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Food Safety and Sanitation

This list will help you in finding information for research regarding food safety and sanitation principles and procedures.

The Core Four Practices | Fight Bac!

Right now, there may be an invisible enemy ready to strike. He’s called BAC (bacteria) and he can make people sick. In fact, even though consumers can’t see BAC – or smell him, or feel him – he and millions more like him may already be invading food products, kitchen surfaces, knives and other utensils. But you have the power to Fight BAC!® and to reduce your risk of foodborne illness.  It’s as easy as following these core four Fight BAC!®practices for food safety:

(3)Fight Bac! Video - Food for Health.flv

This video will take you through all of the steps of food safety: Clean, Separate, Chill and Cook.

This brochure gives more information about "Chill" in the BAC guidelines.

Lesson 4 - Who is Fat Tom? | Food Safety

F.A.T.T.O.M. explains what allows foodborne pathogens to grow. You'll also learn some important food safety terms.

Who (Or What?) is FAT TOM? (If You're a Chef, You Already Know)

FAT TOM sounds like a cuddly guy in a white chef's jacket who maybe comes around your kitchen to help out. In fact, it's something even more important.

Ask Fat Tom If Your Food Is Safe

A short video explaining FAT TOM: There are 6 ways to make sure your food is safe. Just ask Fat Tom. Skip any one of them and you could be asking for trouble. Discover how to cook FREELY, wit...

What is ServSafe Certification?

One of the ways for restaurant managers and owners to ensure that employees and customers are able to work and enjoy service safely is by requiring servers, bartenders, hostesses, cooks, and managers to complete ServSafe Certification®.

ServSafe - Wikipedia

ServSafe is a food and beverage safety training and certificate program administered by the National Restaurant Association. The program is accredited by ANSI and the Conference for Food Protection.

Only with ServSafe

Find out why more than 5 million restaurant professionals, including industry leaders, choose ServSafe food safety and alcohol training for their operations....

Basic Food Safety: Chapter 1 "The Importance of Food Safety" (English) - YouTube

This presentation is in 6 parts. Visit our YouTube Channel Playlists for the complete series. In "Part One : The Importance of Food Safety" you'll find out ...

Overview of the 7 principles of HACCP: Hazard Analyis Critical Control Points.

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)_Fulton County

FultonCountyInfo's shared video file.

Part 1 of 6: Introduction to Safe Food Handling

Basic Food Safety Training Videos A "MUST SEE" for all food handlers. The entire 6 video series can be viewed in less than 30 minutes Used with permission an...