, you might get both a quality treatment and affordable hospital. India is home to some of the best cancer surgeons in the world today, liver cancer treatment in India is not only high standard in terms of surgical techniques and equipments used but also good in post-surgery care. Above all, the right choice of doctors and knowing all the options in the treatment of your disease goes a long way in helping you in getting the treatment that you deserve.

What every woman should know about breast cancer

An expert team is necessary to support you in the process and treat you with care. You can go for countries like India where you may find an expert doctor and multispeciality hospitals treating this disease. Breast cancer treatment cost is also quite affordable as compared to the hefty cost of breast cancer treatment in India you might face in US or UK.

Low Cost Cancer Treatment in India | MedMonks

Cancer treatment is a very expensive field in most of the developed countries of America, Europe & Australia. Fortunately, India remains perhaps the only country in the world which offers excellent care at relatively low cost. The cost of cancer treatment in India could cost as low as Rs 2.5 lakhs for six months of treatment with the use of low priced generic drugs to as high as Rs 20 lakhs with novel drugs and targeted medicines.

Scenario of Blood cancer treatment in India

Blood cancer, also known as Leukaemia, is a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. In case of blood cancer, abnormal white blood cells are produced called leukaemia cells. These abnormal cells grow faster than normal blood cells and don’t stop when they are supposed to. Blood cancer is approximately killing three individuals every minute.

Selection of Liver Donor – What do Indian Laws Say?

Cadaveric liver transplantation in India is comparatively less popular due to lack of cadaveric organ donation. Though India’s has emerged as a hub for medical tourists from around the world, the awareness regarding liver donation is still in its infancy that makes living donor liver transplant the only solution for a majority of patients.

Colon Cancer Treatment in India at Low Cost | MedMonks

If you have colorectal cancer and are on a hunt for an affordable treatment option along with the need for high-quality service, then India is the right choice available for you. The price of colon cancer treatment in India starts from USD 6500 which is undoubtedly a budget-friendly option as compared to other western countries.

4 Major Types of Lung Cancer Treatment Explained

The top-notch centers that are renowned for offering best-quality lung cancer treatment in India have facilities for a detailed consultation on the same either in their own premises or tie-ups with those that provide the same. Following the consultation, the qualified doctors working in these medical units perform a diagnostic procedure, after which the treatment plan is advised by the operating surgeon or the doctor.

Stomach Cancer: Symptoms to look for

Depending on the stage of your cancer your doctor might recommend you a proper treatment option. If you are looking for something affordable yet reliable, a country like India could work for you. There are world’s leading stomach cancer doctors in India offering quality treatment at affordable cost. Now there are organisations like MedMonks that offer you services that help you in getting your treatment done in India.

Stomach cancer: are you at risk?

Upon early diagnosis surgery could be an ideal treatment option, in such cases, you could look for hospitals near you which provide stomach cancer treatment or you can go for medical tourism and reap the maximum benefits at minimum cost. India is one of the known countries which provide effective options to treat diseases like stomach cancer. Now there are companies like MedMonks which could assist you in getting the best stomach cancer treatment in India.

What is Stomach Cancer Survival Rate in India? Medmonks

Stomach Cancer is the most common Cancer around the world. Stomach Cancer also called as Gastric Cancer. In the early stage stomach cancers have no symptoms of the disease. To get more information about stomach cancer symptoms, causes, stages, gastric cancer statistics, and stomach cancer survival rate in India click here

Advanced Colon Cancer Symptoms | MedMonks

Colon cancer is third most common cancer around the world. In America, third most common reason for death by colon cancer. When healthy cells in the lining of the colon or rectum change and grow out of control. To get know more about advanced colon cancer symptoms and colon cancer treatment in India visit our website.

India as a Preferred Destination for Cancer Treatment | MedMonks

India is one of the most preferred countries in the world for availing cancer treatment as it offers the most advantageous treatment by some highly experienced doctors and surgeons, and that too, at cheaper prices. Let us know more about the types of treatments available and cancer treatment cost in India.

Best Liver Cancer Hospitals in India | MedMonks

Liver cancer is a life-threatening disease and prove to be deadly if proper care is not taken. Liver cancer patients have increased over a period of time. Since India is becoming a medical hub there are various state of the art technologies available which have successfully treated cancer patients. Many cancer patients from all over the world visit Indian hospitals for cancer treatment as there are many best liver cancer hospitals in India.